The Social Media Scam

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How many people envy and hate others because they have never looked good — even for just one day — in their whole fucking life? 

Nevertheless, they are very narcissistic and delusional when it comes to promoting their ugliness:




U.C. Berkeley, The Crier

Civil Disobedience Special, “Now with extra swearing!”

Life can be ironic 😉 

U.C. Berkeley, The Crier

Students organized peaceful demonstrations against George W. Bush’s war in Iraq.

Those were smart and wealthy Berkeley kids getting bullied by the police! Now in California they don’t even arrest MS-13 serial killers, rapists and drug dealers anymore. On top of that, the average person doesn’t even know why documented American citizens are routinely X-rayed and groped every time they need to take a plane. But that’s not the case for illegals without identification — they are good to go as they please. And don’t worry: only 10% of them are actual violent criminals 😉

Wake up, anyone who doesn’t pay taxes is a criminal — like Tupper Saussy, who spent 2 years in jail for tax evasion, before briefly meeting his Maker 😉 There are millions of undocumented aliens in the United States who don’t pay taxes and still exploit the welfare state — unlike the immigrants of 1650, 1870 or even 1930. In so doing, they bring down everybody else’s salary and damage civil society, while other people like YOU will have to pay for them.

You’re already getting screwed every time you pay for a car insurance premium whose price is rising — or whose benefits are decreasing — in order to make up for millions of undocumented illegals who drive without insurance and put everybody’s lives at risk.

This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Not in big empires like Russia or China, where they don’t give a fuck about immigrants. And certainly not in top-notch, practical-minded, functioning democracies like Switzerland, whose bottom line is always: “And who’s paying?” 

From the Programs and Policies of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

“Whenever a teacher is or in the future might reasonably become responsible for teaching,

advising, or directly supervising a student, a sexual relationship between them is inappropriate and must be avoided.

In addition to creating the potential for coercion, any such relationship jeopardizes the integrity of the educational process

by creating a conflict of interest and may impair the learning environment for other students.

Finally, such situations may expose the University and the teacher to liability

for violation of laws against sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Therefore, teachers (see below) must avoid sexual relationships with students

over whom they have or might reasonably expect to have direct pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities,

regardless of whether the relationship is consensual.

Conversely, a teacher must not directly supervise any student with whom he or she has a sexual relationship.”

This is the bed where Giuseppe Mazzotta tried to harass me,

and where I derided his old broken ass for the first time.  

I was 29 and he was 66, an old pathetic wreck who looked and smelled like crap. 

Completely humiliated and fuming like hot sewage, 

he immediately turned the narrative against his victim. 

The previous year, at 28, I had gained admission to Yale comparative literature after a long selection process, but from one day to the other, thanks to Mazzotta, I became “too old” to be around. That’s the bullshit old stupid people say when they’re desperately trying to cover they ass, and get rid of a witness, after they’ve done something illegal. 

Apart from the fact that departments of humanities and divinity schools are full of grad students in their thirties, forties and fifties — and sometimes even older, if they’re willing to pay — as a legal immigrant admitted to the U.S. on merit, I had to provide plenty of documents proving my identity as well as my academic achievements.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences looked at my outstanding file many, many times before awarding me a 6-year fellowship. 

Furthermore, Mazzotta himself was a 66-year-old pervert who wanted to have sex with much younger students, instead of fostering their academic career. But after that total embarrassment and self-defeat, one of the victims of his unwanted attentions became a “potential danger” for all other students in the department!? Complete reversal: Mazzotta is a repeat sex offender and a pathetic, sick pervert who shouldn’t be anywhere near young people! He should take a long, long vacation in JAIL, instead.  

This is how evil masquerades as good,

good is misrepresented as evil,

and truth is turned upside down. 

In the end, when all of his preposterous accusations proved useless,

Mazzotta randomly slandered not just me but even my dead parents!

Then, a few years later, he directed all his envy and hatred against my husband — who, unlike him, is a true gentleman and an actual scholar and classicist, not a buffoon and a fraudster in “comparative medieval studies.” 

Not to mention other humiliating comparisons… 

Junk recycle:

Things you learn in comparative medieval studies at Cornell.  


When corrupt parasites and fake scholars such as Mazzotta want to kill you and get rid of the evidence, e.g. their stupid, cheesy emails, they’ll start slandering you with the teaching staff. 

To avoid a close personal conflict and keep their jobs, many people will pretend to believe any bullshit. And after that, they will judge YOUR academic work with completely different standards than the rest — see for instance the record-breaking example of Ray Lurie, below.

They will not judge your work based on its merits and its potential for innovative scholarship, but based on the same fucking slander and ad hominem that was used against you, your dead parents, your husband, etc. 

The most frivolous, made-up shit they’ve heard in the toilets, or seen on social media, will become fodder for the most serious, life-threatening libel against you. 

Mazzotta is a criminal, a fucking thief and a paid assassin. 

“See what I did for the benefit of the university? Please, give me a $2,000 salary increase!”  

How many people did he murder, with his slander and false witness, throughout his wasted life? 

But the truth is biting him back in the ass like a police dog. 

Very expensive tattoos. 

There you go: a super-gorgeous millionaire like David Beckham is in love with his wife; but for a toothless, decrepit, handicapped, horrendous, stinky little shit like Mazzotta, marriage is not enough. 


People like Ann Delauro, Anna Iacovella and Millicent Marcus know perfectly well that Mazzotta manipulates graduate students and forces them into unwanted relationships that are EXPLICITLY CONDEMNED in Yale’s Programs and Policies:

Indeed, Mazzotta acts in a similar way against them, too: he can count on their complicity because they fear for their job. This may perhaps be seen as an “excuse” for a poor and simple secretary like Delauro, or for a hobo like Iacovella, but NOT for a tenured thief and parasite like Piggy Marcus. No excuse there, only bad faith and corruption. 

Mazzotta “justifies” himself claiming that his old wife has a severe form of mental illness. 

Oh, really – and that’s how he’s helping her out? 

Mazzotta claims he’s helping his wife to deal with her schizophrenia by cheating on her!? Ah.ah.ah. That’s probably the other way round: she went nuts precisely because he never wanted to reform and become a decent human being.  

These are the Yale “feminists” and this is the true face of “feminism” in the United States.  

That’s just fucking pathetic.  

There’s a long list of habitual sex offenders at Yale, all protected by corrupt admins such as Pamela Schirmeister and Tom Pollard. They all take inspiration from the most infamous one, Bill Clinton, who specialized in slandering his victims with the help of his personal attorney, his fake feminist wife. And in so doing, he set a good example for Yale, the nation and indeed the entire world. 

But this is the one and only SWINE DECONSTRUCTION.

So, let’s see… 

This decrepit guy is not my dead grandfather,

but Luis Bautista, a recent graduate of the Spanish department. 

It looks like the pawn-shop scene in Pulp Fiction… 

But don’t worry, all the kids are more or less safe 😉  

According to Mazzotta’s hypocrisy and bad faith, Hillary Clinton is a danger not just for Yale students, but for the entire world because she has made a career with Planned Parenthood. 

And in the Most Holy Name of Hypocrisy, Mazzotta himself is a fucking registered Democrat! 😉 

The majority of students and 99% of the admin and teaching staff at Yale endorse this part of the Democratic agenda. Like these two lovely ladies here, strategically placed in career services, who don’t need any contraception now. 

Mentally and physically healthy? Absolutely! 😉  


Cheap cremations for decrepit people without money. 

Mazzotta can’t retire because he’s broke: he has never managed to invest anything, and he’s going with a reverse mortgage now, to make it to the cemetery without living on the curbside first. That’s why he tries to lay low and keep his name on the payroll at 80, with Alzheimer and senile dementia, when everybody wants to get rid of his useless, stinky old ass A.S.A.P.

Fucking pathetic!  


Compare with this 60-year-old shit who spent 32 fucking years on his “dissertation.” 

Clearly, nobody thought I was “too old” at 28, when I was admitted in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences from an applicant pool of thousands. coming from all around the world. 

Speaking of personal achievements, I had no “connection” at Yale. I won entirely based on merit, as a polyglot, because Americans are not proficient in foreign languages — and indeed, most of them don’t even know English grammar, e.g. the difference between it’s and its. 

In this and many other fields, they must rely on citizens of other nations, which is what President Trump has been supporting all along: IMMIGRATION BASED ON MERIT. 

Only my talent, therefore, together with excellent grades and recommendations from Joycean scholars and George Lakoff at U.C. Berkeley. I got a perfect score in his Metaphor class, Department of Linguistics. 

This looks like a metaphor for some deep and commonly shared “values” at Yale 🙂 

Perhaps Brisman was too busy misinterpreting my social media and listening to slander coming from David Quint, Sassy Saucy and Olga Stupidieva — and he failed to look at my admission file.

“Freedom and fairness for all, personal and social responsibility, democracy, empathy and caring,”

Sure, it sounds exactly like Yale. 

Perhaps Leslie Brisman needs to take an honesty class from George Lakoff. 

The best-unknown Shakespeare scholar, Leslie Brisman, claims the world “indulgence” does not have any religious meaning in 16th century England, when outspoken Catholics could be hung and disemboweled for political treason.

According to Brisman, the historical and religious meaning of “indulgence” is completely “irrelevant” in Shakespeare — like Bloom’s Gnosticism? — hence my dissertation must be censored. 

And there is no IDEOLOGICAL, PERSONAL and FINANCIAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTS at all between an atheist Jew like Leslie Brisman, hired by Harold Bloom through Affirmative Action, and Christian European history and culture. 

Catholicism was Shakespeare’s historical and personal background. His maternal ancestors, the Ardens, were French Catholics who came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror; and Shakespeare’s entire life unfolded against the historical background of England’s religious schism from Rome, with terrible persecutions against Catholics who refused to “recant” the old faith and “convert” to the new one.

Notice that the sparkle for Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation was precisely the issue of INDULGENCES.   

The American Heritage:

“Roman Catholic Church To grant an ecclesiastical indulgence or dispensation to someone.”   

What incredible ignorance!


Sorry, George: your research is “irrelevant,” according to Brisman – even though Brisman himself has always been perfectly irrelevant in Shakespeare studies. 

Check out my previous article on the topic, Let’s celebrate 200,000 views a day!

If you flaunt your IGNORANCE and CORRUPTION in this way, 

I can guarantee your department will be totally credible within the academic community

and will look appealing to prospective students.  

And let me see, who said that magic is for primitive peoples and niggers? 

Such as J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973), Merton Professor of English Language and Literature at Oxford.

J.K. Rowling is the most financially successful writer in the history of British literature. But her name is only one among the many writers, artists and filmmakers who have dealt with the theme of magic in Europe, the U.S., and all over the world.

Magic is a universal, recurring theme in human culture and human cultural production; but every different culture has produced specific variations on it: from Chinese builders’ magic, to Greek curse tablets, to Louisiana Voodoo, to multi-million dollar Hollywood movies.    

J.K. Rowling’s personal worth exceeds one billion dollars, while the value of the entire Harry Potter franchise for Warner Bros was estimated at $25 billion in 2016. 

“As of February 2018, the Harry Potter books have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, making them the best-selling book series in history, and have been translated into 80 languages. The last four books consecutively set records as the fastest-selling books in history, with the final installment selling roughly 11 million copies in the United States within twenty-four hours of its release.” Wiki 

Someone must have been taking a long vacation, since Harry Potter first came out in 1997…

Here’s the beautiful Allison Manley.

In spite of her father’s numerous friendships and connections, both at Harvard and Yale, Allison was never able to get into an Ivy League school — not even Cornell. A couple of years ago, she did some social work in the Bronx (Argus Community). But I’m not sure what she’s doing now… 

Same thing for Manley’s son, Jonathan, currently a social worker down south.

Jonathan has been very active in the prevention of eating disorders, which are usually co-morbid with different forms of depression and with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), “a severe psychiatric disorder that causes people to be preoccupied with perceived physical defects and believe they appear disfigured and ugly.”

Now, these were definitely well-connected people, but they couldn’t even be accepted in a top university like Yale. That’s just a fact. And yet, how many outsiders think they could do better — and most of them haven’t even passed one single fucking exam in English linguistics and English literature! 

Jesus Christ — the ignorance, arrogance, and pathological self-delusion of these lunatics! 

Lock them up and throw away the key. 

Because you’re a crazy old shit, that’s why.  

Don’t waste your time slandering people who don’t give a fuck about you.

Get a face lift and get lost! 

Sure as hell 😉  

My universities are Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna, est. 1088, the University of California at Berkeley and Yale. 

Alma Mater Studiorum, 1088.

bologna alma mater corte

Bologna is the Alma Mater Studiorum per excellence, established in 1088 as the first university in the world.

Bologna is usually ranked #1 in Italy for most curricula studiorum.

That’s where students are recruited for doctoral programs. 

So, don’t complain now if you can’t find an academic job coming from a lesser university. 

Bologna, Masters of Arts in English and German, conferred with Highest Honors and Printing Dignity in Jan 2005.  

Unlike fakes and fraudsters like Katie Trumpener — who pretend to be experts when in fact they’re only ignorant plagiarists — I passed with the highest grade a long series of exams in English and German literature and linguistics, and have the top official certification to prove it. At the end of that course of study, I wrote a critical piece on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, which included an original translation of  Book III, Ch. 4:  

Rest in Peace: Finnegans Wake III.4

I’m not sure how many times my critical piece was cited in print — or more often, plagiarized. A couple of online scholarly publications that explicitly quote and cite it include:

1) Joycean Unions: Post-Millennial Essays from East to West, Brandon Kershner and Tekla Mecsn Ber, eds.

2) Joyce, Il Bel Paese and the Italian Language, John McCourt

My academic work was supervised by Prof. Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli and commended by John Bishop, U.C. Berkeley and Luigi Schenoni, author of Finnegans Wake‘s Italian translation.  

It says a lot about the current state of affairs in academia that I accomplished much more as an undergraduate than certain academic frauds — such as Jeff Cain, Cara Erdheim or Tim Robinson — ever manage to accomplish in their entire wasted life. Retire in Peace, you useless pieces of shit, and stop defrauding students and their families!

In 2002-2003 I won a European competition for the University of California, Berkeley.

That was an important victory, since out-of-state tuition at Berkeley was more than $30,000/year at that point.

Nothing is ever free, and in order to win Berkeley you had to document everything about your academic work, every achievement, and every time you even went to the bathroom — just so you know. 

My majors were Linguistics – George Lakoff, Metaphor; and English literature – John Bishop, James Joyce. 

For both semesters I was on the Dean’s Honors List with a GPA of 3.94, links below:

Fall 2002 Dean’s Honors List:

Spring 2003 Dean’s Honors List:

This iconic pic shows a students’ demonstration for Free Speech and Civil Rights at Berkeley’s Sather Gate.  

Unlike Berkeley in the 1960s and 1970s, Yale is a very racist, corrupt and bigoted environment, completely devoid of academic freedom and honesty.  

Yale hides criminals and academic and financial frauds — such as Ray Lurie, Thomas Pogge, John Darnell, Coleen Manassa, Sissy Sassy, Olga Stupidieva, Sam See, Roberto Echevarria, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Carol Chiodo, etc. — in order to avoid horrible scandals that would result in loss of credibility, tuition fees and government funding. 


Oh, fucking fuck!

In 2005 I won one of the 6 available fellowships for a Yale Ph.D. in comparative literature based on merit. 

If you’ve never been admitted to the Ivy League — and on a fellowship — think twice before opening your filthy mouth, because you’re going to get trashed. That’s something most people can only dream of, so do me a favor:

take your fucking envy & sour grapes, shove it up your ass, and get lost.   

Acceptance letter Feb 24, 2005


This is the standard acceptance letter for a 6-year doctorate program.  

The following document, instead, is the SEVIS from the Department of Justice,

which I also discuss in the administrative scam section of the Anti-virus Anti-hacker: 


For your information, the SEVIS is an official Department of Justice document that contains your identity, your employer’s identity, the exact number of months: 12 x 6 = 72 for which your contract is running, and the salary with which you are going to support yourself in the United States. 

Masters of Arts in Comparative Literature and Deconstructive Derision, 2007.  

Masters of Philosophy in Comparative Literature,

Academic Freedom and Brave & Honest Denunciation of Academic Fraud, 2010.

For all academic plagiarists, and there are many, with or without tenure: my dissertation was APPROVED by four different scholars — Jeffrey Knapp, U.C. Berkeley; Anthony Esolen, Providence; Carlos Eire and Brian Walsh, Yale — and in 2014 it was COPYRIGHTED at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Ch. 1, Shakespeare’s Historical Background

Ch. 3, Hamlet

It certainly didn’t take me 32 years and 32 second chances to finish it, e.g. Lucia Ghita and Ray Lurie. 

This is the 14th year of comparative literature for Mr. Ghita, one of the many academic and financial frauds produced and marketed by David Quint and Ass. This worthless piece of shit has been defrauding students and stealing tuition fees at Clemson University for years, now, without any degree. 

Look at this: 

Walsh, Brian. Unsettled Toleration: Religious Difference on the Shakespearean Stage. Oxford UP, 2016.

“Brian Walsh examines plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries that represent intra-Christian conflict between mainstream [Protestant] believers and various minorities [Catholics], analyzing the sometimes explicit, sometimes indirect, occasionally smooth, but more often halting and equivocal forms of dealing with difference that these plays imagine can result from such exchanges.” 

This is ridiculous on so many levels. 

Subject: the plays themselves, not the critic; Verb: imagine; Object: the indirect and equivocal form of dealing with difference; Relative Clause: that can result from such exchanges between Protestant and Catholics.  

Killing someone to make money harvesting the organs won’t work for you, dude, or for anyone else. 

Try to improve your poor writing and convoluted syntax.

And by all means stop drinking, so you give your rotten liver a second chance. 

Furthermore, being indirect and equivocal, 

this cheap shit sounds “objective and universal” like a secular dogma or an exact science, right? 😉 

But Mrs Jane Levin had a pain in the butt and took a few days off from elementary school

when they discussed Derrida, deconstruction and différance 😉 

The Yale “school of deconstruction,” Paul de Man and the Nazis. 


But Mrs Levin has never heard of the Yale “school of deconstruction.” 

Perhaps she was too busy trying to marry Yale’s ex president, Richard Levin,

and writing her autobiographical dissertation on the “Marriages in Jane Austen.”

And with that worthless piece of crap, which has never been published,

Jane Levin is still stealing money at the Whitney Humanity Center! 

Where the fuck is the international academic community? 

Are they uncovering and denouncing these academic and financial frauds,

or are they creating new ones?    

There is no transcendental signifier and truth is contextual and relational,

emerging from the relationship between signs. 

What does the butt machine mean, as a sign?

Freedom to make a fool of yourself without getting HIV? 

Sam See was never able to read that sign correctly, let alone understanding the relational truth emerging from it 😉  

I also want to point out that my original scholarship was written and copyrighted on my own dime. 

An already awarded Dissertation Fellowship was “revoked” on pretextual grounds, i.e. stolen, by Tom Pollard, Pam Schirmeister and Ed Barnaby, in a final attempt at killing me after I filed an official grievance against Schirmeister and her record-breaking corruption as Title IX Coordinator.  

Your life was “disbursed in error,” Barnaby. 

Being a scumbag, you’re getting trashed. 

What goes around comes around.

But where was the U.S.A. in 1591? 

That was the year when my high-school was established:

Liceo Classico Ludovico Antonio Muratori, established by the noble Este Family. 

The splendor of the Este court. 

Consistently through the years I achieved outstanding academic results.

In 1994 I graduated with the highest score in one of the most ancient lyceums in Italy. 

L.A. Muratori is NOT a nun school for retarded students like Carol Chiodo and Anna Iacovella. 

And Bologna is NOT like their macaroni-and-beans university. 

In fact, they didn’t even attend a university before emigrating to the United States! 

What a scandalous fraud for Yale students and their families, paying so much money for a scam!    

Highest honors, 60/60

When I was merely 16, I gained my English Proficiency degree, Grade A, from the University of Cambridge, U.K.  

University of Cambridge, U.K., top grade, A. 

What a difference from these worthless pieces of crap who even slander their betters!  The Fake feminists who slander smarter and better women scholars, so they can keep stealing money they don’t deserve. Lock them up IN JAIL until they return all the money they stole over the years!  

So, let’s set the record straight and put things into perspective: go back home, Iacovella, you fucking fraud, and let more deserving scholars teach Italian language, linguistics, literature and culture to paying students!  

And here’s Carol Chiodo, a 60-year-old stupid fat fuck, who has never even been in the academic profession! 

Excellent allocation of resources. 

And nice denture. 

Put these ignorant grannies in a box with bubble wrap, and ship them with a one-way ticket to Iran, where they can meet other fake feminists like themselves. 

This was David Quint in 1591.  


And this is how he devolved in 1996.

This is David Quint’s and Giuseppe Mazzotta’s most promising grad student: Ray Lurie. 


Ray Lurie is a 62-year-old baby boomer without benefits and without a pension, who has been “studying” at Yale since 1975 — well before many of us were even born — and who has been “writing” the SECOND chapter of his Shakespeare dissertation for no less than 32 years, now.

That’s material for the Guinness World Records! 

THIRTY-TWO YEARS of second chances and double standards, and a TON of WASTED MONEY.  

But let’s pretend it never even happened.


Where is Tucker Carlson when you need him???

Some leftist radicals support racism, sexism and Nazi eugenics by means of late-term abortion. They hate a rich, witty guy like Tucker because he gets along with his wife and provides for his kids — while they’re bankrupt, have to pay alimony and get their asses fucked in public toilets, instead 😉 And that’s just fucking stupid — exactly like Tupper Saussy & Sissy Sassy and the IRS. 

In an attempt at making a mental case like Ray Lurie finally finish his program, Giuseppe Mazzotta, David Quint and Pamela Schirmeister granted him MORE THAN THIRTY teaching appointments, over the years, in just as many departments and scholarly fields — about which he knows absolutely NOTHING. 

And therefore, FUCK the law,

FUCK academic standards,

FUCK all the other, more qualified graduate students,

FUCK Yale undergrads and especially FUCK all their hard-working families,

who pay a ridiculous amount of tuition fees in exchange for a scam. 

But that’s not the end of the story.

With a Masters in comparative literature — which he stole, God only knows how, in the early 1990s — this ignorant crap, Ray Lurie, now “teaches” HISTORY at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, defrauding even more students! 

That’s a record-breaking academic and financial fraud.

If you were victims of this unprecedented and record-breaking scam,

you should sue Ray Lurie and all the criminals who have facilitated his protracted robbery.

Pam Schirmeister, trying to put a nice grin on all her academic and financial frauds. 

And this is her daughter Claire (middle), protesting against white rich men who lie 😉  

Jeez, isn’t she smart! 😉

What is she doing now? Writing a dissertation on Feminist Shakespeare with Leslie Brisman? 


The vast majority of admins and teaching staff at Yale are frauds, criminals and pathetic buffoons like Ray Lurie and Pam Schirmeister, David Quint, Olga Stupidieva and Sassy Saucy, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Carol Chiodo and Anna Iacovella, Katie Trumpener and her “dear friend” Sam See, the pornography experts Moira Fradinger and Rober Maxwell, etc.

That’s just corrupt and ignorant WHITE TRASH. 

Olga Boozava cac feature as the title character in the movie, The Worst Toilet in Russia.

But after a mere 6 months at Yale, these worthless pieces of crap develop a sense of entitlement, and start seeing themselves as royalty — like Lisa Page, the now-defunct state parasite and “lazy piece of shit.” Sure, royal exactly like the Royal Flush portable toilets! 😉 

At the same time, they project their sense of inadequacy, guilt and frustration on everyone else — especially on those who are smarter and richer, and therefore untouched by their corruption and underwhelmed by their pathetic self-delusion. 

BE CAREFUL, STUDENTS: those worthless scumbags are going to judge your academic work based on your social media and the malicious slander they want to believe about you personally. 

Pericles Lewis, for instance, never harasses graduate students because he adores his beautiful wife… 

Smell a scam, poopies for rupees. 

Let’s set the record straight, you crap. 

I am smart and good-looking because my parents were smart and good-looking and, unlike you, I do all I can to nurture my God-given intelligence. I’m profitably invested in the stock market, I own luxury real estate, I’m an independent professional and enjoy financial independence because, unlike you, I took all the opportunities I could find coming from one of the richest areas on the planet.  

I come from an upper-middle-class family in Northern Italy, one of the richest areas in the world, where supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati are designed and produced. My father was an architect who came from a wealthy family and made even more money in the real-estate boom of the Seventies and Eighties.


My father looked like George Clooney. 


In front of one of our houses – this was our vacation home in the Apennine Mountains.  


My mother looked like actress Silvana Mangano. 

My mother was a smart, beautiful and brave woman who — besides having kids, property and a busy husband — worked tirelessly for 25 years in the department of public works, at a time when women had even fewer civil rights and liberties than now. 

To her goes all of my admiration! 

Besides taking care of her family and being even too generous with her relatives, my mother had a successful career and retired with a state pension — which is something that very, very few people will ever be able to accomplish coming from the Yale humanities. 


The repulsive, sleazy face of envy, hatred and anger. 

Mazzotta comes from a very poor and disadvantaged background: his mother was an ignorant peasant and his father made a living as a brick-layer. They emigrated to this continent from destitute and mob-ridden Calabria, never abandoning their mobster mentality. Without any linguistic ability, Mazzotta was never able to learn how to speak English with a decent – or even only intelligible – accent. 

When you want to eat a T-bone steak and you’re toothless, 

first you’ll make a fool of yourself, and then you’ll choke. 

This Lakoffian metaphor is perfect to describe Mazzotta’s physical handicaps and sexual dysfunctions. On top of that, it’s also literally true: the wreck is completely toothless and must wear a disgusting denture! 😉  

80-year-old perverts must “recycle” themselves in alternative ways. 

Not even with a couple of plastic gloves on, thank you. 

The fact that old, sick perverts and criminals such as Mazzotta, Echevarria, Pogge, Darnell, etc. are allowed anywhere near students is a shame, a scandal and a hazard. With their ignorance and sleaziness, they endanger students and cause them great personal harm.

When all such sleazebags finally die, the world will be a much cleaner place. 

Liberator catheter for crazy old wrecks: 



Now, this picture shows a medically stupid undergrad — loaded with alcohol and drugs at a pre-game party — who challenges a police officer to arrest him while standing completely naked in a public place.

That’s not just breaking the law – that’s fucking crazy! 

But have you heard any slander or malicious gossip against this white-trash junkie piece of shit?    

Absolutely not. 


No libel or slander against these crazy pieces of shit,

who broke the law while at the same time making complete fools of themselves. 

No libel or slander for crazy, sleazy Sam See: 

An HIV-positive hooker and drug addict with manic depression, who killed himself in jail with a meth overdose the very same night he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, such as “I will kill you – I will destroy you.”

According to his “dear friend” Katie Trumpener, had it not been for “a small stroke” he suffered, between one fuck in the shit and the other, he certainly would have made tenure at Yale. 

Fucking crazy. 

No online libel or slander for Tyler Carlisle, B.A., when he STABBED and TRIED TO KILL a friend who was spending the night at his apartment, and then he JUMPED TO HIS DEATH out of the Taft building, in one of the busiest crossroads in downtown New Haven. 

Poor victim. 

And what’s Maureen O’Connor doing now that Gawker is bankrupt and defunct?    

Get a Valium and get well soon, Maureen. 

And get an exorcism for your Irish curse! 😉 

And where’s Akbar?

Back in Pakistan, desperately trying to find a toilet and a piece of toilet paper! 😉 

We’re so sorry you couldn’t find a decent job in the States with Mrs Levin’s “Jane Austen Society.”

You shouldn’t have wasted your time with that shit. 

Now, don’t blame it on other people if you’re depressed and unemployed.

Do you need a med, Ahmed?  


Read about the Boobs of the Blessed Jane Levin in the Anti-virus Anti-hacker

And have you seen any libel on the Yale Daily News against Bradley Bailey’s hairy ass?

These are just some of the pix he put out there to promote his “professionalism.”  

Do you think that Tom Pollard, Ed Barnaby and Pam Schirmeister would say they look “professional”? 

For sure, but what “profession” are we talking about?  

Bradley Bailey is now unemployed and living off of Vaseline and bawdy street graffiti, courtesy of Alexander Nemerov’s scam.  

STUDENTS BE CAREFUL: let these criminals work in porn without stealing your tuition fees.

An artistic metaphor for their shit. 

It is titled: Screwed Over.

The art of satire from Juvenal to European post-modernism. 

Now, let’s see how you can avoid going bankrupt like Bradley, Maureen and Akbar.  

Let’s see how you can avoid the Social Media Scam with a prefect example:

Sissy Sassy Saucy and his infamous family. 


Rule # 1


Pay your taxes using a professional accountant or accounting firm. 

Don’t do like Tupper Saussy, from redneck Tennessee, who was convicted and spent 2 years in jail for tax evasion.   

To avoid serving jail time, he absconded and lived like a bum for more than 10 years (!), eating junk in soup kitchens and taking occasional showers in shelters. Eventually, the feds caught up with him in California. 

In the end, he had to spend 2 long years in jail anyway — before dying like a dog. 

There are still people, back in Tennessee, who would like to sue Tupper Saussy for fraud. One guy, for instance, followed his crazy advice regarding taxation and also ended up in jail, which prevented him from running for office later in life. Too bad.

If your father was schizophrenic and a mentally ill criminal, you’d better lay low and abide by the law. 

The last thing you want to do is slander other people.  

As soon as you slander other people, they will expose all your shit, all your shame, all your crimes. 

Tupper Saussy, the Schizophrenic Conspirator. 

According to the Rulers of Evil conspiracy theory, American politics is secretly controlled by the Jesuits. 

According to the Miracle on Main Street conspiracy theory,

the U.S. government wants to achieve population control by means of inhuman and illicit taxation.

The book also contains Tupper Saussy’s wisdom on how to trick the IRS. 

You may try it at your own risk because, clearly, it didn’t work for him 😉 

The 6th edition is in print for the “Hidden Mysteries” collection,

and all proceeds will go to You-Lin Wang, Sassy’s ex-wife:

Finally, according to the Tennessee Waltz conspiracy theory,

the murderer of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., was actually innocent. 

The real culprit was a Cuban double agent known as “Raul,” secretly working for the FBI.  

This is Jame Earl Ray, Tupper Saussy’s friend.  

Unfortunately, the last piece of madness was also a self-fulfilling prophecy for Tupper himself.  

What a complete waste – so much for so little. 

Like father, like son. 

Rest in Peace, disappointed lover of self-praise. 



Rule # 2


Choose an appropriate hairstyle…

… so you don’t look like crap 😉 



Rule # 3


Don’t even try to fake it until you make it — it never works. 

You should actually try to learn something in life.  

But if you were unable to, then… 

Don’t claim or pretend to be something you’re not, because your ignorance shines through.  

Don’t improvise or think on your knees — you just look like a complete idiot. 

Ignorance is THE WORST academic and financial fraud!

It’s FALSE to say that comp.lit. has “no standards or subject matters” like zen emptiness (ACLA, 2005). 

That’s just a scandalous academic fraud and an image of your ignorant, empty mind.   

Don’t project your ignorance on other people or entire academic fields — it only belongs to you.    

Don’t make a mixed salad of 27 different things…


…. about which you know absolutely nothing. 

Don’t plagiarize the first page of a famous book you read 40 years ago in college. 

Don’t blame your ex-wife, or any other younger woman,

for all the disasters of your wasted and shameful life. 

You did it to yourself. 



Rule # 4


Don’t marry unskilled workers with limited critical skills and poor education,  

who must find temporary employment at a Mexican restaurant because they have no better choice.

They must work 10+ hours a day, but the salary is still low and brought even lower by illegal immigration. 

Sassy’s brothers: Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right).   

Phil, making America great again. 

But cooks are not supposed to smoke. 

Does Larry want to write a dissertation on Catholic Indulgence and Secular Self-indulgence in Shakespeare

After all, Sassy is 1) his RELATIVE and PERSONAL ACQUAINTANCE as well as 2) an international expert in THEOLOGY, so he could have it passed pretty easily by a bogus committee of “dear friends.”  

And there would be no conflict of interests at all.  



Rule # 5


Be aware that DIVORCE is the first cause of BANKRUPTCY. 

And for most people, it aggravates preexisting problems with depression, legal and illegal drug addiction, and alcoholism, e.g. Sassy and Olga Stupidieva, aka Olga Boozava.  

Wow, there’s a 750 ml wine bottle in that glass!

But I bet she doesn’t take pix when she works on her Russian vodka 😉  


Don’t cheat on your cunning Chinese wife with a stupid cheap cunt who looks even worse! 

But if you do, do NOT also plagiarize, ehm, “supervise” her crappy comp.lit. dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” then have it passed by a couple of friends of yours, and lobby for her to get an academic job she doesn’t deserve — so you can use her salary to pay for your ex-wife’s alimony. 



“Transparency and objectivity are essential in scientific research and the peer review process.

When an investigator, author, editor, or reviewer has a financial/personal interest or belief that could affect his/her objectivity, or inappropriately influence his/her actions, a potential conflict of interest exists. 

Such relationships are also known as dual commitments, competing interests, or competing loyalties. 

The most obvious conflicts of interest are FINANCIAL relationships such as:

1) Direct: employment, stock ownership, grants, patents.

2) Indirect: honoraria, consultancies to sponsoring organizations, mutual fund ownership, paid expert testimony. 

Undeclared financial conflicts may seriously undermine the credibility of the journal, the authors, and the science itself. An example might be an investigator who owns stock in a pharmaceutical company that is commissioning the research. 

Conflicts can also exist as a result of PERSONAL relationships, academic competition, and intellectual passion. 

An example might be a researcher who has:

1) A relative who works at the company whose product the researcher is evaluating.

2) A self-serving stake in the research results, e.g. potential promotion/career advancement based on outcomes.

3) Personal beliefs that are in direct conflict with the topic he/she is researching.” 

Things you regret doing when you’re drunk.


A crappy dissertation on the “Body of Christ” written and/or supervised by an ignorant cheat in comp.lit.?

So much waste for so little gain.  

Oh, fucking fuck!

From the Programs and Policies of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

“Whenever a teacher is or in the future might reasonably become responsible for teaching,

advising, or directly supervising a student, a sexual relationship between them is inappropriate and must be avoided.

In addition to creating the potential for coercion, any such relationship jeopardizes the integrity of the educational process

by creating a conflict of interest and may impair the learning environment for other students.

Finally, such situations may expose the University and the teacher to liability

for violation of laws against sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Therefore, teachers (see below) must avoid sexual relationships with students

over whom they have or might reasonably expect to have direct pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities,

regardless of whether the relationship is consensual.

Conversely, a teacher must not directly supervise any student with whom he or she has a sexual relationship.”

Don’t think for a minute that you’ll get away with an ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD that’s crystal-clear, under everybody’s eyes. Especially now, when there are very few tenure tracks in the humanities, and the field is more than ever under scrutiny and under attack from both the private and public sector.  

This type of shameless ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD damages countless smarter students and scholars. It damages the institution of tenure and it is a complete P.R. DISASTER for the humanities. 

Indeed, all legitimate scholars should be appalled by the loss of credibility they experience whenever such corruption takes places and is brought to light. They should be the first to denounce and punish such crimes. Especially in the humanities, which is an already failing field with very few stable academic jobs and even fewer tenure tracks; where undergraduate enrollment is very limited and state funding is in constant decline. 

The corrupt humanities. 

The undead: corrupt, fake “professors” 

The never alive: the worst possible students

Join our workshop on “Greek Matters”!

No knowledge of ancient Greek required 😉 

Where is the international academic community? 

The guy with the crazy hair looks like my 90-year-old friend, Fritz Senn: 

a Swiss who, for the love of coherence, disapproves of American immigration policy, 

and a Joycean who is scandalized the U.S. President’s extra-marital affairs 😉 

Don’t you see the connection between academic corruption and unemployment? 

Don’t you realize that if people give the very few existing academic jobs to their bitches, all the legitimate candidates – people with more brains, culture and talent – will experience some type of “casualization”? 

Higher education is international, with a constant flux and migration of scholars from one country to the other. Academic ethics is the foundation of all academic activity, so there should be some control and supervision among academic institutions worldwide.

$$$ x 0 = ?

Students and their families will ask: “Where’s my fucking money?” “What are you doing with my fucking money?” 

Hi Greg, would you ever write and/or supervise your bitch’s dissertation on the “Body of Christ”? 

And if you lobbied for your bitch to get an academic job at Oxford or the University of London, what would your colleagues say?  

Lastly – and not that it matters – but what exactly do you know about the “Body of Christ”? 

Naturally, because theology is not your field.  

So, what do you think that Sissy Sassy Saucy may know about it, in comparative literature, 

to supervise anybody’s academic work and dissertation? 


Ignorance is the biggest academic and financial fraud of them all. 

Now there’s a backlog of TWENTY YEARS to find tenure tracks, but administrators keep hiring useless graduate students to bring down the salaries and reduce the benefits of all the teaching staff in the humanities. 

How about all the adjuncts — euphemistically called “adjunct professors” — who are being exploited and paid by the hour? 

Wouldn’t they want a tenure track at Chicago? 

Who among them is ever going to believe that a mad cow like Olga Stupidieva deserves that or any appointment anywhere? 

  Don’t cheat on your wife with someone who’s even uglier than her.

God is the best accountant, and his final bill never fails to come.  

The Horror, the Horror!



Rule #6


Don’t have sex with your students, because sooner rather than later they will denounce you.

When that happens, don’t try to slander them just to save face and cover your old broken ass,

because everyone can see through your deception. 

Don’t try to kill young scholars in order to plagiarize and recycle their original academic work. 

You have already been publicly discredited, and people already know you are criminals and hypocrites.

Don’t worry – justice will catch up with you, too: 

Bill Cosby Convicted 



Harvey Weinstein’s Arraignment  

“That investigation revealed that this offender used his position, money and power to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually. Our investigation is ongoing, and we have encouraged other survivors to come forward.”  


Eric Schneiderman is one of the best examples of American Psycho. 

Listen carefully to this criminal and sex offender talking about “exposing predators,” “holding them to account” and changing “our culture of silence and violence” by “helping the survivors” who are “victims of discrimination.”

That’s exactly what has been going on for years at Yale, where corrupt administrators such as Pam Schirmeister and Tom Pollard habitually protect and promote sex offenders such as: Sam See, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yawn Sassy, Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, John Darnell, Thomas Pogge, Jaime Lara, Raymond Clark III, Rex Mahnensmith, Rajendra Pachauri, Michael Simons, etc. 

The following 2 videos are part of the same segment with Tammy Bruce, Independent Women’s Voice (May 8, 2018): “These are men who wrap themselves in the cloak of the Me Too movement, of feminism, who said that they were the champions for women, and ended up being the men that they were warning everyone about.” 





Yes, you’re fucking crazy, you piece of crap. 


IN JAIL, that’s where they belong! 



Rule #7


Stop blaming all other people, like Hillary Clinton, 

and face the fact that your stupid kids believe that getting fucked in public toilets

is the way to become rich and famous.

Send them to India for a few months, where they can help the untouchables,

so perhaps they will develop a better understanding of human life and life’s priorities. 

Miley Cyurs, 23

“Get like me” 

Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX, trying to look Fancy like Britney Spears in Baby One More Time

“Never turn down money” 

Katy Perry, Last Friday Night

“This Friday night

Do it all again!” 



Hey, Hog Sausage, why don’t you hack this Academic Satire up your old, broken ass? lol



Programs and Policies of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2011, p. 530.  

“The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates the need for UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT to THINK the UNTHINKABLE, and CHALLENGE the UNCHALLENGEABLE [sic]. 

To curtail FREEDOM of EXPRESSION strikes twice at INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views necessarily also deprives others of the right to listen to those views.”


It is an established fact that Shakespeare’s mother came from an ancient French Catholic family, the Ardens, who went to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Catholicism influenced Shakespeare’s artistic production in many different ways, especially in the context of post-reformation England, a country torn apart by religious and political persecution against Catholics. 

Shakespeare was an author with Catholic ancestry who managed to survive persecution thanks to his linguistic genius. The fact that he used the Catholic term “indulgence” in the epilogue of his last big play, The Tempest (1611), indicates that Catholicism exerted an influence over his art until the end. 

Rulers of Evil

Crazy, anti-Catholic conspiracy theory by Hog Sausage’s father, Tupper Saussy.

Kindle Price: $7.99 ; Hardcover: from $145  

Rated 4.5 stars based on a bunch of fake reviews by Hog Sausage, available for purchase on Amazon: 

The seat of the Catholic Church is the Vatican State, which is located in Rome, Italy. When I was hired at Yale in 2005, there were ZERO Italian Americans and ZERO African Americans in the English and comparative literature departments. But even after 14 years, the situation has not improved.

Throughout my doctorate program at Yale, I have always been harassed, abused and discriminated against because of the connection between Italy and Catholicism. Italian Americans and first gen Italian immigrants are treated even worse than African Americans, in these two departments. Indeed, these dept’s are KKK-friendly like Hog Sausage’s racist and insane father, Tupper Saussy. 


Everyone is entitled to comment on his “work” and “legacy,” so to speak. 

Tupper Saussy was an insane conspiracy theorist who befriended and wrote an apology for James Earl Ray, the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King, Black leader of the Civil Rights movement.

Just the idea of befriending ANY murderer is crazy, and a fortitori someone who killed one of the most important figures, one of the brightest stars in American history! That’s fucking insane.   

That racist conspiracy theory was titled, Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987, more details below). Twelve years later, it was followed by another conspiracy theory against the supposed influence that Catholics exert over the American government, which was titled, Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Government Bodies (1999). 

Notice the convergence of these recurrent themes: racism and discrimination against African Americans; racism and discrimination against Italian Americans, who are seen as “guilty by association” with the Catholic background of their country; bigoted and defamatory accusations against Catholicism, which are so ridiculous and outlandish they actually are a testament to Tupper Saussy’s fundamental insanity.

This mad racism has no place in a civil society. 

But Hog Sausage has NEVER apologized for his father’s racism and his connections to the Klan. He has NEVER disowned him, but actually tried to lie and embellish his biography, in an attempt to avoid scrutiny over himself.

Hog Sausage has NEVER offered a sincere apology for, and he has NEVER distanced himself from, his father’s racism and his connections to the KKK. In fact, he has always tried to portray him — and, by implication, himself — as an underappreciated, misunderstood genius. Nice tray, jackass! 🙂 

It is extremely offensive for everyone that he should currently be employed at the University of Chicago, in a city plagued by a tragic “racial divide,” cf. Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, video below.  

My husband and I have had to deal with the racist hatred of this bigoted, ignorant pig for 14 years, now. Hog Sausage has slandered not only me, but also my Italian-American husband, my Italian parents, and even my relatives back in Italy! 

Indeed, Sausage slandered me with virtually everyone at Yale: administration, faculty, and even graduate and undergraduate students, e.g. the 2012 defamatory article on the Yale Daily Shit with which Sausage and his network of “dear friends” in English, comp.lit, etc. tried to portray me as a Catholic bigot and conspiracy theorist only because I asked a male colleague to STOP CUSSING!

Who’s a conspiracy theorist, exactly? 

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house! 

Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner, 1987. 

KKK conspiracy theory by Hog Sausage’s father, Tupper Saussy, available for purchase on Amazon: 

Hardcover from $6.20 

4 New from $55.46

4 Collectible from $44.95

Paperback $29.99

Rated 5 stars based on one anonymous review — I wonder who that may be.

Original pic, Bradley Bailey & friends at “work.” 

  Not cussing on the job is just the ABC of professionalism. Nobody is allowed to cuss in a professional setting or, even worse, in class — that’s absolutely improper and illegitimate. All sexist cuss-words should be kept for some other “occasion,” after work… 


Bradley Bailey & friends, original pic

That criminal defamation happened in 2012, right after I filed a grievance for administrative corruption against Pamela Schirmeister. It caused me and my entire family an incredible amount of distress over the years; it damaged every aspect of my personal and academic life; and it had a very detrimental effect on the readers of my 2013-14 dissertation on Catholicism in Shakespeare.

 But do you think that Sausage and his network of “dear friends” have ever even offered a simple apology? Or asked for forgiveness, for all their baseless and meaningless slander?

And how about the Yale President and the administration? Not at all, quite the opposite! That was the intended effect — their aim was to see me completely destitute, by destroying my reputation all over the word. But now that my ACADEMIC SATIRE is being read in big numbers all over the world, there’s a new feeling in the mix: they’d gladly kill me, if they could!    

And after killing me, they would try to cover up their corruption with even more slander, while at the same time blabbering about the humanitarian need to shelter and support illegal immigrants… 

have more diversity in academia…

empower women and minorities… 

accept any other different identity, etc. 


If you try to kill other people with defamation, you should expect them to tell the TRUTH about your corruption in order to DEFEND themselves and WARN others!


In 2007, Hog Sausage had to face an unusual THREE-WAY DIVORCE involving not just himself and his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang, but also one of his graduate students and dissertation advisees, Olga, who at the time was 36 (born Feb 28, 1971). Let’s call her Olga Stupidieva or Olga Boozava, in honor of the Russian prank against retarded Adam Shiff. 

In other words, Sausage cheated on his Chinese wife with a mature graduate student and teaching assistant from Russia, whose dissertation he was supposed to “supervise” — and no CONFLICT OF INTERESTS there, of course! 

At the time, all three of them were employed as teaching staff at Yale, in different capacities, giving a great example of “basic human decency” to all the teaching staff and to all college kids.  

It was a HUGE SCANDAL that the administration tried to silence by offering the ex-wife a permanent teaching post in the Chinese department, on the one hand; and on the other, by getting rid of racist Sausage and his bitch, who were later (paradoxically) recycled in Black Chicago. 

Yale is a village. Before the divorce, Sausage had a “reputation” for: 1) being a promiscuous pig, which is a compliment in places like Yale; 2) advertising Cialis (a drug against erectile dysfunction) on his pretentious and ridiculous site, which nobody reads anyway; and 3) compensating for his embarrassing E.D. with an interest for violent BDSM sexual practices.

In this light, it’s good to notice Hog Sausage’s “academic” support for Moira BDSM Fradinger: a stupid bitch who has been using her “scholarly interest” in the Marquis de Sade to cover up for her sexual perversions.

And also his “close friendship” with the late Richard Maxwell: a self-proclaimed “sex historian” with no academic credentials, who was hired at Yale only thanks to his spouse, Katie Trumpener in comparative literature, in order to double her salary & benefits. 

Ms Yu-Lin Wang at Yale 

I must say, when I learned that Yu-Lin Wang divorced Hog Sausage in 2007, I was not surprised at all. Yale is a village, and such was his bad repute 14 years ago, when we first met. But that DIVORCE was like the ATOMIC BOMB for Sausage. Total destruction, total devastation. 

Such a DISASTER would naturally lead most people to develop a more humble attitude toward life. But that’s not the case for Hog Sausage: that jackass continues to blame everyone else — including students! — for every catastrophe that he himself caused in his own fucking life, as a consequence of his illegal and reckless behavior. Don’t worry if you can’t make sense of it — that’s the very nature of sociopathic behavior.   

More about Sausage and Stupidieva below.

Right now, let’s set the record straight: you don’t have to be a Catholic in order to write respectfully about Catholicism. And, on the other hand, the fact that you write about the influence of Catholicism on European literature does not mean or imply that you are a Catholic yourself. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always been an independent woman with a modern and independent mindset. But I can also respectfully appreciate the influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition over the history and culture of Europe and its colonies.

To deny that powerful influence is an academic and financial fraud.

And it’s also a sign of arrogant ignorance.   

But when we deal with English and comparative literature, we don’t find an attitude of intellectual respect, on the contrary. Arrogant and ignorant people like Hog Sausage, Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Leslie Brisman, Harold Bloom and many others, are long-standing academic frauds who try to impose their bigoted atheism on everyone else, even when it goes against historical evidence, previous scholarship, academic freedom and freedom of expression.

Such academic frauds try to impose their own disregard for Catholicism on everybody else in their little square meter; without considering that just around the corner, many other venues — e.g. the divinity school, the art history dept, the school of music, the school of architecture — could not even stay open without Catholic theology, Catholic religion and the sublime art inspired by it, e.g. Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Lorenzo Bernini, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi, etc. 

Chronological List of Italian Composers:

Being ignorant, they ignore the truth; and being corrupt, they deny it even after someone explains it to them. In my opinion, things have gotten much worse since Buckley first published his ground-breaking book in 1951: 

“[Yale] does not recognize religion as an indispensable field of study for an educated man… overtly or covertly hostile to religion, whether through the silent treatment, active opposition, or supercilious disparagement… a colorful fanatic… emphatically and vigorously atheistic… a dedicated iconoclast who has little mercy either on God, or on those who believe in Him, and little respect for the values most [students] have been brought up to respect… bigoted atheism… relentless disparagement of the whole fabric of Christianity.” (Buckley, God & Man at Yale, 10-12)

Speaking of metaphors, one of my 4 (four) quite enthusiastic recommenders for graduate school at Yale was Professor George Lakoff at the University of California at Berkeley, who at the time was doing research and teaching on metaphor theory

My other distinguished recommenders were Professor Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, a renowned linguist from the University of Bologna; the late Luigi Schenoni, James Joyce’s translator for Finnegans Wake in Italy; and Professor John Bishop, a famous Joycean scholar and English professor, always from the University of California at Berkeley. 

In my junior year in college, I attended George Lakoff’s large and super-competitive class on metaphor theory, scoring a perfect A. The following semester, I also did very well in Robin Lakoff’s class on English socio-linguistics, scoring A – (sorry you were never even admitted). Hence my appropriate, perceptive and empowering use of swearwords, or power-words. Therefore, Sausage, you shouldn’t compromise yourself with lies about about my proven linguistic abilities because they will be completely destroyed. 

Empathy, Freedom, Fairness for all — sounds like Yale. 

If you want to pull off an academic and financial fraud,

make sure you can do so without also being denounced as a corrupt and ignorant jackass. 


Leslie Brisman, 75, the best unknown Shakespeare scholar in the world, is also a self-proclaimed authority on metaphors. 

Believe it or not, Brisman is a public figure like Tupper Saussy and Hog Sausage, so anyone can express his or her opinion regarding his legacy and the “academic work” he leaves behind.

Speaking of which, it appears that he’s still stealing someone else’s salary & benefits despite his decrepit old age, intellectual mediocrity and proven corruption. 

Public record: “17 January 2019: Leslie I. Brisman was born 22 May 1944 and registered to vote, 5 Woodside Terrace in New Haven, Connecticut 06515-2020. Democratic. Voter status code: Active. Voter ID number 001603516.”

The actions of a corrupt public figure will be scrutinized by many, many eyes. 

Defending oneself and one’s family is privileged. And likewise, it is privileged to warn others against the many types of crime and corruption that habitually take place in academia. 

As a legal immigrant woman, over 14 years at Yale, I have personally experienced: extortion to obtain sexual favors, .e.g. “Let’s be ‘friends’ or you won’t find an academic job and your career will be over;” sexual harassment and sexual assault from much older people, which I can relate much more accurately than Ms Ford, speaking double standards; subsequent blackmailing, i.e. “Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll say this and that about you, and your career will be over.” 

The 3 scammers who had exposed and compromised themselves later slandered me with all their “friends” in the administration and in the dept’s of comparative literature, English and Italian, trying to get rid of the victim/witness of their illegal actions. The slander gave rise to groundless discrimination for alleged reasons that are now actually used to promote candidates, such as religion and foreign origin. Then again, there was printed libel and defamation on a global scale by the Yale Daily News, alleging that I’m a Catholic bigot because I asked a male colleague NOT to cuss using a sexist swearword in class. 

Then again, there was discrimination and academic fraud regarding my dissertation on Catholicism in Shakespeare; $27,3000 in stolen wages and a proposed non-disparagement contract — which was never signed — for the same sum of money.  

And finally, a much bigger financial fraud, considering all the money I had invested in my elite education up until that point, as well as all the lost future wages, benefits and contributions. 

Wow, Yale welcomes immigrants — but immigrant women in particular! Not many “political friends” in the new country, so we can abuse them better, right? But perhaps the political landscape, and the conscience of the nation, have changed a little bit since 2005…

I’m sure I’m NOT the only immigrant to have been abused at Yale, because this is what all those academic frauds like to do: first they use the Ivy League as a red herring to attract young women, especially vulnerable immigrants; and then they use its administrative machinery to cover up for their illegal actions.  


This is the front cover of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, with the Book of Kells.  

That’s a very intricate design, and Honi soit qui mal y pense!  

If you don’t know what it is, check it out. 

How to deconstruct a PACK OF LIES using SATIRE BASED ON TRUTH. Academic Satire for the New Online Millennium, “with them listening and spraining their ears for the millennium and all their mouths making water.” (386.10-11) 

In my humble opinion, Hog Sausage is a “Low Swine” (173.5) “meticulously bordering on the insane” (173.34). He’s “covetous of his neighbor’s Word” (172.30) and completely ignorant of “the various meanings of all the different foreign parts of speech he misused.” (173.34-36) 

Together with Olga Stupidieva, his dissertation advisee, he has been pulling off a record-breaking academic and financial fraud since 2005-2006, producing several “forged cheque[s] on the public, for [their] own private profit.” (181.16-17)

In typical Joycean style, his surname can be rendered with a number of different words, each with its own distinct meaning in English or other foreign languages, e.g. Sissy = effeminate (very true); Sassy or Saucy = sexually impudent (also very true); Sausage, made with pig’s meat; Sisso, an Italian term for “pig shit,” and so forth and so on. His given name, instead, could be Hen, Hog, Hoe, Yawn, Honi, which is French for “cursed.” 

And the end result would appear as any combination of the two sets — a myriad of schizophrenic personalities like those of his crazy conspiracy-theorist father, Tupper Saussy: a convicted felon and “lover of freedom,” who tried to escape imprisonment for more than 10 years, but was eventually caught and ended up serving ca. 2 years in jail for tax fraud.

Hog Sausage is a public figure: a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2009, who writes his own Wikipedia and publishes blogs and books about the humanities that nobody ever reads, placing in the 4,000,000 segment on Amazon. Wow.   

Hey, big asshole, how’s your ex-wife doing with the money you stole? 

No honor among thieves, right? 🙂 

“A jack-of-all trades is a generalist…

… He knows a bit of everything and is inferior to a specialist in each area.” (Allan Bloom, 1987, 342) 

Little-known Hog Sausage has been participating in the debate about the humanities against much more established names, such as philosopher Allan Bloom, who condemned comparative literature as a field completely taken over by deconstruction, and its practitioners as jacks-of-all-trades who try to insinuate themselves in other,academic fields and departments, cf. Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind, 379. 

“Deconstruction is the last, predictable stage in the SUPPRESSION of REASON and the DENIAL of the possibility of TRUTH in the name of philosophy.” (A. Bloom, 1987, 379)  That’s definitely NOT a compliment, especially when we consider that Allan Bloom taught precisely at Yale during the brief spring of the “Yale School of Deconstruction,” having to deal with despicable individuals and academic frauds such as Nazi Paul de Man.    

According to Sausage, comparative literature is an essential part of higher education, even though (as he claims) it does not have any standard, subject matter or methodology. That’s a big academic fraud!  

Furthermore, there are virtually no tenure tracks in comparative literature — well, except those for Sausage and his former graduate student and dissertation advisee, Olga Stupidieva, in Black Chicago. That’s a big paradox for someone with ties to the Klan through his father!  

Being a public figure, of course everyone can see on Wikipedia where he’s currently employed as a university professor with tenure, which is also part of his academic and financial SCAM.  

  My intention in denouncing Hog Sausage’s academic and financial fraud is to DEFEND myself and my family, and to WARN other people, so that they may NOT waste their precious time and money.

This is ACADEMIC SATIRE, a special type of protected speech.  

The reason why my academic satire works all over the world is because it is BASED ON THE TRUTH. 

Satire does not oppress the innocent, but it exposes and makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals who pretend to be what they are not.

Through the artistic means of academic satire, I can warn many other people against the hidden corruption of frauds and scammers like yourself and Olga Boozava. Nobody in the real world gives a damn about formalism and deconstruction; but most people do care a lot about the money they spend to educate themselves and their children!

That’s the great benefit of academic satire:


In a bigoted place like Yale, I’ve always been discriminated against much worse than African Americans. Therefore, I owe it to the comedic genius of Richard Pryor if I’ve been able to turn those racist and sexist slurs into images and words of empowerment. 

All the adult pix are free Google Images and they exemplify the groundless sexual theories that are currently used to frame and explain away literature in a materialistic fashion, eliminating any other higher ideal. Such theories are at best USELESS for the working world. They don’t help students find a better, higher-paying job, and as such they constitute a complete waste of time and money. But there’s much worse. 

These theories are DAMAGING young people, who — being young and impressionable — only have a limited capacity for critical thought, and tend to be intimidated by adults posing as pundits in an academic setting. It is CRUCIAL TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, here: all these pseudo-pundits in English, comparative literature and foreign languages do NOT have any academic standing in psychology, medical psychiatry, etc. In other words, they have NO PREPARATION and NO ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION to pontificate about human sexual and reproductive behavior.

They try to intellectualize deviant sexual behaviors such as anal sex, misrepresenting gay people who practice anal sex as SAINTS, like the deceased Sam See, a a professor in the English dept who was actually an HIV-positive male prostitute and ended up his life in jail by means of a meth overdose, cf. New York Times, December 2013 article below.  

The proliferation of sexual theories, and the constant focus on sex, debases literature and nullifies its value as an academic discipline, so that stable academic jobs are EXTREMELY RARE and UNDERPAID.  

Satirical Deconstruction: the best laughter always springs from the truth. 

Take the Phi Beta Kappa up your old, broken ass, krapo!   

At no point in time, throughout human history, did we have so many ugly people in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, all over the world. It’s a global epidemic: never before were the ugly so forthcoming in their shameless narcissism and greed.  

Behind it all, there’s always a big element of pathological self-delusion and disconnection with reality. Still, I think that deep down inside, they know what they’re doing is WRONG and they shouldn’t be doing it.

Look at this 59-year-old thing, born in 1960:   

They know they shouldn’t be doing this.

This individual will pontificate on this and that controversial issue,

presenting his opinion as the DOGMATIC TRUTH that nobody can disagree with. 

Too many people today see their own particular opinions as a FAITH and treat all others as HERETICS if they dare to disagree. Almost all of these paradoxical “faithful” are unable to have a smart and civil discussion with anyone else. 

It’s amazing how many ugly and self-righteous individuals assume they can slander all the people they envy, smarter and better-looking people, without any repercussion. They actually convince themselves that others don’t have the democratic right to set the record straight! They know they can’t win an argument, so they try to suppress other viewpoints, as they do in totalitarian states such as Russia, China or North Korea.    

But to win an argument in a Western Democracy, you have to: be able to substantiate your particular point of view with PRECISE EXAMPLES and FACTS. If you can’t do that, you lose at the democracy game. And if you’re unhappy with that, you should move to a totalitarian state. 

In totalitarian states like Russia, China and North Korea, they really don’t give a FUCK about your personal opinion. Their political leaders may be appointed for life, and the only “truth” is what the party tells you to do through them.   

 As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to have anything to do with such ideologies. 

I talk to everyone in the same way, with the same respect, without imposing my ideas.

And because of that basic respect, I’ve been married with a tenured professor for 10+ years, now. Actually, on March 21 we’ll be celebrating 10 years since we’ve been married in church; while our first civil marriage dates back to July 8, 2009. Congratulations to us! In the meantime, people all around have fallen in the divorce trap — including the ugly asshole pictured above — going through very expensive legal processes and very unhealthy, distressing and destructive separations. 




We’re all entitled to have and to express different opinions. 

Remember that, next time your partner dumps and divorces you…

Academic frauds try to impose their perverse ideologies on younger people!    

“Satire is a particular genre of literature and performing arts in which entities and individuals may be ridiculed… In this type of production, vices or shortcomings may be exaggerated for comedic relief and as a form of public shaming… In many productions, satire may help expose certain characteristics of an entity or individual to help establish awareness of these characteristics throughout society. Ideally, satire will help society communicate about social issues… Satire is individually-constructed and therefore may contain different elements. However, many forms of satire feature parody, exaggeration, sarcasm, analogy and irony.” 

You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. 

You can’t forge it, as you did with your second wife’s shameful, comparative literature dissertation on the “Body of Christ.” 

And you can’t slander it, as you have been doing with me and my husband, my Italian parents, my Italian relatives — or indeed anybody who speaks up to denounce your ACADEMIC AND FINANCIAL FRAUD. 

My satirical websites are designed to WARN people, students and their families against the SCAMS of dangerous scumbags and hypocrites like you. As my friend, Cardi B, says: “Bitch, you can’t fuck with me, if you wanted to!” 🙂  

Jesus! Body of Christ! 

Only a complete idiot finds a mistress who’s even worse-looking than the wife! 

Beware of academic plagiarists and stupid bitches like Olga Stupidieva!

During her doctorate in comparative literature, Olga Stupidieva was involved in a dirty extra-marital affair with her “dissertation supervisor,” Hog Sausage. As soon as his legitimate wife, Yu-Lin Wang, found out what was going on, she dumped and divorced him. The documents pertaining to their three-way divorce are public, of  course, and they can be viewed at the Clerk’s Office in New Haven, docket number: NNH-FA07-4027957-S (file date: 09/18/2007). 

Ms Wang kept her kids; took everything that was free for the taking in terms of money and real estate; secured a permanent post in the department of Chinese for herself; and kicked those dirty pigs out of Yale forever!

That’s not only distressing, but totally devastating. 



 Crazy things people do when they’re drunk… 

Sausage was supposed to direct Olga Boozava’s “academic research” and dissertation, but he actually plagiarized and “curated” all that bullshit. 

First he asked his “dear friends” (Yale, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.) to pass it. And then he pestered each and everyone in the business to come up with a tenure track for that dumb bitch — in a bogus field such as film and comparative literature, at a time when not even Albert Einstein would be able find one! 

No conflict of interest there, absolutely. 

NO university needs to WASTE MONEY for a TENURE TRACK in film or comp.lit! All you need is an ADJUNCT — or even better, no one at all, since it’s a bogus field with a very high rate of unemployment and under-employment.  

What a scam!  

And what did Sausage do with all the stolen money?

Did he pay alimony and child support to his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang?  

A national catastrophe for all Russian women. 

The “Body of Christ” is a very paradoxical subject for a couple of drunken cheats like Sausage and Stupidieva. And it took Sausage no less than TWELVE YEARS to rewrite and publish a small part of it! 

Why was it even passed, then, by 3 personal friends of his?  

Woah, there’s a entire bottle of cheap wine in that glass! 

Yu-Lin Wang was not enough — Sausage must have a thing for triangles…

Olga Boozava, Victor Fan and, of course, Hog Sausage taking the pic. 

That looks like a cheap, cheesy & crappy sex scene 🙂 

Counting one, two, three
Peter, Paul and Mary
Getting down with 3P, everybody loves

What we do is innocent
Just for fun and nothing meant
If you don’t like the company
Let’s just do it you and me
You and me, or three
Or four, on the floor

Living in sin is the new thing!

Saucy & Cheesy  

Victor Fan is another academic parasite, another monster-creature produced by Hog Sausage, who also supervised his GROUND-BREAKING comp.lit dissertation on soccer, drugs and booze.

Very deep, and very original.  

That crap has never been published, of course.

A compete waste of resources. 

The U.S. government wants to stop funding useless fields like film and comparative literature, which only cause alumni to go bankrupt working as temporary adjuncts with no benefits, no pension, no vacation, no healthcare plan or sick days. 

The only people who manage to find tenure tracks and decent academic jobs in such preposterous fields are the “mistresses,” “partners” and “dear friends” of long-standing academic frauds like Hog Sausage, who in this way are able to fraudulently DOUBLE THEIR SALARIES and BENEFITS. 

The academic and financial fraud that has been recently unveiled at Yale and other U.S. universities took place mainly at the undergraduate level. This ongoing academic and financial fraud, instead, has been going on at the graduate level. Its widening corruption involves thousands of willing participants (worthless candidates, corrupt faculty members and administrators, etc.) and it damages many more people, defrauding all taxpayers of their contribution to government-funded higher education and “robbing [grad] students all over the country of their right at a fair shot” to compete for an academic job for which they have been working, and investing money, for their entire lives. 

From the public conference held on March 12, 2019 by U.S. Atty General Andrew Lelling and FBI Special Agent Joseph Bonavolonta:

“The FBI uncovered what we believe is a rigged system, robbing students all over the country of their right at a fair shot to get into some of the most elite universities in this country, such as Yale, Stanford and Georgetown. 

We believe everyone charged here today had a role in fostering a culture of corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for students trying to get into these schools the right way through hard work, good grades and community service. Unfortunately, what many students didn’t know is that the odds had already been stacked against them by corrupt practices […] 

The real victims, in this case, were the hardworking students who did everything they could to set themselves up for success… but ended up being shut out because far less qualified students simply bought their way in.” “Their actions were without a doubt insidious, selfish and shameful.” 

I wonder, how do they fuck Victor Fan? 

Maybe the two guys suck each other 

and Olga Boozava is on top, fucking Hog Sausage in the shit with a strap-on? 

In my humble opinion, that’s what he really likes! 🙂

Or maybe…


When the shit hits the fan! 🙂 

Victor Fan is a trashy old drunkard who pretends to be a woman… 


And he’s absolutely convinced to be healthy and attractive! 

But if the entire human race suffered from his same delusion and mental illness, 

we would disappear from the face of the earth in less than 100 years!


Victor Fan is an adjunct who gets hired and fired every year.

As soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, he’ll be one of the first to get fired. 

And what will he do, since he doesn’t have a fucking dime? 

Who would ever fuck an ugly old ass like Fan? 

To fuck or not to fuck, that is the question… 

Hog Sausage wrote, ehm, supervised Olga Boozava’s crappy dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” which was passed in 2006, read all the details below. The theological topic is very paradoxical for a couple of drunken cheats, and it’s also completely outside the scope of comparative literature. What the fuck does Sausage know about Theology, Resurrection and the Kingdom of God? 


Hog Sausage and the “virtue” of his “Zen emptiness” 🙂

Sausage claims there is “no subject matter or methodology” in comparative literature, 

meaning that anything goes if and only if his ignorance likes it.


ORBIS catalog at Yale Sterling Memorial — use the ISBN #

Author/Creator: Stupidieva, Olga Viktorovna

Title: A discourse apart [electronic resource]: the Body of Christ and the Practice of Cultural Subversion

ISBN # 9780542995767 

Published/Created: 2006 

Thesis note: Thesis (Ph.D.) Yale University, 2006. 

Advisers: H.C.P.S. (one name, one person — see tomb stones below and at the end)

Physical Description: 1 online resource (284 p.)

Format: Archives or Manuscripts 

Summary: This dissertation is a study of the Western secular appropriation of the basic structure of Pauline discourse for the purpose of cultural subversion… The body of Christ allows for the recuperation of bare life within the structure of resurrectionwhich underlies a subversive anti-model of the ethical state, the kingdom of God, etc. 


C… (first name) P… (middle name) H… (surname) was Hog Sausage’s maternal grandfather, who was just 59 when he died (1904-1963). In other words, crazy Tupper Saussy christened one of his unfortunate children with the surname of his in-laws, perhaps because he was out of his mind. Hog’s mother, instead, Lola Haun, died in Florida when she was just 55. 

These people seem to be short-lived, like lies!

Sausage lobbied to have Olga Boozava’s crappy dissertation passed by his “dear friends” at Yale, Phi Beta Kappa, etc. But that CRAP was SO BAD — so pretentious, incoherent and off-topic — that it took him no less than TWELVE YEARS to “convince” someone to actually print some of it. 

What a complete waste of toilet paper! 

Fortunately, only 7 copies were ordered by an equal number of cross-eyed librarians… 

Compare and contrast: my ACADEMIC SATIRE may have 700,000 views each year

only from Russia and China combined. 

God’s irony… 


Tupper Saussy: a “strange inheritance” of paranoia, corruption and shame. Saussy’s anti-Catholic conspiracy theory claims that Catholics have been trying to mastermind U.S. politics. 


All proceeds from Tupper Saussy’s racist and bigoted conspiracy theories — and from Olga Boozava’s fraudulent hire at the University of Chicago — have been used by Hog Sausage to pay alimony and child support to his smart ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang.

Ms Wang also managed to obtain custody of her children, keep the house and half of everything else. On top of that, she also kicked that promiscuous and violent pig out of Yale forever. I do admire a woman who’s able to protect herself against such existential threat, congratulations!

Is the President of the University of Chicago, Dr Robert Zimmer, aware of Hog Sausage’s record-breaking academic and financial fraud? 

How many people have applied for Stupidieva’s job in comparative literature, but where turned down to give Sausage a double salary with double benefits? 

And does Dr Zimmer know that Hog’s father, Tupper Saussy from Tennessee, was an infamous conspiracy theorist with ties to the Klan? 

Tupper Saussy was an insane KKK conspiracy theorist who befriended and wrote an apology for James Earl Ray, the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King, leader of the Civil Rights movement.

That’s something terribly stupid, evil, and doomed to fail.  

And that’s something to remember, especially whenever Sausage tries to cover his ass by means of self-serving slander against the people he wrongly perceives as his “enemies.” What a sick individual! 

Sausage has NEVER offered ANY apology for his father’s KKK conspiracy theories over the years. 

On the contrary, he’s been praising that madman in the most implausible and ridiculous way, presenting him as a “misunderstood genius,” hoping to be seen in the same light. What a shame! How the fuck was that racist pig even hired at Chicago, of all possible places!? 

Eddie Johnson, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department,

talks about the tragic “racial divide” in that city.  

Check this out: Hog’s father, Tupper Saussy, was a crazy conspiracy theorist with ties to the Klan, who spent the last years of his life in jail. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and thought that the government was persecuting him by means of taxation!  

He was later condemned for tax evasion and fraud, and tried to avoid a prison sentence by absconding and fleeing the Feds. In order to do so, he lived like a bum on the streets for more than 10 years, eating in soup kitchens and taking occasional “showers” in public libraries… 

Now, that’s a picture-perfect background for academia, isn’t it? 


Dr Robert Zimmer doesn’t look like a fraudster, e.g. Sausage and Stupidieva. Nor does he look like someone who would willingly participate in an academic and financial fraud. 

University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer signs a water research agreement with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev President Rivka Carmi. Also present at the ceremony, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Israeli President Shimon Peres (2013).

But perhaps Dr Zimmer is too focused on math and other objective disciplines that actually make sense —  maybe even with a subject matter and a methodology! — in order to notice a couple of drunken cheats and plagiarists in the comparative literature dept. 


In my opinion, Olga Boozava is an ignorant, old bitch from Russia with a bad drinking problem, depression and crappy white hair. The last time I saw her in New Haven, about 8-9 years ago, her empty head was already completely grey. Body of Christ! 

By this I don’t mean ANY offense to the typically beautiful Russian people — I have lots of viewers from that great country, who probably harbor a couple of doubts about the virtues of censorship and communism.

Russian women are internationally known for their beauty; therefore, someone as ugly as Olga Boozava does a great disservice to her country. In my humble opinion, she should be declared a NATIONAL CATASTROPHE!

According to our intelligence, the vast majority of Russians who operate within American academia are involved in some form of spying on behalf of their government. That’s a big problem.  

The best way for them to get American citizenship is always the same, i.e. giving birth on American soil. Check this out: 48-years-old Olga Boozava, born 02/28/1971, decided to have her first pregnancy at about 39-40, and the second just a few years later. Wow. 

That’s a new meaning for “Russian roulette!” 

Let’s have a look at Hog Sausage’s splendid family, so he can feel entitled to slander anyone else:

 These are Hog’s brothers working at a Mexican restaurant,

Phil (Pierre-Philippe, first on the left) and Larry (Laurent, first on the right). 

A family of intellectuals…

Making America Great Again

Their crazy father, Tupper KKK Saussy, was a convicted felon and tried to exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King, leader of the American Civil Rights!

I really wonder: if anyone in my own immediate (or extended) family had been a convicted felon or had had ANY connection with the Klan, or any other racist organization, I would never have been hired as a teaching assistant and graduate student at an Ivy League university. That would have been even more important than my international academic credentials. So, HOW THE FUCK was Sausage ever admitted?    

Perhaps Yale is much more bigoted and racist than they care to admit? 

It’s easier for a bocci ball to get into Hog’s ass, than for Hog to get into the Ivy League.

Rest in hell, insane KKK conspiracy theorist;

water-color painter of paper bags;

convicted tax evader;

fugitive bum for 10+ years;

prison inmate;


And after all that racism, corruption and insanity…

… How on earth can that hypocrite be allowed to slander anyone else? 


Yawn Sassy’s breast envy & castration complex has a name, and it’s called Yu-Lin Wang 🙂 Read my academic satire, Court Documents for Stupidieva, Sausage and Wang in the previous posts on my websites. 


Sausage cannot identify any methodology or subject matter for comparative literature. But this doesn’t say anything about the discipline itself, only the way he fraudulently misrepresents it. 

Sausage is an ignorant plagiarist who has been projecting his sick, empty, ignorant mind onto an entire discipline for too many years. It’s time for someone to denounce his fraud and warn others! 


Should comparative literature really be like “the virtue of Zen emptiness,” as he foolishly claims? Of course not, that’s an academic & financial fraud. Without any established methodology, how can anyone judge anyone else’s academic research and writing? 

There are ZERO African Americans & ZERO Italian Americans in comp.lit.  

It’s KKK-friendly, like Tupper Saussy.  

Those involved in this scam are academic plagiarist and fraudsters who cause an incalculable damage to the education system, not only in this country but also in Europe. 

They give false witness, make up stories and forge “undeniable” evidence to kill anybody who speaks up to denounce their corruption and crimes, for instance: extortion to obtain sexual favors; sex harassment of much younger students and teaching staff’; blackmailing; work exploitation, defamation and printed libel; stolen salary, loss of wages and financial fraud; attempts to cover everything up with non-disparagement contract that was never signed, etc.     

Examples of extortion: “We must have sex, or your academic career is over;”

“You must work at this job for free, or your academic career is over;”

“You can’t write about this topic I can’t even understand, or your career is over.” 

Example of blackmailing: “If you tell anyone about my crimes, your academic career is over.” 

Sam See, meth junkie and HIV-positive bitch. 

Sam See was an assistant prof. in the English dept at Yale, with a double life as a “professional” prostitute and meth addict, who got infected with HIV. He also had manic depression and suffered a “small stroke,” cf. New York Times,  

But with “dear friends” such as Katie Trumpener, Hog Sausage, David Quint and Leslie Brisman, not even THAT would have prevented him from making tenure and getting a permanent post at Yale. 

The problem is that he also committed suicide in jail, with a meth overdose, on the very night he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, i.e. “I will kill you, I will destroy you!”

That’s EXACTLY the kind of guy you’d want to teach your kids, isn’t he? 🙂   

But he “destroyed” himself, instead — too bad! 

Ms Frank & Yale’s fake feminists

How’s the academic employment in Norse poetry? 


Being so honest, the best thing you can do is fabricating stories and slandering people you don’t even know. 

If that sick, crazy asshole hadn’t killed himself in jail, he would have been promoted to a permanent post at Yale, thanks to the honest and always reliable recommendation of his “dear friends,” e.g. Katie Trumpener, Hog Sausage, David Quint, Leslie Brisman, etc. 

Those scammers support their worthless “friends” — like the deceased Sam See — with whom they have a pact of non-belligerence and mutual protection. In other words, they don’t rat on each other’s ignorance, conflict of interests, financial frauds, sexual abuses, etc. 

For instance, if someone needs a cover-up for something illegal he’s doing with his dissertation advisee, in 2005-06… You get my point. In this way, they try to keep their scam going as long as possible. 

And in corrupt places like Yale, this only adds insult to injury when you consider that 99% of the teaching personnel don’t even have a Yale degree, but come from lesser universities in the U.S. or around the world. So, do they become more competent when they’re hired?

Of course not — same crap as before. 

How is it that the best scholars in English are always employed somewhere else, e.g. the U.K. or Berkeley?    

These are the envious, ignorant rednecks who use PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and NETWORKING with their fraternities (like Phi Beta Kappa) and with their previous colleges and universities (such as Yale, Duke, Stanford, etc.), in order to slander students and scholars who immigrate to the U.S. legally. Beware of all those scammers — they’re like the mob and they’ll never change.  

Hog Sausage harasses and slanders immigrants and people that he considers vulnerable, so he can create a DIVERSION and cover up for his ILLEGAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTS and EXTRA-MARITAL AFFAIR with a graduate student that he was supposed to “supervise” for a 2006 dissertation on the “Body of Christ.” 

That isn’t just cheating: that’s a record-breaking ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD!

I have to thank God and my beloved husband if I’m not a bum on the street like Ray Lurie and other adjuncts, after losing everything with the scam of comparative literature. Hog Sausage has been slandering me for 14 years, now, using the same FABRICATIONS and the SAME OLD BULLSHIT. 

But thank God, I’ve been married to the same MAN for more than 10 years, and by that I also mean someone who doesn’t need Cialis just to do the most basic things in life, like that crazy, violent pig!   

Greg and I have been married since July 2008…

And on March 21, 2019 we celebrate 10 years since our (second) marriage in church. UNLIKE Hog Sausage’s parents down in Tennessee. Coming from a divided family and having a convicted felon for a father must be very distressing…  

And UNLIKE Hog Sausage and Yu-Lin Wang. 

It must be very distressing to be dumped and divorced by your smart Chinese wife, who also gets to keep the house & the biggest chunk of the money. But I really can’t disagree with her choice! 🙂 


That must be very distressing indeed… For her, too 🙂   

Enlarge the newspaper:

Greg and I were in London for the 71st anniversary of the Queen’s marriage (Nov 20, 1947-2018). 

I take it as a good sign for the future! 🙂 

Greg is not only a real intellectual — unlike the academic frauds I’ve been discussing — a published author, a tenured professor and a very handsome body builder, but also my best friend. Greg is always calm and strong, and he respects women in a way I’ve never seen or experienced before. Congratulations, that’s the perfect combination of qualities in a man! 

The Perfect Gentleman

First published on December 27, 2016 @ 15:07

Jesus Christ, I can’t imagine how ANY woman would go with an impotent little shit like Hog Sausage, UNLESS she’s trying to escape from a totalitarian regime like China, or she comes from a developing country like Russia!  

What people wouldn’t do to get better groceries & old reruns of Bay Watch

Hog Sausage some 15 years ago — having been born in February 1960, now he’s 59. 

There is an age gap of more than 16 years between us.  

 Really, certain people have no fucking shame! 


Don’t Get Mad, Get ETRADE — Super Bowl 2018 Commercial

Every human being must face death and judgment, and no one will escape God’s Justice.  

Christian saints are humble, and they would never usurp God’s Mercy, Justice and Retribution. Now, Sausage is certainly NOT a saint — in fact, quite the opposite of that. And yet, he self-righteously feels entitled to put himself in the place of God.   

What incredible arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy!

And what a fall from grace! 

Sausage should never forget that human life is full of unforeseen circumstances and acts of God. Especially since he has a perfect example of INSANITY in his father, Tupper Saussy, who blatantly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was convinced that the government was PERSECUTING him through taxation, which eventually led to his trial, condemnation and incarceration. 

Paranoia, schizophrenia and jail? A deranged and deeply disturbed individual who befriended and (unsuccessfully) tried to exculpate the MURDERER of Martin Luther King? What an excellent DNA! 🙂   

And speaking of Divine Justice, people may develop the physical and mental illnesses inscribed in their DNA, before reaching their final destination 6 feet under:

C… (first name) P… (middle name) H… (surname) was Hog Sausage’s maternal grandfather, who was just 59 when he died (1904-1963). In other words, crazy Tupper Saussy christened one of his unfortunate children with the surname of his in-laws, perhaps because he was out of his mind. Hog’s mother, instead, Lola Haun, died in Florida when she was just 55. 

These people seem to be short-lived, like lies!

Until very recently, self-professed “sex historians” like Richard Maxwell — Trumpener’s partner, who died of BRAIN CANCER in 2010, aged 61 — had to place special orders at their academic libraries, like Yale’s Sterling Memorial, in order to have access to all types of porn. Until very recently, all types of porn were available there, including child pornography, supposedly bought using YOUR TUITION FEES and GOVERNMENT FUNDING for “academic research.” 

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many, all the scumbags involved with that racket should go to jail and remain there for a long, long time.  

For sick individuals like the deceased Richard Maxwell and Sam See, and for all the dishonest people who support them, researching “sex history” has always been a way to cover up for all their problems, while at the same time making a ton of money off of them: mental illness, depression, stroke, brain cancer, drug addiction and alcoholism, sexual perversions, HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases, etc.  

That’s how FEDERAL FUNDING as well as YOUR HIGH TUITION FEES have been wasted for years, in order to finance the “humanities” with porn. But now that the Internet has taken over, both public and private money can be saved for other “cultural” initiatives… 

“Propelled from Behind into the great Beyond” (FW 49.25)

No, thanks. 

“Talk about lowness!” (FW 171.29)

Big Bette, Hog Sausage and the high culture of Tennessee.

That’s where that asshole comes from, and what he really is: a racist piece of KKKrap.