The Narcissism of Ugly People

A satirical piece of investigative journalism from my research into Google Images 😉  

Parasites and monsters like Giuseppe Mazzotta, Carol Chiodo, Haun Saussy, Olga Solovieva, Moira Fradinger, Katie Trumpener, etc. are by no means the only ones. It is in fact a GLOBAL EPIDEMIC.

At no point in time, throughout human history, did we have so many ugly people in the PUBLIC DOMAIN all over the world. Never before were the ugly so forthcoming in their shameless narcissism and greed.  

There’s no reason at all for them to be there: no particular talent, merit or culture. They don’t have a “brilliant intellect” to make up for their rotten flesh and appear somewhat “appealing.” And yet, they try against all odds to steal the proverbial 15 minutes of fame. It’s just pathetic!

On the one hand it’s greed, but on the other it’s truly pathological. Behind it all there’s always a big element of pathological self-delusion and disconnection with reality. Still, I don’t think that mental illness makes them innocent. It would be like saying that Hitler was innocent because he was mentally ill. No, no. Deep down inside, they KNOW that what they’re doing is WRONG and they shouldn’t be doing it.

Look at this: 

Same expression.

They know they shouldn’t be doing this.

I used to know this person about 20 years ago, and she contacted me through social media some 4 or 5 years ago. Right from the start she would pontificate on this and that controversial issue, assuming that her opinion was the DOGMATIC TRUTH nobody could disagree with.

Too many people today see their own particular opinions as a FAITH and treat all other people as HERETICS if they disagree. Almost all of these paradoxical “faithful” are unable to have a smart and civil discussion with anyone else. They know they can’t win an argument, so they end up talking to themselves like madmen. 

To win an argument, you have to: 1) engage in a dialogue with your opponent/s; and 2) be able to substantiate your particular point of view with cogent arguments. If you can’t do that, you lose at the democracy game. And if you’re unhappy with that, you should move to a totalitarian state like Russia, China or North Korea.  

In totalitarian states like Russia, China and North Korea, they really don’t give a FUCK about your personal opinion, and the only “truth” is what the party tells you to do through its political leader, Vladi or Xi or Kim, who are APPOINTED FOR LIFE, in case you didn’t know.  

 As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to have anything to do with that stupid and hypocritical ideology. I talk to all people in the same way, with the same respect, without imposing my ideas. And because of that basic respect, I’ve been married with a tenured professor for 10+ years. In the meantime, people all around us have been falling in the divorce trap (including yourself), going through very expensive legal processes and very unhealthy, very destructive separations. 

PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT and WE LIVE IN DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES, so we’re all entitled to have and to express different opinions. Never forget that, next time you check

Jeez, did she want to show off her fridge or something? 

It’s amazing how many ugly and self-righteous individuals assume they can slander all the people they envy, smarter and better-looking people, without any repercussion. They actually convince themselves that others don’t have the democratic right to set the record straight.  



This old cutlet doesn’t look convinced at all, precisely because she knows. It’s like an omen 😉  


This redneck hillbilly has fire and fury up his ass. 

So, Whitsitt hereunder would like to know what laxative he’s using 😉 

Look at this crazy old fart. 

Ugly, envious, greedy piece of crap. 

A mad cow dropped this piece of shit about 150 years ago, on the Oklahoma hills: 

Whitsitt is an ignorant asshole who doesn’t know fuck about the political history, literature, art and culture of the United States and Italy. He doesn’t know fuck about the cultural and political interactions between these two countries in the past and now, through the European Union. He’s an ignorant Oklahoma redneck, full of racism, bigotry and stereotypes against our country. And yet, he slanders Italians and Italian Americans, he exploits the top-rated Italian healthcare system, and he’d love to have an Italian pension. 

What a fucking hypocrite! 


Who’s allowing this ignorant piece of crap to steal money in Italy? 

Don’t we have enough parasites already, who constantly freeload on our social security system? 


 A practitioner of MERITOCRACY, for sure.


Even Guy Aston thinks that’s impressive.

Like winning a Nobel Prize for nothing other than Being Led from Behind

Let’s say, poop-worthy. 

If you like slandering other people and their families, first make sure you don’t look completely RETARDED like this crazy bitch with a huge wart right in the middle of her fucking face. 

And the question is: WHY?

Got it. 


Some hypocrites adore their own weaknesses and abhor other people’s strengths. 

That’s just repugnant.  

Hi, Debby. 

Do you want another Xanax, another taco, another beer, or another pack of Marlboro? 😉

Call Phil and Larry to have six tacos delivered!

Oooh, fuck. What the fuck is this. 

Junkies and drunkards in The Worst Toilet in Russia


 If you work for an honest and smart person, you can have a career-ending moment every day 😉  

But academia is HIDDEN, and it’s in the best interests of every CORRUPT university administration to make it difficult for you to fully understand how THEIR corruption affects YOU, YOUR children and YOUR entire family. 


Mazzotta has never managed to learn the Scriptures, the Classics or English literature. 

In fact, he can’t even speak English correctly and without a thick Calabrese accent. 

But, as you can see, Miss Chiodo’s got a HUGE culture, so they complement each other. 

More about these two ignorant monkeys:


Amazing similarity. 

Mazzotta  looks like a mobster because he is one.

He’s an ignorant piece of crap from poor, mafia-ridden and culturally backward Calabria. 

This is a record-breaking academic and financial fraud for thousands of students and their families.   

Folie à deux 

What John Darnell did for Colleen Manassa: from her fake B.A. all the way to her fake Ph.D. and all her subsequent, fake publications. 

Ah, that’s real love! 😉  


As well as a record-breaking academic and financial fraud.

Where’s the academic community when you need them? At the pub? 😉  

Pity this trick didn’t work so well for Haun Saussy,

when he supervised his girlfriend’s dissertation (on the “Body of Christ”) to pay for his ex-wife alimony.    

Crappy and unpublished – a foregone conclusion.   

Saussy is currently advising President Trump on his hairdo. Nice skin, too… looks like the undead 😉    

“Please, I beseech you, help my girlfriend!” 

Jesus Christ! 

That’s Katerina Clark, M.A. Australian National University, 1966. An “expert” in Russian film, whatever that may be. 

I didn’t even know this person, but – thanks to academic frauds like Quint and Saussy – she was already angry at me for something the first time I met her. In other words, their racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred and slander preceded me. 

Are you sure that that’s a good PR move for useless departments like comp.lit and film studies, which are already under fire for failing enrollment and a lack of stable academic jobs? Wouldn’t it be better for you to keep a low profile and just try to be honest in every case, across the board?   

But there’s nothing in Kate’s little head that signals a contradiction, or creates a cognitive dissonance, between Saussy and Olga Solovieva. For your information, that’s a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS for both PERSONAL and ECONOMIC reasons, since Saussy has been using Solovieva’s stolen salary to pay for his ex-wife since 2006. 

So, congratulations, Kate. I’m sure everybody now can see that you are a very HONEST person, completely immune to CORRUPTION and DOUBLE STANDARDS and completely indifferent to money and political friendship. 

Ray Lurie has a 32-year-old M.A. in comparative literature and currently teaches HISTORY in a Catholic university in Fairfield, CT.

Does it make any sense? No, not academically. 

And from an ethical perspective, if they’re committed Catholics as they claim to be whenever they want money from the Archdiocese, they shouldn’t have this MEATHEAD steal money from paying students and their families! 


Katie Trumpener is an “expert” in COMICS, and if you’re not careful, she’ll try to sell you her “expertise” for $70,000 a year. Her husband Robert Maxwell, instead, was an “expert” in the HISTORY of PORNOGRAPHY and, together with their dear friend Sam See, they used to participate in “educational events” such as this one in Seattle. Notice their great professionalism:   


Trick or treat, yeah right. 


Moira Fradinger’s academic interests: alcohol, sex, plagiarism and… 



Badabook, Badaboom. 

Stephan Esposito is currently an office employee, and he has never published a damn thing in his whole fucking life.

What a complete waste of time and resources! 

Still wondering why stupid/ugly people are so envious and hateful?   

According to Aristotle’s Poetics, the ability to “discern similarities” among different objects of observation is “by far the most important matter” and the greatest form of genius (Loeb, XXII, 1459a5-8). 

Very little people with a huge ego. How do you explain that?

Spaghetti brain. 

This stupid hoe piggybacked on someone else’s academic work only to end up as an employee in a coop. So much for so little. That’s some monster creation by the Italian public school. And what a waste! 

Yes, you should always apply a FILTER and keep your mouth shut, 

so all your blemishes and rotten teeth don’t show… like this: 

Nice teeth!

Acne scars, pimples and warts, too…

Gaia just doesn’t get it. 

Jeez, she’s so ugly she scares away the devil himself 😉  


Notice the naked guy printed on her bag 😉


The unfittest: this bunch of psychos belong to the Jane Austen’s Society of North America

I’m not kidding, this is real. This is actually what they do. 


And an unpublished dissertation on the “Marriages in Jane Austen” is also the best academic qualification of Richard Levin’s WIFE to steal someone else’s academic job and salary at the Whitney Humanities Center.

Why do you do this, Bloom? 

Make a general confession before you meet the Great Hierophant, you asshole 😉 

What a fucking fraud! And then people wonder why there are no academic jobs in the humanities. 

Let’s laugh about it and make it a good Irish Wake: 


White trash

Fucking junkie, and proud of it.


Look at that nice ceiling! 

If you look like crap, just don’t take pix of yourself: that’s madness.  


Unholy fuck, Pete Burns with a mop on his empty head! 😉  


I’m deeply concerned. 



But one crime is not enough. 

This is a repeat offender.



Geniuses look at problems in many different ways. 

Genius often comes from finding a new perspective that no one else has taken. Leonardo da Vinci believed that to gain knowledge about the form of problems, you begin by learning how to restructure it in many different ways. He felt the first way he looked at a problem was too biased toward his usual way of seeing things. He would restructure his problem by looking at it from one perspective and move to another perspective and still another. With each move, his understanding would deepen and he would begin to understand the essence of the problem.



 We’re so beautiful that we should go to the club tonight, right? 


Zero and zero doesn’t make two, you know. 

That’s what people do after drinking and smoking too much. Making the same mistakes over and over again is madness.  

A graduate of the “university of life,” yeah right 😉


No, you can’t rent my house – just bugger off 😉 

Look, when the smartest of your kids has DOWN SYNDROME; when your “husband” is a crazy old fart with arteriosclerosis who’s just about to die with another STROKE or HEART ATTACK; when you look like SHIT and you DON’T HAVE A DIME because you don’t know how to keep it; when you gave all your money to a PONZI SCHEMER and had to make a living for the next 30 years WASHING DISHES… perhaps you should focus on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SITUATION in life. And slandering other people will NOT get you there, you bum.  

Who remembers Peter Gabriel?

I wasn’t born yet, so I had to do some research… 

That was the big moment of drug culture, or rather, anti-culture. 

Imagine what is means to be a groupie for this loser! That’s crazy, dangerous, and ridiculous. A life made of one-night stands under the influence of alcohol and drugs – complete white trash. And imagine what it means to call this creep, who by now is completely lobotomized, thinking that he will remember you after 30 years!? Hello, arrogance?? Hello, self-delusion??? 

That’s both pathological and pathetic. 


Amazingly similar, both in shape and conduct. 

Notice that this moron paid a bribe to get his first marriage annulled because he cheated on his wife! 🙂 But I’m not sure his second “wife” was a good deal, and certainly not an improvement on the first. I’d like to hear them fight over stupidity, ignorance, vice, sanctimony, lost face and money wasted. 


 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



Maybe because he’s a retard who sells sweatshirts? 

All money flushed down the toilet – what a fucking waste!

These are…

That’s right. 

But don’t be too critical of yourself, OK?  

And God is merciful, so he will forgive all your sins anyway.  

The mote in your neighbor’s eye, instead, will lead them to perdition, amen! 



“Krokodil sets a new standard for the fast destruction of mind, spirit and body.”

You knew it was coming, didn’t you?

Crazy old farts – what else can they do but getting fucked in the ass and licking their own shit? 😉 

The Ebony Goddess and the baby boomers. 

Never before in history did we have so many decrepit people around: the baby boomers, who desperately cling to life thanks to new drugs, cardiac surgery, bypass engineering, etc. That’s a big burden for society, especially in small countries like Italy. Their mind is mush and their body is rotten and falling to pieces. But they can’t accept the fact that they are going to die — actually, the mere thought terrifies them — so, they distract and delude themselves, and that’s the sort of crap they do.  


That’s how Lolita used to pay her rent when she was young LOL 


Crazy old cunt:

Damien Thorn.

Do these guys perhaps have a “thorn in the flesh”? 😉  

Let’s ship them all to North Korea!