Obama wants to go to Mars

In case you didn’t know, Obama has been planning a trip to Mars for a long, long time… 

Associated Press, Obama: Americans to Mars within his lifetime (April 2010)

And here’s why. 

Too much whiskey in the morning, Michelle.  

Not good for your pot belly and flabby underarms. 


Nor for the kids who see you like that…

By the way, after 8 years of expensive treatments, plastic surgeries and VIP vacations for this quite useless, ehm, useful, first lady, the price of vegetables has gone through the roof and is still rising. Red delicious apples, for instance, cost $1.20 apiece in the Northeast – more than a basic piece of junk you can buy at McDonald’s.   

Obama’s deep understanding of economics. 

After 8 years of lies, false promises and political-economic failures, so many black people are still taking the bus in cities like New Haven, on the Eastern coast, which supposedly are wealthier than the South. But never mind that, because now we’re going to Mars.  

 And yet, some mindless assholes now try to blame Trump for repeating the Mars agenda. Hello, hello? One of the main differences is that Trump supports private investors like Elon Musk and his privately-funded space programs, which can only foster scientific research and progress. I like what Fox Sports anchor Jason Whitlock had to say about this paradoxical double standard:

Social media has so convinced us that anything liberal means pro-black, and anything conservative means anti-black… We’ve been trained [to think that] anything conservative means anti-black. And again, if we just looked critically and really understood our history, that’s just not the case. A lot of our values are conservative. A lot of people in our community who have made great strides – Martin Luther King – [they had] very conservative values. The entire movement was conservative…” 

The main reason for this is the fact that no one can make a universal statement such as “All men are created equal” without a universal Creator. Indeed, this basic tenet of Christianity became the higher moral ground to justify American independence, which was mainly a war among whites, as well as the black anti-slavery movement. 


And so…


“SpaceX [Elon Musk’s company] intends to build a more powerful rocket than Falcon Heavy 

that could eventually send humans to Mars and beyond.” 

And what the fuck, let him spend his money as he wants.