Why does Yale endorse my academic satire?

Yale endorses my websites admitting that there are no jobs in the humanities.  

Here’s my honest girlfriend, Pam Schirmeister:

“What we’re seeing is that students on graduation are not getting tenure-track jobs. They’re getting a one-year job here. They’re getting a postdoc. Postdocs in the humanities are becoming much more common, and it is taking them two, three, four years to land a tenure-track job – if at all.” 

If at all:  https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2018/03/02/humanities-academia-jobs-dwindle/

This unusually honest quote comes from the Yale Daily Crap, whose first and foremost duty is never to check the facts and always to slander the weakest parties, making up pathetic stories as to why they never even contact the victims of their slander to ask for their account of what really happened.

Apart from slander, their duty is to cover up anything shameful and/or against the law that happens anywhere at Yale. For instance, the buttfucks in this picture will eventually get their B.A. because showing their fat, ugly, broken asses to thousands of people is much more acceptable than complaining about the use of derogatory language and SLURS in the classroom. 

I like the girl’s expression on the left, front row. 

Indeed, Yale Policies state that the use of derogatory language and SLURS such as “boobs” and “butt” in a classroom setting is highly recommended in order to enhance students’ critical thinking. 

SLURS teach students what’s “objective” and “universal” compared to what’s “subjective” like art and poetry and “local” like the Italian Renaissance.

SLURS provide a necessary critical perspective to frame religiously bigoted celebrations such as the Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. 

SLURS make students more aware that all different groups and individuals deserve respect in society, if it is to be a civil society. 

SLURS show students how to respect other people’s ideas, identity, sexuality, religion, political thought and freedom of expression.  

SLURS increase students’ professionalism and prepare them to be truly competitive on the job market.

SLURS are the epitome of political correctness.

SLURS are fundamentally progressive, hence Yale endorses them unreservedly. 


So, has Pam Schirmeister become honest, all of a sudden? 

Of course not. 

Schirmeister is admitting a partial truth by way of a disclaimer, because Yale administrators are AFRAID of GETTING SUED by thousands of unemployed students and their families. Everybody’s talking about it – look at this unassuming email:  


From: Classicists [CLASSICISTS@liverpool.ac.uk] on behalf of Greg Woolf [Greg.Woolf@SAS.AC.UK]
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 6:00 AM
To: CLASSICISTS@liverpool.ac.uk
Subject: CUCD Protocol on Academic Staffing

Many UK based classicists will know that CUCD [Council of University Classical Departments] has been looking again at the protocol on good employment practice first drawn in 2008. Since then casualization of various kinds has increased across the sector. 

Many more staff in classics departments are on part-time and fixed-term contracts or paid on an hourly rate. Similar issues have recently been addressed by the SCS [Society of Classical Studies] in its Statement on Professional EthicsCUCD has now produced and agreed a new Protocol on Academic Staffing Please do download and share widely.

Professor Greg Woolf

Chair, Council of University Classical Departments

You can manage your subscription and view message archives at http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/classicists.html

The – mostly useless – emails on this list reach about 6,000 people around the world, not only “classicists” but also academic frauds, ehm, literary theorists who pretend to teach English literature in Germany.   

And who’s Greg Woolf? He may be unknown to just about 99 periodic percent of parents, but he’s effectively saying that IF their sons and daughters are so stupid as to postpone their social-security payments and waste 20+ years studying the classics, they will end up working many humble and unstable jobs, on and off, on a PART-TIME or FIXED-TERM CONTRACT.

They will be paid not just semester by semester but actually BY THE HOUR. 

Being underpaid, they will never be able to own real estate, stocks and retirement funds. 

On top of that, they will live in constant anxiety about the future, always nervously on the look-out for the next job. 

If they want to remain in this “field,” they will have to accept impermanent jobs in many different locations, which will make it VERY difficult to settle down and have long-lasting relationships and families. 

But what Mr. Woolf doesn’t say is that even in the unlikely event that a politically-connected candidate manages to get a permanent position at a decent university in the U.K., s/he will be offered a salary of something like 25,000 pounds. 

Holy fuck, how can anyone live or retire on that? 

Perhaps in Iowa or Idaho you can barely survive on that shit. But, for your information, a ham-and-cheese sandwich in Paddington Station costs at least 5 pounds. Consider, therefore, what it means to pay for a decent apartment and for all the bills, services, public and private transportation as well as miscellaneous personal expenses in the U.K., or also on the East and West Coasts in the United States.

So much for so little!

A plumber in the U.K. or U.S. makes much more money than a Latinist at Oxford. 


So, what’s the LEAST rational, the LEAST intelligent thing you could do in this crisis situation? 

Make it EVEN MORE ABSURD to enroll in completely useless programs such as Italian and comparative literature. 

Eliminate the best candidates with slander and sex harassment.

Especially the most prepared, the most talented, the most creative ones. 

In particular, make sure to eliminate the students recommended by George Lakoff at U.C. Berkeley, claiming they don’t know how to discuss historically important metaphors like “indulgence.”

The best-unknown Shakespeare scholar, Leslie Brisman, claims the world “indulgence” does not have any religious meaning in 16th century England, when outspoken Catholics could be hung and disemboweled for political treason. According to Brisman, the historical and religious meaning of “indulgence” is completely “irrelevant” in Shakespeare (like Bloom’s Gnosticism?), hence my dissertation must be censored. And there is no conflict of interest at all, in terms of ideological bias, between Leslie Brisman and Christianity & Catholicism.  

The American Heritage: Roman Catholic Church To grant an ecclesiastical indulgence or dispensation to.  

What incredible ignorance!



Sorry, George: your research is “irrelevant,” according to Brisman – even though Brisman himself is “irrelevant” for Shakespeare studies. 

Check out my previous article on the topic, Let’s celebrate 200,000 views a day! 


If you flaunt your IGNORANCE and CORRUPTION in this way, I can guarantee your department will be totally credible within the academic community and will look appealing to prospective students.  

And, on the other hand, support all liars and parasites who shouldn’t even be in the program because they have a below average IQ, they’re stupid, retarded, grossly ignorant, unable to write, unfit for teaching. 

You should support all the ignorant who, on top of being ignorant, have different types of mental illness, a perverted way of thinking and an abusive personality, and as such pose a threat to students and constitute a scandalous academic and financial fraud.  

Speaking of which, here’s Giuseppe Mazzotta’s young and gorgeous girlfriend, Carol Chiodo, Miss Dunkin Donuts 1954.


Mazzotta has never managed to learn the Scriptures, the Classics or even to speak English correctly and without a thick Calabrese accent. But, as you can see, Miss Chiodo’s got a HUGE culture, so they complement each other. 

Despite the fact that she’s in her late fifties, Miss Chiodo has just gotten a B.A. from Fairfield University. In fact, she took a B.A. just ONE YEAR before finishing her “program” in Italian, which is by all means an exceptional feat of the imagination, as you can see from my previous article: 


To celebrate this unprecedented, unheard-of level of corruption, Miss Chiodo has made up her mind to shed just a couple of pounds here and there, so she can dance like Miss Paddy: 


Lucian Ghita is one of David Quint’s monster creatures. 

This is Ghita’s FOURTEENTH (14th) year in comparative literature. After fourteen years, Ghita still hasn’t managed to finish writing his dissertation on Shakespeare. But in the meantime, he’s been stealing tens of thousands of dollars from students’ tuition fees at Clemson University, SC, without any academic qualification.   

What a monster fraud! 

Look at that crappy sweatshirt with matching hair-dye! 

Here’s another monster fraud made in Giuseppe Mazzotta and David Quint:

Ray Lurie is a decrepit 60-year-old ADJUNCT who looks like your dead grandmother. 

For THIRTY-TWO (32) years now, he’s been trying to finish the second chapter of a comparative literature dissertation on Shakespeare, while at the same time teaching HISTORY at Sacred Heart University, CT. 


Lurie doesn’t have ANY academic degree in history. Some 32 years ago, he took a Masters in COMPARATIVE LITERATURE and doesn’t know fuck about history. Don’t lose your precious money and time with this meathead. 

How many freshmen who couldn’t avoid a class with Ray Lurie eventually become history majors? ZERO. 

In fact, they think the history program at Sacred Heart University is a fucking joke. And who can blame them?  

What a financial fraud for all the paying students and parents involved!

And what a fucking thief – lock him up in jail!


Students criticize mental health services at Yale, complaining that there are not enough psychiatrists to meet their surging demand:  


“Director of Yale Health PAUL GENECIN, who oversees Mental Health & Counseling, said that although demand for mental health services is surging nationwide, Yale has seen a particularly STRIKING INCREASE in the number of students seeking such services in recent years. […]

Some students interviewed said they ultimately sought counseling off-campus because of their problems with the Yale system. 

JASMINE KENNEDY ’20 said that compared to her therapist and psychiatrist at home, Yale’s counseling staff do not build as much of a ‘personal rapport’ with patients. Even after months of counseling, she said, she felt the staff did not know her on a personal level, which is ‘really an important part of mental health services.’

LUCY WESTERN ’19 said that she began seeking counseling at Mental Health & Counseling a year ago, when her mental health declined rapidly. Western recalls waiting nearly two weeks before she was assigned a therapist after going to see the on-call clinician, and several more weeks before she got to see a psychiatrist and was prescribed medication.

While she found the doctors she ultimately worked with helpful, Western said, she decided to seek mental health services elsewhere because of the problems with the Yale system… While her mental health is now under control, she said, she is unsure she would have gotten healthy if she had not been able to pursue help outside of Yale. ‘The wait was AGONIZING, and I spent every day of those weeks CRYING FOR HOURS at a time and feeling ABANDONED by a system that had been marketed to me as functional. … That time remains DEVASTATING in my memory, and it feels like I went through a lot of UNNECESSARY PAIN and stalling to get to where I am now,’ Western said. ‘It seems to me that mental health services that are functional effectively do not exist.’

According to the Mental Health & Counseling website, HALF of all undergraduates obtain mental health counseling from Yale Health at some point during their four years at the University.

The department offers individual, group and couples therapy.” 

Miss Kelbert took advantage. 

Eugenia Kelbert in 2006.

Eugenia was a poor student of comparative literature, as well as a poor victim of depression, tics, and anxiety-related issues. 

So, a couple of honest people who are also regularly treated for mental illness, Katie Trumpener and Haun Saussy, thought that, for God’s sake, they HAD TO pass her crappy dissertation on second language acquisition that’s never been published and never will, otherwise she might have sued them for health care discrimination, and she would have won.

And after another poor victim of depression, Sam See, killed himself in jail with an overdose of meth, that was really the LAST thing Saussy and Trumpener were looking for… 

Sam See, your favorite junkie slut: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/07/nyregion/yale-professor-died-of-overdose-official-says.html

It took Miss Kelbert 9 years and several additional fellowships to finish her program, and what was the end result of all that financial waste?

A couple of impermanent jobs as ADJUNCT!

What a fucking joke. 

    Yale receives record number of complaints from victims of sexual misconduct: 


“Only between July 1 and December 31, 2017, Yale received ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR (124) complaints of sexual misconduct.”

“The number of complaints documented in the report, which was released in an email by University Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Provost Stephanie Spangler on Wednesday, far surpasses the previous high of 88 complaints, registered between Jan. 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016. The 12 previous reports have documented between 43 and 88 complaints.”

The denunciations of sexual misconduct are so numerous that the Yale Police is unable to manage them. As a result, the Yale Police themselves complained with the university, but their complaints were rejected and their permanent contract suspended so that, for the time being, they are working “on a month-to month extension agreement.”  Where’s FOX NEWS when you need them?

Read this: Yale Police warns parents that the university is UNSAFE for women:


Tom Pogge is a repeat sex offender who teaches ethics at Yale, of course. 

 So, what’s Pam Schirmeister doing now, apart from protecting sex offenders and threatening their victims? 

Let me give you some background on our honest friend, Schirmeister. But be careful: you may feel a sensation similar to lack of gravity, when things are turned upside down.

Here’s an image, or metaphor, of Yale administrators: the Russian “ambassador” at the U.N. claims Assad’s tyrannical regime is “legitimate” and the Western allegiance “violates the rules of international law.” 

For years, Schirmeister’s job as Title IX coordinator was to THREATEN all the victims of sex crimes on campus – mainly women – and to DISSUADE them from filing complaints against well-known sex offenders, academic frauds, thieves and criminals such as: 

Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva, comparative literature 

Against all academic rules, Saussy supervised his girlfriend’s dissertation and had it passed by a couple of his friends. His conflict of interests was both personal and financial, as he sought to pay his ex-wife’s alimony with Solovieva’s salary. The money they have stolen in the following years, both at Yale and Chicago, is in the hundreds of thousands. The number of legitimate candidates they have disqualified is unknown and can only by imagined, in an overpopulated field like literature.     

Giuseppe Mazzotta and Carol Chiodo, Italian 

John Darnell and Colleen Manassa, Aarcheology 

Sam See and Sunder Ganglani, English and School of Drama 

Notice that these are couples of criminals. Indeed, for every “student” who is engaged in a relationship with faculty, there will be 50 others who are discriminated against and risk losing their job for no academic reason at all, but simply because that CORRUPT faculty member wants to favor his “dear friend” above other more talented and prepared candidates. 

And the list of known sex offenders continues: 

Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, Spanish

Jaime Lara, Divinity School

Thomas Pogge, Philosophy

Rex Mahnensmith, Med School

Rajendra Pachauri, School of Forestry

Michael Simons, Med School

And of course let’s not forget Antonio Lasaga, a former geochemist found guilty of molesting a 6-year-old boy and for having “150,000 pornographic images of children on his home and university computers.” Antonio Lasaga used to have a good time with David Quint and Haun Saussy at the Sterling Memorial Library section especially dedicated to child pornography, founded with YOUR tuition fees:  

NYT – https://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/02/us/handling-of-sexual-harassment-case-poses-larger-questions-at-yale.html

Lasaga was described as “obsessed” with the victim he molested – precisely like Mazzotta and Saussy: who can never let it go, can never move on with their useless lives, but have to keep on slandering, directly in person or indirectly by email, in order to save face and cover their asses.

Lasaga also stated that he “believed whatever trauma the boy was suffering was due to the ‘forced separation’ that resulted from [his] prosecution.” 

Everyone can recognize that that’s a severe form of mental illness EXCEPT our honest Ms. Schirmeister and other Yale admins, who always try to hide and protect such mentally ill criminals. 

Consistently, through the years, Schirmeister has been stealing money by protecting sex offenders and intimidating their victims. 

Try to make money with Air BnB, so you don’t pay taxes, yeah right. 

And yet, despite all of her corruption, Schirmeister has never even managed to renovate her wood shack and repay her underwater mortgage, cf. Antivurs Antihacker. 

In addition to that, her two step-daughters – from her divorced husband (quite insane himself to remarry with a junker like her) – have ended up periodically underemployed, but for the most part without a job and economically dependent on their parents. 

God’s irony – what goes around, comes around. 

“Judge not, that you might not be judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged; and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why observe you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?”

Authentic picture from the public domain: Schirmeister’s crazy ignorant daughter, Claire (in the middle), with a message for the world: “White, rich men wrote history and they lied!” LOL 

Look at this crazy ignorant crap, and consider that Schirmeister must protect all sex harassers at Yale and get rid of all the students who complain. In order to do so, she will use any “evidence” she can find or forge for the purpose of assassinating the student’s character. She would jump on something like that, if it didn’t portray her own children. 

What a hypocrite! 

Pam has a lot of “indulgence” with the ignorance and madness of her children,

but zero tolerance for the culture and intelligence of the children of everybody else. 

Excellent job! LOL

How much money was thrown down the drain between Claire and Sarah? 

Pam Schirmeister’s hypocrisy.  

And what’s Schirmeister doing now? Now she’s gotten involved in “strategic initiatives,” which means that she tries to figure out how to steal your parents’ money by selling you useless, crappy degrees in the humanities, i.e. English, foreign languages, comparative literature, sociology, political sciences, psychology, philosophy, etc.

If you trust Schirmeister’s honesty and “sound judgment,” you’ll end up ignorant, indigent and without a pension like fucking Ray Lurie:

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