The Ebony Goddess and Other Adventures in Racist America

Last edited on March 5, 2019   

While I was writing The Ebony Goddess, I had many new ideas for many other Satires. That’s how creativity works. 

This Satire is hilarious and entertaining — at least, it was hilarious for me while I was writing it — and it also says a number of important and useful things about human nature and contemporary society, much in the tradition of Juvenal and Petronius. Those two guys didn’t have a lot of patience for snowflakes and third-gender aliens 🙂

My revered compatriot, Horace, would agree & be proud of my wit & polyglot sense of humor 🙂 The Satirical tradition of Italy continues with Swine Deconstruction

Identity & race are complicating the sex & gender picture.

Black women’s domination and humiliation of white men is now the thing,

with thousands of new images being uploaded online everyday, everywhere in the world.

White guys love it… 

Very athletic. 

What a nice face, she looks like Alicia Keys…

What are these decrepit people still doing??

They should be resting in a cemetery! 

Mazzotta sucking ass in the Hall of Graduate Students, Christmas 2005,

cf. The Social Media Scam article. 


Medieval studies at Cornell, for sure! 

What a fucking parasite! 

And all this ROT is dissimulated under a veneer of self-righteousness, hypocrisy and fake outrage.

Rest in hell, in a fucking Italian cemetery: 

And what about black guys? 

Reversal of Fortune 

Martin Hagglund & his portals of discovery 

There’s no knowledge without suffering, Martin 🙂 


I’ve noticed that all these pix look best on your smart phone, so you can “enlarge” them and see the detail, no pun intended. The black guy’s artistic identity is Amerifist, which is significant. 

   Adult porn is the fastest-growing field on the internet. 

And it’s all free for your truly academic research.

Don’t trust, and verify. 

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts, right?  


Millions of people are involved in adult porn for money, pleasure or both.

In fact, I’d say at least 10-15% of the people you see in Grand Central Station, on an average working day, have something to do with it. Demented, decrepit and nasty-looking is not even an issue — there’s a market for every fucking thing. 

As a precaution, Greg and I have stopped shaking hands with strangers in general 🙂   

Vintage, from the dawn of protohistory. 

Very athletic. 

Tina Turner as a Private Dancer, complementing her salary in the Seventies and Eighties.   

Very much in the “rough” tradition of Proud Mary, cf. explicit video below. 

Come as you are

Is that Kurt Cobain with Dave Grohl? His face was edited out. 


A record-breaking asshole!  

Tina Turner, Proud Mary

Every field is now infested with fake feminists, i.e. phonies like Giuseppe Mazzotta who lay claim to private and pubic money for Affirmative Action, when in fact they do everything in their power to promote their worthless minions and disqualify the most talented, creative and well-prepared women candidates.  

Would you ever trust someone with Mazzotta’s crooked fuck-face, if you met him in Reggio Calabria?


So, don’t assume he’ll be any different, if you meet him somewhere else.

Criminals always try to survive on corruption, hypocrisy and lies. 

Mazzotta’s ugly face looks like a monkey’s ass. 

But that picture was taken was many, many years ago — imagine how he looks now! 

Mazzotta is a 77-year-old, useless fat drunkard with high blood pressure and heart disease, who’s still alive only thanks to hardcore drugs and Yale’s healthcare plan, which is why he doesn’t want to retire and accept reality:  

But as soon as he dies, all his minions will disappear — back where they belong. 


Mazzotta gives a FUCK about African Americans, and even less about African American women. He’s fucking broke and cannot retire, so all he cares about is to keep stealing money in the worst department in the nation, Yale’s Italian dept, even if he’s 77 and ready to be stored 6 feet under.  

How many Blacks have ever been hired at Yale for a tenure track in Italian and comparative literature? ZERO

How many Blacks from New Haven have ever been admitted to Yale, in any undergraduate or graduate program? ZERO

How many Blacks have ever been admitted to Yale’s doctoral program in Italian? Only ONE desperate soul, Kenise Lyons, who now teaches Italian to elementary and middle-school kids in Maryland’s pubic schools… 

Kenise even received an award as the “First African American to Graduate with PhD in Italian from Yale” in SEVEN YEARS, from 2005 to 2012. Congratulations for the bright idea of admitting Blacks for the first time in 2005! 

I can’t fucking believe it! 


“I CAN’T SEE FUCKIN’ SHIT OUTTA THIS THING” is a most appropriate metaphor for the selection of scholars, students and teaching staff at Yale’s Italian dept, courtesy of Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012). 

Now, did Miss Kenise need to waste SEVEN FUCKING YEARS of social security contributions for that absolute crap? 

I’m sorry for Miss Lyons, but hundreds of thousands of people around the country are teaching K12 with a B.A. and a state exam; and only recent graduates have a Master of Arts in Teaching. What a fucking waste!

Whose responsibility is that? 

Yale’s Italian dept. 

Yale’s Italian dept is full of people with learning disabilities, basket cases and ignorant plagiarists such as Michael Farina, Anna Iacovella and Carol Chiodo, the three stooges.   

Little, fat, ignorant pig. 

Micheal Farina, B.A. & M.A. University of Connecticut. 

Farina knows next to nothing about linguistics & translation studies, and yet he “teaches” elementary Italian to naive and unsuspecting undergrads, courtesy of their paying parents.

But that’s not enough for him, in terms of academic and financial fraud.

Hence, with his “inner eye,” he focuses on “Dante, Michelangelo, Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization and Greek Mythology,” for which he studied real hard at the University of Connecticut.  

Iacovella, Scary Movie

Careful, this may cause serious harm to your eyes! 

Carol Chiodo’s academic and financial fraud:




Hey Salovey,

Mazzotta is a 77-year-old piece of JUNK with coronary and heart disease, who’s living off of Yale’s health plan, together with his psychotic, old wife. Check out what I’m saying, and you’ll realize how much money they’ve been stealing, for decades.

But you shouldn’t wait for him to die or be forced to retire by a crippling stroke, dementia or a heart-attack. You should CLEAN HOUSE way before then, reallocating resources and saving money for better scholars from better universities. 

Even Lady Gaga is more qualified to teach Italian than the three stooges!   

Nun schools



It took Miss Lyons SEVEN years??? 

Only when it’s convenient for Tom Pollard, Pam Schirmeister and Ed Barnaby, 

whose lovely wife is pictured above. Enjoy your new life in Virginia, honey! 

I’m so sorry about your ignorant, faggot-ass husband GETTING FIRED in the spring of 2012, 

right after harassing a legal immigrant from Europe.  

There’s nothing you can do about it…

All American Waste

 Some people are just born stupid.  

Oh, Christ! 

That looks exactly like Mazzotta’s dead and rotten body.  

That God may save us from hypocrisy and self-serving ideology! 

Look at that bum!

That’s Breast envy, Life envy, Brain envy and My Money envy. 


Video killed the video star and LGBTQIA+ killed Freud and the Freudians, but nobody sent a fax to Yale’s literature departments, to let them know and update their curriculum.   

That’s pretty much the only place on the planet where such self-serving ideologies are still mentioned by fake feminists and ignorant fools, including women who are too stupid to even understand what they mean.  

Look at this guy: someone is pissing on his broken ass, and he just loves it! 


Some people can’t come to terms with actual human behavior.  

But now that everything is online, it’s becoming more and more difficult to lie.  

Like dead leaves, liars and plagiarists are dispersed and blown away by the wind of REALITY.  

These are men who want to get fucked, raped and humiliated by women. 

And this is not cheap stuff, either — they have to pay good money for it.  

“There are dozens of cruel and sadistic Ebony Dominatrices online right now. And each one is an expert in the art of BDSM and training of submissive males.”  

Online and in real life, each of these women has a bunch of rich, white customers who may well look perfectly decent, prim and proper, when you meet them during the day at your local city hall, at your bank, insurance company, etc. 

Think of the nerdy white guy who helps you with your taxes — that’s it. 


According to Albert Einstein’s sophisticated irony, “if the facts don’t fit the theory,” dishonest people will try to change or hide the facts. But that’s becoming impossible in the Age of Internet.  

And race is complicating the picture, as we said before. 

Pathological nigger bitch with castration complex? 

You can’t pull off that scam with them, Saussy white trash. 

Unless you want to get lynched, and perhaps you should. 



Enlarge and look at those legs! 

If you don’t know how race & identity work, many African American women like — or would like — to humiliate old & ugly, white-trash guys like Giuseppe Mazzotta, David Quint, Haun Saussy, etc. White guys love it, and Black guys love it too, for different reasons. 

Black guys deeply despise all the damn’ motherfuckers who hire them only as cooks, janitors and groundskeepers at Yale, stealing both their money and their lives… 

I can foresee a revolution around the corner… 

What would New Haven do without Yale, right? 

Beware of all fakes and their empty palaver. 

Check where people’s financial interests lie, before supporting anyone.  

Leading from behind?

So, someone else will get killed before you, as in Chicago! 🙂    

One of the great inspirations for my satire is the comedic genius of Richard Pryor, the first stand-up comedian to use the N word for empowerment and liberation.

He taught me a lot — rest in peace, for real.

Here’s Pryor’s famous mafia joke, out-niggered by the Italian niggas with Johnny Salami, the ice-pick and the funeral parlor, “We carry, you bury” 🙂     

Pryor had an immediate understanding of one of the fundamental principles of sociolinguistics, i.e. the fact that certain swearwords can be legitimately used by people who have skin in the game.

It’s hate speech for a guy to call a woman “bitch” or “cunt.” And yet, that happens every second of the day, on any given day of the year, everywhere around the fucking world — but nobody’s doing anything to rectify that injustice. 

On the other hand, it may be empowering and liberating for women to use the B and C words for the right reasons, i.e. to denounce fake feminists, both men and women. 

Turning sexist swear-words into POWER-WORDS is pretty much what Nicki Minaj has been doing in her music, and I respect her for that. But now she also has PC-constraints with her record company that were absolutely not a problem for 50 Cent in 2003, for instance, calling his fake bros “faggot-ass” niggas. 

  Study the history of Italian immigration in this country. A few Italian families came here with some cash in the second half on the 19th century. But those coming from the South were mostly poor, and were treated like niggas. 

  As an Italian, If you try to leave the European Union now, you’ll be hated by those you left behind, who think you’re spitting on them; as well as the Italian mobsters who were in the States before you: people who mostly came from the South and are devoured by envy for your Northern money. 


Italian women should NOT look like that! 

But these are insane, old bitches with a drinking problem.  

Dumbass with high-school diploma

Welcome to the Jungle 

Don’t expect any “Christian decency” or any “national solidarity” whatsoever from such criminals.  As in that famous song by Guns ‘n’ Roses, Italian thieves will be waiting for you at the bus stop, to see if they can steal anything you’ve got. Be very careful, also because they don’t look like thieves, but rather like people you’re supposed to “trust,” which makes them even more dangerous. 

Such dogs and bitches disguise themselves as mayors, lawyers, dentists, primary care physicians, pizza guys and, of course, academic plagiarists who purport to teach Italian language, literature and culture, when in reality they’re ignorant, have attended nun’s schools for retarded kids, and have never even managed to get rid of their thick, dirty, dumb Calabrese accent.   

Most of them are worthless — in fact, they’re even ashamed to admit where they come from. For instance, Mazzotta doesn’t come from Viareggio in Tuscany, but from some deep shit-hole down in Calabria.

All they do in their worthless life is to fight against one another, like fucking dogs, for the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.


Robert De Niro, of all possible motherfuckers, is outraged against Trump?? 

Check out that fucking madman in Tarantino’s true feminist movie, Jackie Brown (1997). De Niro is now at the end of a life wasted enslaving his compatriots in the stupidest and most trite of racist stereotypes, in exchange for cocaine and cheap money. 

Jackie Brown – Samuel L. Jackson shoots De Niro

“Your ass ain’t worth shit no more”  

Quentin Tarantino in the ‘Bonnie Situation.’

Notice that his wife is an African American nurse and Quentin (Jimmy) is not afraid of the cops, but that she may come home, find out the mess in the garage and divorce him! 🙂  

The connection between African Americans and Italian Americans was real way before Hollywood and Black Rap. Later, with the economic boom, the film and music industry immortalized it with iconic productions like The Godfather (1972) Rocky (1976), Scarface (1983), Pulp Fiction (1994)… 

The romance between Rocky and Apollo in Rocky III looks a bit awkward, but never forget that Rocky (1976) won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture;  and in terms of cost-profit ratio, 1:225, it was the biggest hit in Hollywood history!

Stallone perfectly understood the socioeconomic dynamic between African Americans and Italian Americans, and he used it to say something important… and make millions of dollars in the process. Kudos!  

Mafia & Glam

Snoop Dogg, Lay Low

A long way coming from Scarface and the Geto Boys… 


Herman Cain, owner of Godfather Pizza, with Italian niggas.  

And regarding fags, hit a couple of gay clubs before degrading your (fake) feminism.

Aren’t you supposed to read a contract, before signing it? 

Likewise, learn what they do and what “names” they use to refer to one another, before supporting their lost cause, e.g. the “third gender” or individuals supposedly born with both genitals and gender traits. Sure, like Independence Day


“Body dysmorphia” or “gender dysmorphia” are actually PC euphemisms to describe a more radical break with reality, and a more severe pathology in the spectrum of delusion and schizophrenia. 


 Al Pacino, Cruising (1980), realistic portrayal of the gay scene in 1980 New York.  

You can also enjoy the dancing scene here:

So, as an Italian woman who’s been called all sorts of names in our very welcoming and foreign-friendly United States, I can fight the bad guys with every single POWER-WORD currently available in the dictionary. 

WE’VE GOT THE POWER and constitutional FREEDOM of LAUGHTER. 

Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid (1984)

Cost $8 million, for a $91 million profit. 

Snap, Believe the Hype 

“In the game of life
Knowledge rules
The one with brains is the sole survivor”

Snap, I’ve Got the Power 

What African Americans hate the most about discrimination, racist stereotypes, civil injustice and white oppression is the fact that all such white-trash thieves and criminals… 

… look like ROTTEN SHIT!  

So they think, “We are physically superior, and our women are superior too.”

That, of course, involves some wishful thinking, since most black guys never look like Magic Johnson. But, by and large, allowing for certain exceptions, they do have a point, since it’s not difficult to look more athletic than this… 

Let me tell you a secret, asshole:  

The reason why my satire works all over the world is because it is true and based on the truth. 

 The best laughter springs from the truth. 

It does not oppress the innocent, but makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals. 


You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. 

You can’t forge it, as you did with your wife’s crappy dissertation. 

And you can’t slander it, as you’re trying to do with me, my husband and even my family! — as well as anybody who speaks up to denounce your academic and financial frauds. 

But you’re not going far with this, since 4.5 million views only in 2018 know that Olga Solovieva is an ignorant, ugly whore from Russia — with crappy white hair, depression and a drinking problem.

Saussy should face reality and go to hell:

These are his brothers working at a Mexican restaurant:

Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right). 

Making America Great Again

What a nice family of intellectuals and upper-class people! 🙂   


Enduring great suffering for the progress of humanity!   

The brunette is very serious, while the blonde seems to appreciate the irony of the situation.  

Excellent prop. 

Venus of Savignano, ca. 3500 years ago. 

Savignano is very close to Modena, by the way. 

This is a curious, double-pointed object with the body of woman for prosperity and good luck. 

If would-be scholars could finally agree on what it was meant for,

perhaps it wouldn’t be shown to families and kids in a museum…  

Business is booming! 

And with all this activity, white women are catching up, too…  

Human behavior

Educational books and videos are being produced, with puppets and all… 

Apparently, many guys like to be humiliated and trampled on, with or without a wooden plank. 

While others like having stiletto heels and all sorts of pointed objects stuck into their limp bizkit… Make sure to learn their funny lingo and terminology, so you can have a look around and find your way back, without getting lost in the liberal maze of Google Images 🙂 

These pix are vanilla, so enjoy the rest… 



Those guys are anonymous: you never get to see their faces, only their humiliation and subjugation. 

And, apparently, they love it.  

Percentage-wise, the largest group of freaks is made of individuals in their sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties… 

Many of these zombies have ED, among other things; so, for them it’s a way to “recycle” themselves. 

Who the fuck are they?

From a sociological and anthropological perspective, it’s actually very interesting: one of the many unexpected consequences of the social phenomenon I discussed in previous articles, i.e. the “ageing population,” namely the growing masses of sick and elderly people in G8 countries.

That’s an unsustainable burden for society. 

Unholy shit! 


What can you do with these junkers? 




Rihanna’s Feet Game on Twitter: “Lick these from front to back, Chaddy Baby!”


Sarah Jessica Parker


Do you see, now, why certain people seem to have a fixation with feet & shoes? 🙂  

Not that — that’s just one of Riccio’s relatives…

The sort of crap people do when they’re drunk & stoned.

Go ahead, post it online. 

Because you’re retarded. 

English 101

Check out the English Mansion and similar venues on Google Images. 

Langdon Hammer with a couple of grad students. 

Sound judgment? 

Riding into the sunset like John Wayne! 

Wrap up all fraudsters and criminals, and ship them to Iran! 

Are you really sure that LGBTQIA+ is morally superior, or “moral” in any way? 🙂   

Sam See, one of the great success-stories of the English dept. 

Sam See was a meth junkie bitch, i.e. a “professional” hooker and meth-head with manic depression, who got infected with HIV and had a “small stroke” before ending his days in jail.

But with “honest friends” like Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Haun Saussy, Langdon Hammer, Roberta Frank, John Rogers and Leslie Brisman, not even THAT would have prevented him from making tenure and getting a permanent post at Yale. 

The problem is that he also committed suicide in jail, with a meth overdose, the very night he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, e.g. “I will kill you, I will destroy you!” 

Isn’t that the kind of “instructor” you’d want to teach your kids??? 

But he destroyed himself, instead. Too bad.

Roberta Frank and Yale’s fake feminists. 

How’s the academic employment in Norse poetry? SUBZERO 

Being THAT honest, 

it’s always good to make up the most absurd stories about your fellow human beings, right? 

Perfectly normal. 

Perfectly normal. 


But their academic & financial fraud is not having the intended effect 🙂 

Total Swine Deconstruction


Dear adjuncts: the fuck-face of dishonest & delusional Ray Lurie is an image of YOUR future. This is what you truly deserve for pretending to be what you are NOT, and for defrauding thousands and thousands of students and their paying families.

 Your life already sucks now. 

And as soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, you’ll be the first ones to be laid off. 

Nobody will miss you.  

But the most elegant & expensive website in this field is Nikita:  

obey nikita 6

Nikita’s site accepts credit payments and has “gift cards” for your friends 🙂  

That’s how Mazzotta should celebrate his last birthdays. 

That old monkey will be SEVENTY SEVEN on January 1, 2019.   

Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death.” Pink Floyd, Time

obey nikita 19

Swine Deconstruction

That must be Leslie Brisman wearing a pig’s mask… 

obey nikita 12

Sometimes masks can reveal people’s true essence. 

obey nikita 2


This is really going to hurt. 


Black culture in general is not faggot-friendly. 

“I’ma get medieval on your ass!” 

Here’s Marsellus Wallace with a couple of hot pipin’ niggas, a pair of pliers and a blow torch for white hillbilly-boy, “soon to be living the rest of his short-ass life in agonizing pain.” 


“And get your ass outta here!”




Hey, Sassy Saucy, why don’t you hack this Academic Satire up your old, broken ass? lol


Programs and Policies of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2011, p. 530.  

“The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates the need for UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT to THINK the UNTHINKABLE, and CHALLENGE the UNCHALLENGEABLE [sic]. 

To curtail FREEDOM of EXPRESSION strikes twice at INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views necessarily also deprives others of the right to listen to those views.”


It is an established fact that Shakespeare’s mother came from an ancient French Catholic family, the Ardens, who went to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Catholicism influenced Shakespeare’s artistic production in many different ways, especially in the context of post-reformation England, a country torn apart by religious and political persecution against Catholics. 

Shakespeare was an author with Catholic ancestry who managed to survive persecution thanks to his linguistic genius. The fact that he used the Catholic term “indulgence” in the epilogue of his last big play, The Tempest (1611), is a sign that Catholicism maintained an influence over his art until the end. 

The seat of the Catholic Church is the Vatican State, which is located in Rome, Italy. When I was hired at Yale in 2005, there were ZERO Italian Americans and ZERO African Americans in the English and comparative literature departments. But even after 14 years, the situation has not improved.

Throughout my doctorate program at Yale, I have always been harassed, abused and discriminated against because of the connection between Italy and Catholicism. Italian Americans and first gen Italian immigrants are treated even worse than African Americans, in these two departments. 

Indeed, these two departments are KKK-friendly like Sassy’s insane and racist father, Tupper Saussy. 

Tupper Saussy was an insane conspiracy theorist who befriended and wrote an apology for James Earl Ray, the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King, Black leader of the Civil Rights movement! 

That racist conspiracy theory was titled, Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987, more details below). Twelve years later, it was followed by another conspiracy theory against the supposed influence that Catholics exert over the American government, which was titled, Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Government Bodies (1999). 

Notice the convergence of these recurrent themes: racism and discrimination against African Americans; racism and discrimination against Italian Americans, who are seen as “guilty by association” with the Catholic background of their country; bigoted and defamatory accusations against Catholicism, which are so ridiculous and outlandish they actually are a testament to Tupper Saussy’s fundamental insanity.

This crazy discrimination, this mad racism has no place in a civil society and it must stop. 


But Sassy has NEVER apologized for his father’s insane racism and his connections to the Klan. 

Sassy has NEVER offered a sincere apology for, and he has NEVER distanced himself from, his father’s racism and his connections to the KKK. In fact, he has always tried to portray him — and, by implication, himself — as an underappreciated, misunderstood genius. Nice tray, jackass! 🙂 

It is extremely offensive for everyone that he should currently be employed at the University of Chicago, in a city plagued by a tragic “racial divide,” cf. Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, video below.  

My husband and I have had to deal with the racist hatred of this bigoted, ignorant pig for 14 years, now. Sassy has slandered not only me, but also my Italian-American husband, my Italian parents, and even my relatives back in Italy! 

Indeed, Sassy slandered me with virtually everyone at Yale: administration, faculty, and even graduate and undergraduate students, e.g. the 2012 defamatory article on the Yale Daily Shit with which Sassy and his network of “dear friends” in English, comp.lit, etc. tried to portray me as a Catholic bigot only because I asked a male colleague to STOP CUSSING!

That’s just the ABC of professional work! 

Nobody cusses in a professional meeting or in class, that’s absolutely improper and illegitimate! 

All sexist cuss-words should be kept for some other “occasion,” after work. 


Miss Bradley Bailey & friends, original pic from his personal profile.

That criminal defamation happened in 2012, right after I filed a grievance for administrative corruption against Pamela Schirmeister. It caused me and my entire family an incredible amount of distress over the years; it damaged every aspect of my personal and academic life; and it had a very detrimental effect on the readers of my 2013-14 dissertation on Catholicism in Shakespeare.

 But do you think that Sassy and his network of “dear friends” have ever even offered a simple apology? Or asked for forgiveness, for all their baseless and meaningless slander?

And how about the Yale President and the administration? Not at all, quite the opposite! That was the intended effect — their aim was to see me completely destitute, by destroying my reputation all over the word. But now that my ACADEMIC SATIRE is being read in big numbers all over the world, there’s a new feeling in the mix: they would gladly kill me, if they could! 

And after killing me, they would try to cover up their crime and corruption with even more slander, while at the same time blabbering about the humanitarian need to shelter and support illegal immigrants; have more diversity in academia; empower women and minorities; accept any other different identity, etc. 


If you want to kill other people with slander, you should expect them to tell the TRUTH about all your crimes in order to WARN others!  


In 2007, Sassy had to face a very unusual THREE-WAY DIVORCE involving himself; his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang; and one of his graduate students and dissertation advisees, Olga, born February 28, 1971.

Let’s call her Olga Stupidieva or Olga Boozava, in honor of the Russian prank against retarded Adam Shiff. 

In other words, Sassy cheated on his Chinese wife with a mature grad student and teaching assistant from Russia, whose dissertation he was supposed to “supervise” — and no conflict of interests there, of course! 

At the time, all three of them were employed as teaching staff at Yale, in different capacities, 

giving a great example of “basic human decency” to everyone. 

It was a HUGE SCANDAL that the administration tried to silence by offering the ex-wife a permanent teaching post in the Chinese department, on the one hand; and on the other, by getting rid of racist Sassy and his bitch, who have (paradoxically) been recycled in Black Chicago. 

Yale is a village. Before the divorce, Sassy had a “reputation” for: 1) being a promiscuous pig, which is a compliment at Yale; 2) advertising Cialis (a drug against erectile dysfunction) on his pretentious and ridiculous site, which nobody reads anyway; and 3) compensating for his embarrassing E.D. with an interest for violent BDSM sexual practices.

Notice Sassy’s “academic” support for Moira BDSM Fradinger, an old hag who uses her “scholarly interest” in the Marquis de Sade to cover up for her insane perversions; and notice his “close friendship” with the late Richard Maxwell, a self-proclaimed “sex historian” with no academic credentials, who should never have been hired as a lecturer at Yale to begin with.  

I must say, when I learned that Sassy’s ex-wife required a protective order against him in 2007, I was not surprised at all. Yale is a village, and such was his bad repute 14 years ago, when I first met him. But his 2007 DIVORCE was like THE ATOMIC BOMB for Sassy.

Total destruction, total devastation. 

Such a DISASTER would naturally lead most people to develop a more humble and self-critical attitude toward life. But that’s not the case for Sissy Sassy Saucy: that jackass continues to blame everyone else — including students! — for every catastrophe that he himself caused in his own fucking life, as a consequence of his illegal and reckless behavior. Don’t worry if you can’t make sense of it — that’s the very nature of mental illness. 

More about Sassy and Stupidieva below. But right now, let’s set the record straight: you don’t have to be a Catholic in order to write respectfully about Catholicism. And, on the other hand, the fact that you write about the influence of Catholicism on European literature does not mean or imply that you are a Catholic yourself. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always been a financially independent woman with a modern and independent mindset. But I can also respectfully appreciate the influence that the Judeo-Christian tradition has had over the history and culture of Europe and its colonies.

To deny that powerful influence is a big academic and financial fraud.

On top of that, it’s a sign of arrogance and ignorance at the same time.  

But when we deal with English and comp.lit, we don’t find an attitude of intellectual respect, on the contrary. Arrogant and ignorant people like Sassy, Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Leslie Brisman, Harold Bloom and many others, are long-standing academic frauds who try to impose their bigoted atheism on everyone else, even when it goes against historical evidence, previous scholarship, academic freedom and freedom of expression.

Such academic frauds try to impose their own disregard for Catholicism on everybody else in their little square meter; without considering that just around the corner, many other venues — e.g. the divinity school, the art history dept, the school of music, the school of architecture — could not even stay open without Catholic theology, Catholic religion and the sublime art inspired by it, e.g. Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Lorenzo Bernini, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi, etc. 

Chronological List of Italian Composers:

Being ignorant, they ignore the truth; and being corrupt, they deny it even after someone explains it to them. In my opinion, things have gotten much worse since Buckley first published his ground-breaking book in 1951: 

“[Yale] does not recognize religion as an indispensable field of study for an educated man… overtly or covertly hostile to religion, whether through the silent treatment, active opposition, or supercilious disparagement… a colorful fanatic… emphatically and vigorously atheistic… a dedicated iconoclast who has little mercy either on God, or on those who believe in Him, and little respect for the values most [students] have been brought up to respect… bigoted atheism… relentless disparagement of the whole fabric of Christianity.” (Buckley, God & Man at Yale, 10-12)

Speaking of metaphors, one of my 4 (four) quite enthusiastic recommenders for graduate school at Yale was Professor George Lakoff at the University of California at Berkeley, who at the time was doing research and teaching on metaphor theory

My other distinguished recommenders were Professor Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, a renowned linguist from the University of Bologna; the late Luigi Schenoni, James Joyce’s translator for Finnegans Wake in Italy; and Professor John Bishop, a famous Joycean scholar and English professor, always from the University of California at Berkeley. 

In my junior year in college, I attended George Lakoff’s large and super-competitive class on metaphor theory, scoring a perfect A. The following semester, I also did very well in Robin Lakoff’s class on English socio-linguistics, scoring A – (sorry you were never even admitted). Hence my appropriate, perceptive and empowering use of swearwords, or power-words. Therefore, Sassy, you shouldn’t compromise yourself with lies about about my proven linguistic abilities because they will be completely destroyed. 

Empathy, Freedom, Fairness for all — sounds like Yale. 

If you want to pull off an academic and financial fraud,

make sure you can do so without also being denounced as a corrupt and ignorant jackass. 


Leslie Brisman, 75, the best unknown Shakespeare scholar in the world, is also a self-proclaimed authority on metaphors. It looks like he’s still stealing someone else’s salary despite his decrepit age, intellectual mediocrity and proven corruption. 

Public record: “17 January 2019: Leslie I. Brisman was born 22 May 1944 and registered to vote, 5 Woodside Terrace in New Haven, Connecticut 06515-2020. Democratic. Voter status code: Active. Voter ID number 001603516.”

The actions of a public figure will be scrutinized by many, many eyes. 

Front cover of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, with the Book of Kells.  

That’s a very intricate design, and Honi soit qui mal y pense!  

Sissy Sassy Saucy is a “Low Swine” (173.5) “meticulously bordering on the insane” (173.34). He’s “covetous of his neighbor’s Word” (172.30) and completely ignorant of “the various meanings of all the different foreign parts of speech he misused.” (173.34-36) 

Together with Olga Stupidieva, his dissertation advisee, he has been pulling off a record-breaking academic and financial fraud since 2005-2006, producing several “forged cheque[s] on the public, for [their] own private profit.” (181.16-17)

In Joyce’s style, his missy-nomer could be “Sissy,” “Sassy,” “Saucy,” “Sisso,” which is an Italian term for “pig shit,” and so forth and so on. His first name could be Hawn, Hen, Hoe, Yawn, Honn, Honi, which is French for “cursed.” And the end result would appear as any combination of the two sets — a myriad of schizophrenic personalities like those of his crazy conspiracy-theorist father, Tupper Saussy, from redneck and racist Tennessee.   

Academic Satire for the New Online Millennium, “with them listening and spraining their ears for the millennium and all their mouths making water.” (386.10-11) I told you, homeboy — u can’t touch this. 

Let me tell you a secret, asshole:  

This is ACADEMIC SATIRE, a special type of protected speech.  

The reason why my academic satire works all over the world is because it is BASED ON THE TRUTH. 

Satire does not oppress the innocent, but it exposes and makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals who pretend to be what they are not.

Through the artistic means of academic satire, I can warn many other people against the hidden corruption of frauds and scammers like yourself and Olga Boozava. Nobody in the real world gives a damn about formalism and deconstruction; but most people do care a lot about the money they spend to educate themselves and their children!

That’s the great benefit of academic satire:


In a bigoted place like Yale, I’ve always been discriminated against much worse than African Americans. Therefore, I owe it to the comedic genius of Richard Pryor if I’ve been able to turn those racist and sexist slurs into images and words of empowerment.  

Tale the Phi Beta Kappa up your broken ass! 

“Satire is a particular genre of literature and performing arts in which entities and individuals may be ridiculed… In this type of production, vices or shortcomings may be exaggerated for comedic relief and as a form of public shaming… In many productions, satire may help expose certain characteristics of an entity or individual to help establish awareness of these characteristics throughout society. Ideally, satire will help society communicate about social issues… Satire is individually-constructed and therefore may contain different elements. However, many forms of satire feature parody, exaggeration, sarcasm, analogy and irony.” 

The best laughter always springs from the truth. 


The best laughter always springs from the truth. 

You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. You can’t forge it, as you did with your second wife’s shameful comp.lit dissertation on the “Body of Christ.” 

And you can’t slander it, as you have been doing with me and my husband, my Italian parents, my Italian relatives — or indeed anybody who speaks up to denounce your ACADEMIC AND FINANCIAL FRAUD. 

My satirical websites are designed to WARN people, students and their families against the SCAMS of dangerous scumbags and hypocrites like you.  

“Bitch, you can’t fuck with me if you wanted to!” 🙂 

Jesus! Body of Christ! 

Only a complete idiot finds a mistress who’s even worse-looking than the wife! 

Beware of plagiarists and stupid bitches like Olga Stupidieva!

During her doctorate in comp.lit, Olga Stupidieva was involved in a dirty extra-marital affair with her “dissertation supervisor,” Sissy Sassy Saucy. As soon as his legitimate wife, Yu-Lin Wang, found out what was going on, she dumped and divorced him.  

In 2007, Ms Wang obtained a protective order against Sassy’s domestic violence,

took everything that was free for the taking,

and kicked that dirty pig out of Yale forever.

Too bad. 


 Crazy things people do when they’re drunk… 

Sassy was supposed to direct Olga Boozava’s “academic research” and dissertation, but he actually plagiarized and “curated” all that bullshit. 

First he asked his “dear friends” (Yale, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.) to pass it. 

And then he pestered each and everyone in the business to come up with a tenure track for that dumb bitch — in a bogus field such as film and comparative literature, at a time when not even Albert Einstein would be able find one! 

No conflict of interest there, absolutely. 

NO UNIVERSITY needs to WASTE MONEY for a TENURE TRACK in film or comparative literature! An adjunct or two will do — or even better, no one at all, since it’s a bogus field with a high rate of unemployment and underemployment.  

What a scam!  

And what did Sissy Sassy do with all the stolen money?

Did he pay alimony and child support to his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang?  

A national catastrophe for all Russian women. 

The “Body of Christ” is a very paradoxical subject for a couple of drunken cheats like Sassy and Stupidieva. And it took Sassy no less than TWELVE YEARS to rewrite and publish a small part of it! 

Why was it even passed, then, by 3 personal friends of his?  

Woah, there’s a entire bottle of cheap wine in that glass! 

Yu-Lin Wang was not enough — Sassy must have a thing for triangles…

Olga Boozava, Victor Fan and, of course, Yawn Saucy taking the pic. 

That looks like a cheap, cheesy & crappy sex scene 🙂 

Counting one, two, three
Peter, Paul and Mary
Getting down with 3P, everybody loves

What we do is innocent
Just for fun and nothing meant
If you don’t like the company
Let’s just do it you and me
You and me, or three
Or four, on the floor

Living in sin is the new thing!

Saucy & Cheesy  

Victor Fan is another academic parasite, another monster-creature produced by Sissy Sassy Saucy, who also supervised his GROUND-BREAKING comp.lit dissertation on soccer, drugs and booze.

Very deep, and very original.  

That crap has never been published, of course.

A compete waste of resources. 

The U.S. government wants to stop funding useless fields like film and comparative literature, which only cause alumni to go bankrupt working as temporary adjuncts with no benefits, no pension, no vacation, no healthcare plan or sick days. 

The only people who manage to find decent jobs in such preposterous fields are the “partners” and “friends” of old bitches and academic frauds like Sassy, an insider for some 30 years now. I wonder, how do they fuck Victor Fan? 

Maybe the two guys suck each other and Olga Boozava is on top, fucking Sissy Sassy in the shit with a strap-on? That’s what he really likes! 🙂 

And that’s the fucking truth!

Or maybe…


When the shit hits the fan! 🙂 

Victor Fan is a trashy old drunkard who pretends to be a woman… 


And in his delusion, he’s absolutely convinced to be healthy and attractive. 

But if the entire human race suffered from his same mental illness & pathological delusion,

we would disappear from the face of the earth in less than 100 years!


Victor Fan is an adjunct who gets hired and fired every year.

As soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, he’ll be one of the first to get fired. 

And what will he do, since he doesn’t have a fucking dime? 

Who would ever fuck an ugly old ass like Fan? 

To fuck or not to fuck, that is the question… 

Sissy Sassy wrote, ehm, supervised Olga Boozava’s crappy dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” which was passed in 2006, read all the details below. The theological topic is very paradoxical for a couple of drunken cheats, and it’s also completely outside the scope of comparative literature. What the fuck does Sassy know about Theology, Resurrection and the Kingdom of God? 


Sassy’s “virtue of Zen emptiness” 🙂

He claims there is “no subject matter or methodology” in comparative literature,

meaning that anything goes if and only if his ignorance likes it. 

Public record, ORBIS catalog at Yale Sterling Memorial:

Author/Creator: Solovieva, Olga Viktorovna

Title: A discourse apart [electronic resource]: the Body of Christ and the Practice of Cultural Subversion

ISBN: 9780542995767 

Published/Created: 2006 

Thesis note: Thesis (Ph.D.) Yale University, 2006. 

Advisers: H.C.P.S. (one name, one person — see tomb stones below and at the end)

Physical Description: 1 online resource (284 p.)

Format: Archives or Manuscripts 

Summary: This dissertation is a study of the Western secular appropriation of the basic structure of Pauline discourse for the purpose of cultural subversion… The body of Christ allows for the recuperation of bare life within the structure of resurrectionwhich underlies a subversive anti-model of the ethical state, the kingdom of God, etc. 


C… (first name) P… (middle name) H… (surname) was Sassy’s maternal grandfather, who was just 59 when he died (1904-1963). Sassy’s crazy father, Tupper Saussy, christened one of his unfortunate children with the surname of his in-laws, perhaps because he was pretentious and out of his mind. Sassy’s mother, instead, Lola Haun, died in Florida when she was just 55. 

These people seem to be short-lived, like lies! 

Sassy lobbied to have Boozava’s crappy dissertation passed by his “dear friends” at Yale, Phi Beta Kappa, etc. But that CRAP was SO BAD — so pretentious, incoherent and off-topic — that it took him no less than TWELVE YEARS to “convince” someone to actually print some of it. 

What a complete waste of toilet paper! 

Fortunately, only 7 copies were ordered by an equal number of cross-eyed librarians… 

Compare and contrast: my ACADEMIC SATIRE may have 700,000 views each year

only from Russia and China combined. 

God’s irony… 


Tupper Saussy: a “strange inheritance” of paranoia, corruption and shame. Saussy’s anti-Catholic conspiracy theory claims that Catholics have been trying to mastermind U.S. politics. 


All proceeds from Tupper Saussy’s racist and bigoted conspiracy theories — and from Olga Boozava’s fraudulent hire at the University of Chicago — have been used by Sissy Sassy Saucy to pay alimony and child support to his smart ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang.

Ms Wang also managed to obtain custody of her child, keep the house and half of everything else. On top of that, she also kicked that promiscuous and violent pig out of Yale forever. Congratulations!

Is the President of the University of Chicago, Dr Robert Zimmer, aware of Sassy’s record-breaking academic and financial fraud? And does he know that his crazy father, Tupper Saussy from Tennessee, was an infamous conspiracy theorist enmeshed with the Klan? 

Tupper Saussy was an insane KKK conspiracy theorist who befriended and wrote an apology for James Earl Ray, the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King, leader of the Civil Rights movement.

That’s something terribly stupid, evil, and doomed to fail.  

And that’s something to remember, especially whenever Sassy tries to cover his ass by means of self-serving slander against the people he wrongly perceives as his “enemies.” What a sick individual! 

Sassy has NEVER offered ANY apology for his father’s KKK conspiracy theories over the years. 

On the contrary, he’s been praising that madman in the most implausible and ridiculous way, presenting him as a “misunderstood genius,” hoping to be seen in the same light. What a shame! How the fuck was that racist pig even hired at Chicago, of all possible places!? 

Eddie Johnson, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department,

talks about the tragic “racial divide” in that city.  

Check this out: Sassy’s father, Tupper Saussy, was a crazy conspiracy theorist with ties to the Klan, who spent the last years of his life in jail. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and thought that the government was persecuting him by means of taxation!  

He was later condemned for tax evasion and fraud, and tried to avoid a prison sentence by absconding and fleeing the Feds. In order to do so, he lived like a bum on the streets for more than 10 years, eating in soup kitchens and taking occasional “showers” in public libraries… 

Now, that’s a picture-perfect background for academia, isn’t it? 


University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer doesn’t look like a fraudster, e.g. Sassy and Stupidieva. Nor does he look like someone who would willingly participate in an academic and financial fraud. 

University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer signs a water research agreement with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev President Rivka Carmi. Also present at the ceremony, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Israeli President Shimon Peres (2013).

But perhaps Robert Zimmer is too focused on math and other objective disciplines that actually make sense —  maybe even with a subject matter and a methodology! — in order to notice a couple of drunken cheats and crazy plagiarists in the comparative literature dept. 


In my opinion, Olga Boozava is an ignorant, stupid whore from Russia with a bad drinking problem, depression and crappy white hair. The last time I saw her in New Haven, about 8-9 years ago, her empty head was already completely grey. Body of Christ! 

By this I don’t mean ANY offense to the typically beautiful Russian people — I have lots of viewers from that great country, who probably harbor a couple of doubts about the virtues of censorship and communism.

Russian women are internationally known for their beauty; therefore, someone as ugly as Olga Boozava does a great disservice to her country. In my humble opinion, she should be declared a NATIONAL CATASTROPHE!

According to our intelligence, the vast majority of Russians who operate within American academia are involved in some form of spying on behalf of their government. That’s not good. 

The best way for them to get American citizenship is always the same, i.e. giving birth on American soil. Check this out: 48-years-old Olga Boozava, born 02/28/1971, decided to have her first pregnancy at about 39-40, and the second just a few years later. Wow. 

That’s a new meaning for “Russian roulette!” 

Let’s have a look at Sassy’s splendid family, so he can feel entitled to slander anyone else:

 These are Sassy’s brothers working at a Mexican restaurant,

Phil (Pierre-Philippe, first on the left) and Larry (Laurent, first on the right). 

A family of intellectuals…

Making America Great Again

Their crazy father, Tupper KKK Saussy, tried to exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King, leader of the American Civil Rights!

I really wonder: if anyone in my own family had had ANY connection with the Klan, or any other racist organization, I’d never have been hired as a teaching assistant and graduate student at an Ivy League university. That would have been even more important than my international academic credentials. 

So, HOW THE FUCK did Sassy get in from Duke?  

Maybe Yale is much more bigoted and racist than they care to admit? 

It’s easier for a bocci ball to get into Sassy’s ass, than for Sassy to get into the Ivy League:  

Rest in hell, insane KKK conspiracy theorist;

water-color painter of paper bags;

convicted tax evader;

fugitive bum for 10+ years;

prison inmate;


And after all that insanity, racism and corruption, 

how on earth can that hypocrite be tolerated when he slanders anyone else? 


Sassy’s breast envy & castration complex has a name, and it’s called Yu-Lin Wang 🙂  

Links to my academic satire, Court Documents for Stupidieva, Sassy and Wang


Sassy cannot identify any methodology or subject matter for comparative literature. But this doesn’t say anything about the discipline itself, only the way he fraudulently misrepresents it. 

Sassy is an ignorant plagiarist who has been projecting his sick, empty, ignorant mind onto an entire discipline for too many years. It’s time for someone to denounce his fraud and warn others! 


Should comparative literature really be like “the virtue of Zen emptiness,” as he foolishly claims? Of course not, that’s an academic & financial fraud. Without any established methodology, how can anyone judge anyone else’s academic research and writing? 

There are ZERO African Americans 


ZERO Italian Americans in comparative literature. 

It’s KKK-friendly, like Tupper Saussy.  

The dogs involved in this scam are academic plagiarist and fraudsters who cause an incalculable damage to the education system, not only in this country but also in Europe. 

They give false witness, make up stories and forge “undeniable” evidence to kill anybody who speaks up to denounce their crimes, for instance: abuse and sex harassment of students and teaching staff, work exploitation, defamation, libel, extortion, blackmailing, etc. 

Examples of extortion: “We must have sex, or your academic career is over;”

“You must work at this job for free, or your academic career is over;”

“You can’t write about this topic I can’t even understand, or your career is over.” 

Example of blackmailing: “If you tell anyone about my crimes, your academic career is over.” 

Sam See, meth junkie and HIV-positive bitch. 

Sam See was an assistant prof. in the English dept at Yale, with a double life as a “professional” prostitute and meth addict, who got infected with HIV. He also had manic depression and suffered a “small stroke,” cf. New York Times,  

But with “dear friends” such as Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Sissy Sassy and Leslie Brisman, not even THAT would have prevented him from making tenure and getting a permanent post at Yale. 

The problem is that he also committed suicide in jail, with a meth overdose, on the very night he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, i.e. “I will kill you, I will destroy you!”

That’s EXACTLY the kind of guy you’d want to teach your kids, isn’t he? 🙂   

But he “destroyed” himself, instead — too bad! 

Ms Frank & Yale’s fake feminists

How’s the academic employment in Norse poetry? SUB-ZERO! Well, then, if you’re so honest, the best thing you can do is to fabricate stories and slander the people you don’t even know. 

If that sick, crazy asshole hadn’t killed himself in jail, he would have been promoted to a permanent post at Yale, thanks to the honest and always reliable recommendation of his “dear friends,” e.g. Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Sissy Sassy, Leslie Brisman, etc. 

Those scammers support their worthless “friends” — like the deceased Sam See — with whom they have a pact of non-belligerence and mutual protection. In other words, they don’t rat on each other’s ignorance, conflict of interests, financial frauds, sexual abuses, etc. 

For instance, if someone needs a cover-up for something illegal he’s doing with his dissertation advisee, in 2005-06… You get my point. In this way, they try to keep their scam going as long as possible. 

And in corrupt places like Yale, this only adds insult to injury when you consider that 99% of the teaching personnel don’t even have a Yale degree, but come from lesser universities in the U.S. or around the world. So, do they become more competent when they’re hired?

Of course not — same crap as before. 

How is it that the best scholars in English are always employed somewhere else, e.g. the U.K. or Berkeley?    


These are the envious, ignorant rednecks who use PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and NETWORKING within their fraternities (like Phi Beta Kappa) and with their previous colleges and universities (like Yale, Duke, Stanford, etc.), in order to slander students and scholars who immigrate to the U.S. legally. Beware of those criminals: they’re like the mob, and they will never change.  

Sassy harasses and slanders immigrants and people that he considers vulnerable, so he can create a DIVERSION and cover up for his ILLEGAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTS and EXTRA-MARITAL AFFAIR with a graduate student that he was supposed to “supervise” for a 2006 dissertation on the “Body of Christ.” That isn’t just cheating: that’s a record-breaking ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL FRAUD!

Every human being must face death and judgment, and no one will escape God’s Justice.  

Christian saints are humble, and they would never usurp God’s Mercy, Justice and Retribution. Now, Sissy Sassy Saucy is certainly NOT a saint — in fact, quite the opposite of that. And yet, he self-righteously feels entitled to put himself in the place of God.   

What incredible arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy!

And what a fall from grace! 

Sassy should never forget that human life is full of unforeseen circumstances and acts of God. Especially since he has a perfect example of INSANITY in his father, Tupper Saussy, who blatantly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was convinced that the government was PERSECUTING him through taxation, which eventually led to his trial, condemnation and incarceration. 

Paranoia, schizophrenia and jail? A deranged and deeply disturbed individual who befriended and (unsuccessfully) tried to exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King? But what an excellent DNA! 🙂   

And speaking of Divine Justice, many physical and mental illness may befall you, especially since they’re already in your DNA, before you reach your final destination 6 feet under: 


CPH was Sassy’s maternal grandfather, who was just 59 when he died (1904-1963). Sassy’s crazy father, Tupper Saussy, christened one of his unfortunate children with the surname of his in-laws, perhaps because he was pretentious and out of his mind. Sassy’s mother, instead, Lola Haun, died in Florida when she was just 55. These people seem to be short-lived, like lies! 

Until very recently, self-professed “sex historians” like Richard Maxwell — Trumpener’s partner, who died of BRAIN CANCER in 2010, aged 61 — had to place special orders at their academic libraries, like Yale’s Sterling Memorial, in order to have access to all types of porn. Until very recently, all types of porn were available there, including child pornography, supposedly bought with your tuition fees and government funding for “academic research.” 

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many, all the scumbags involved with that racket are criminals who should go to jail and remain there for a long, long time.  

For sick individuals like Maxwell, Trumpener, Sam See, Sissy Sassy, Olga Boozava, Moira BDSM Fradinger, etc., researching “sex history” has always been a way to cover up for all their problems — their mental illnesses, depressions, strokes, brain cancers, alcoholism, drug addictions, sexual perversions, HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases, etc. — while at the same time profiting and making a ton of money off of them. 

That’s how FEDERAL FUNDING as well as YOUR HIGH TUITION FEES have been wasted for years, in order to finance the “humanities” with porn. But now that the Internet has taken over, both public and private money can be saved for other “cultural” initiatives… 

“Propelled from Behind into the great Beyond” (FW 49.25)

No, thanks. 

“Talk about lowness!” (FW 171.29)

Big Bette, Sissy Sassy and the high culture of racist & redneck Tennessee. That’s where that jackass comes from and what he really is, so he should stop claiming he comes from Paris, yeah right 🙂 That’s just fucking pathetic!