Abortion: It’s Not 1973 Anymore

February 18, 2019

I can’t believe we’re still talking about abortion in the year 2019, with the best contraception in the world available to everyone, rich or poor. Consider these points: 




No one on the left will ever be honest and tell you exactly what is being done with the human bodies and body parts, e.g. skin, liver, glands, umbilical cord, etc. If this was made public, everyone could see the true financial motives of abortion fanatics, and approval rates for abortion would decrease dramatically even on the left.  

Criminals have been making millions of dollars with stem cells, transplants of organs, disastrous experimental surgeries — e.g. injections of fetal cells in Parkinson’s patients who later experienced an even worse degeneration — and all the political lobbying revolving around that enormous business.  

The MONEY is what really moves abortion fanatics, but they try to conceal that BESTIAL GREED behind a facade of self-righteousness and moral superiority. This is a gigantic financial fraud as well as a crime against humanity.

And make no mistake: fake feminist women are on the forefront of this scam,

killing other women to gain votes and big money from political lobbyists. 




In fact, abortion is the most dangerous form of family planning for women.

Abortion is also the worst type of sexism and sexual discrimination: it places all the burden on women, while allowing men to avoid their responsibilities and escape the consequences of their actions.

 If you’re a woman who respects herself, have nothing to do with abortion.

If you’re a man who respects women, have nothing to do with abortion. 

If you’re a human being and love your freedom,

have nothing to do with fucking Farrakhan and the Islamic fucking Brotherhood. 

Shariah will dominate the world?

Shariah will dominate your ASS, and you go fuck yourself! These are PIECES OF SHIT who come into democratic countries to use our democratic laws against ourselves. 




If women want to fight for their civil rights, they should focus on the elimination of physical and psychological violence against women; equal opportunities in housing, parenting and education; equal access to jobs, equal pay and equal respect on the workplace. 

We’re still MANY generations away from these basic forms of equality, and we won’t get there by politicizing abortion. 

Many generations away. 

Take the Civil Rights movement of Rev. Martin Luther King, for instance, wherefore we should now have equality among people of different races on the workplace and in society. 

Thanks to Mazzotta from Calabria and all the ignorant, racist, bigoted pigs he promotes by turning merit on its head, Civil Rights arrived at Yale’s Italian dept only in 2012, when the first black student, Kenise Lyons, earned a degree in Italian. Congratulations! 

Did she have an academic career, after that?

Did she get to teach lucrative “language classes” in Siena during the summer? 

Hey Kenise, how are you doing in that Maryland middle-school? 

They definitely kicked you out of the Yale Italian dept, didn’t they? You should also thank Millicent (Piggy) Marcus for that — she’s an ignorant moron who dabbles in film studies, and who was hired there God only knows why, by whom, and in exchange for what favor. 

So, the Italian mob kicked your ass out, and sent you back where they think you belong… 


But Mazzotta, Mr. Extortion from Calabria, did keep one of his “dear friends” around, i.e. ignorant and white Carol Chiodo (born on January 17, 1966), aged 53 but looking more like 63. Una vecchia e grassa megera! An old, fat hag!   

And Mazzotta’s “friendship” was so “loyal” that he overlooked Chiodo’s lousy CV and lack of academic credentials, e.g. first of all, she attended a nun’s school for handicapped people: ISTITUTO ADORAZIONE CADORNA http://www.adorazione.it/adorazione2013/ ; and moreover, she didn’t even have a B.A. upon admission — she had to get one, in a completely unrelated field, at the tender age of 46, from Fairfield Univ. (2008-2012).

Hundreds of thousands of dollars completely lost, thrown down the toilet. 

Not to mention, the great disservice to students and the loss of much better candidates. 

Excellent investment, Salovey! 


Didn’t you know that coming from an “ISTITUTO ADORAZIONE,” Italian citizens would have a BIG PROBLEM finding ANY job even in Italy? What the fuck are these thieves and scammers doing in the Ivy League? 

On top of that, Chiodo weighs at least 200 pounds and looks (and smells) like a pig! 


 But U.S. law prevents us from discriminating against poor Chiodo only because she’s old and her body has fallen apart — she’s grossly overweight, with heart disease and high blood pressure, poor eyesight and even a denture, i.e. fake teeth! 

Chiodo even used Yale’s health plan to pay for her teenage daughter for years!

Mazzotta is always very “generous” with other people’s money. 


What a fucking scam!




It’s not 1973 anymore, Roe v. Wade. 

Now there are many different types of affordable contraception that make surgeries completely unnecessary. If abortions were NOT financed by tax money anymore, all of a sudden you’d see those LAZY BITCHES getting info about contraception, and actually using it.

There are thousands of different pills before and after, but condoms also protect against sexually transmissible diseases (STDs). 

If a guy is too small/weak to wear one, tell him in no uncertain terms to FUCK OFF. If you don’t get rid of him right away, he’ll try to destroy your life out of envy and hatred because you’re a young, strong and good-looking woman, while he’s never been a man and never will be. Rest in hell, you garbage.   

Don’t laugh when you see his shame, just kick him out of your HGS dorm room ASAP. 

Don’t worry, you can always laugh later. 


Extra small condoms prank 

The fun begins 2:20 min into the video by NELK: 






That dumb bitch was a waitress and now she wants to rule the world? Give me a fucking break! 

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work bitch!
You want a Lamborghini? Sippin’ martinis?
Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch!
You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion?
Party in France?
You better work bitch! You better work bitch! 

It is NOT necessary to be a Christian/Catholic. 

But if you claim to be one — and especially if you’re stealing public and private money with that label, e.g. in pseudo-Catholic colleges and universities — you CANNOT also support abortion, or vote for people who support abortion in any way. 


You’re so Christian that 80% of your teaching staff work full time on a part-time contract without healthcare, without pension, without maternity leave, without sick days — not to mention vacation days, God forbid!!!

While at the same time, you’re leasing expensive cars, renting and renovating houses you can’t afford, travelling all over the world with your bitches, eating and drinking, accumulating social security, etc. 

 You’re the scum of the earth! 

We all know that you’re thieves and hypocrites, 

and you’ve been making money on the death of others. 


The debate about abortion in the United States is becoming more and more extreme because of two liberal and libertine Italian-Americans, who also claim to be devout Catholics, i.e. Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo.

These two hypocrites have been making millions of dollars through the lobbying and sponsorship of powerful medical industries dealing with STEM CELLS and ORGAN TRANSPLANTS, esp. the skin, which is the largest organ in the body; and the liver, which has the capacity to grow and repair itself. 

In particular, stem cells are coveted by everyone, since they can be used for virtually any intervention in the healthcare-and-beauty industry, including rejuvenating face masks and gynecological repairs & renovations. 

It’s a booming industry with infinite potential. 


Recycle for a greener future, so to speak…

Do you remember when we talked about the growing mass of sick and old baby boomers, who hang on to their life in spite of all odds? That’s how they’re wasting their last hours, instead of begging for forgiveness and making reparation for a truckload of mortal sins they’ve committed throughout the years:  


 Regenerative Aesthetics

Stem Cell Facials

Holistic Gynecology

Holistic Men’s Health

“The Center For Wellbeing’s [sic] clients receive the most effective, safe, and advanced regenerative stem cells available. Our unique UMBILICAL CORD STEM CELLS activates the body’s own self-healing mechanisms for cellular/tissue regeneration and repair.” 


One of the people connected with this gigantic fraud is Helen Hodges, “research leader” at the Yale medical lab on St Kitts and Nevis, and a close associate of Eugene Redmond, 73 in November, who’s currently under investigation for claims of sexual abuse against some of his students from 1994 until now. 

You don’t say!!!

Look at the complete absurdity of that situation: 

That crooked piece of shit in the field of psychiatry was supposed to represent “normalcy” and “mental health,” and instead he was a sociopath, a sexual pervert and a pathological liar, who would abuse the very people whose career he was getting paid to foster and support!!!  

A red hair-color at 73?

 That’s hideous, and also fucking crazy!  

That sexual scandal forced Redmond into retirement, but today he may still be stealing money in many different ways, with the help of his “friends” in the private sector. 

Stem cells to rejuvenate his coffin… 

But the reality is that Yale’s corrupt administration doesn’t give a fuck about sexual abuse and extortion against students, e.g. “you have to comply or your academic career is finished.” So, what’s the deal? 

How did those experiments go, with fetal cells for Parkinson’s? 

Abortion is widespread but technically illegal on St Kitts and Nevis. 

So, that’s one series of crimes: abortion plus the trade/recycling of body parts. 

And another series of crimes was committed against all the paying patients who bought into his “medical tourism” nonsense, and instead experienced an even worse degeneration and a nightmarish death.  

Do they have families?

Do they have surviving relatives? 

Is that the real reason why Salovey is so “deeply angered” at Eugene Redmond and his broken ass? 

Sexual abuse or disastrous human experiments — that’s the same disregard for human life. 

 17 January 2019: Eugene T. Redmond was born 1 November 1946 and registered to vote, 100 Circle Drive in Torrington, Connecticut 06790-5925. Unaffiliated. Voter status code: Active. Voter ID number 000454421 


This is Redmond’s crappy house in Torrington, 100 Circle Drive — check it out on Google Maps: 

Redmond has clearly been putting the money somewhere else — perhaps offshore? Perhaps where he used to work, on St Kitts and Nevis? Where’s the fucking money? 

That’s something people should be looking into, both for the investigation/prosecution and for the (expensive) defense. 

“A university dedicated to the PURSUIT OF TRUTH can ask no less of itself.”  

And in case you’re wondering, Yale does care about rich customers with financial and political influence, e.g. Musk, Rothschild and similar, if they can entice at least one of them to boost their profile. If anything happened to an extraordinarily wealthy person with political connections, they’d be scared shit and would do anything to fix the problem ASAP. 

So much for their fucking BULLSHIT about social justice — and you’re an idiot if you buy into their empty palaver. Mark my words: YALE EATS THE SHIT of international billionaires and Jewish tycoons, despite the fact that they may actually be voting Trump, thanks to his successful economic policy and his unprecedented support for Israel. God’s irony!

Nancy Pelosi (unfortunate Italian surname meaning “hairy”) has been supporting abortion by means of FEDERAL FUNDING, i.e. American taxes, throughout her (way too long) career. And not only in the United States, but also in many foreign countries, especially in South America. 

The rationale for this decision about the allocation of our American taxes, which is both political and financial, remains obscure: what exactly is America’s interest in South American abortions and aborted bodies? God only knows…  

BODIES, there’s a price-tag for everything.  



Bodies are more valuable than oil, and can be recycled over and over again. 

On the other hand, Andrew Cuomo is trying to bolster his shaky political career by giving out “presents” that he’s never bought with his own money, such as abortions until the very last minute and “free” healthcare — while supplies last — in New York. 

What a disaster for a sanctuary city like New York, which is already dirty, polluted and overcrowded as is! That new political crap is going to attract even more criminals and trashy people interested in abortion tourism, especially if it can pay a few bucks under the desk… 


On the other hand, abortion clinics will make MUCH MORE MONEY selling the body parts to private insurances, hospitals like Yale New Haven, and medical labs like Yale at St Kitts and Nevis.

It is a tragedy of gigantic proportions, but the church doesn’t have a coherent response to any of these problems and it’s failing everybody, conservatives and liberals, because it’s rotten to the core. 


Eat and drink, steal and bribe, fuck and get fucked, murder and be merry!  

     “Please, let me suck your ass, Hillary”   

    “OK, but give me the Catholic votes first!”  

It didn’t work, cunt. 

Check out Carmelo Abbate’s investigation into the double and triple life of gay priests and prelates in Rome. “His book Sex and the Vatican: a secret journey in the reign of the chaste (2011) was rather curiously ignored by almost all of the Italian media, becoming instead bestseller in France.” (Wiki) 

“Rather curiously” LOL 

The church has always been a safe haven for gays, and being gay has always been the perfect way to make a fast & furious career in the church. For many of them, predating on little boys and prepubescent girls — who are abused like boys — is an “ideal” situation, since children don’t have the critical and emotional maturity to defend themselves and denounce those heinous crimes to the police.    

Unfortunately, that’s only one in a series of books, newspaper articles and documentaries denouncing the crimes committed in the church, in particular: theft, bribes, embezzlement, illicit heterosexual or homosexual activity — remember that priests are bound to chastity —  and sexual abuses against children, women and vulnerable people like immigrants. 



Check out the excellent work of Emiliano Fittipaldi for Feltrinelli. 

The sexual scandals recently uncovered in the United States were added on top of those previously uncovered in Italy, destroying the image and the credibility of the church worldwide.

There is no solution to such endemic corruption other than the natural death of all the lukewarm, arrogant and self-righteous criminals involved, who will never be able to reform precisely because they are lukewarm, arrogant and self-righteous. 

The church needs to be regenerated from within, by eliminating all those smaller cancers as well as the biggest cancer of them all: PARASITISM, which makes every other crime possible.

The church is now filled to the brink with parasites who hypocritically pretend to care about God and neighbor, when in fact they don’t give a fuck about either. All they live for is free money, free food and wine, and sex abuse. 

We all know what you are — so, give it up, you DEAD SHIT! 


All the parasites living off the church will NEVER denounce the blatant crimes of their associates, since that would mean losing everything: a fixed salary for doing nothing and actually causing great spiritual harm and material damages; free food and wine; free housing with free cooking and free house-keeping; free car and transportation; free internet and phone; free pension and healthcare, etc.  

On the contrary, all those motherfuckers will cover up their own and other people’s corruption with NONSENSE and GARBAGE about “obedience to church hierarchy” and their “open-minded engagement with different ideas,” while at the same time slandering their victims. 

In this way, they will risk YOUR life to protect their own.

They will try to kill YOU in order to feed their fucking greed. 


Yeah, you wish! 

“If anyone causes one of these little ones — those who believe in me — to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6) 

Thieves and sex offenders will not reinvent God’s Law. 

The life of a priest should be exactly the opposite of what the world is witnessing today.  

Priests must be chaste, free from materialism and obedient only to God. Being obedient to God means to follow Jesus Christ on the Calvary: they must carry the Cross, be willing to stand up against corrupt human authority, and RISK THEIR LIVES to protect the flock, if necessary. If that’s not the case — and it’s definitely not the case now — they have no moral authority and no moral standing. 

Tim Dolan, for instance, has never covered up for the sexual abuse of children within the church. 

In fact, he doesn’t know anything about it 🙂  

The church is failing everybody.

The church is first of all failing its base, i.e. conservatives and coherent Christians who want to respect God’s Commandments.

God’s Commandments are meant to make a selection between good and evil, because entrance into the Kingdom of God is selective and must be paid for with sacrifice. God’s Commandments cannot be reinvented for illicit gain or political favor.  

That’s a MONSTROUS sin.

An ex-priest defrocked for embezzlement!? Look who’s talking!

We all know what you’ve been doing — give it up! 

Killing an innocent will always be a sin, and no one can reinvent this divine law by changing the definition of personhood. Likewise, there are precise regulations to guard one’s private life: the only type of sexual intercourse that’s legitimate in the eyes of God is the one between a man and a woman. And even so, only within the marital bond and with the intent to procreate. People are exempted if a medical condition stands in the way, e.g. statins are very common anti-cholesterol drugs incompatible with pregnancies. 

As far as I’m concerned, I’m respecting all these laws. And how about you, you old piece of shit? 

The crazy old lesbian and wanna-be theologian! 

Forget about theology! Less than 10 years ago, this was considered a severe pathology. And what has been changing in the meantime is not human or divine nature, but politics. 

I don’t give a FUCK about the shameful things that people do in their spare time — as long as it doesn’t become an issue on the workplace or in the classroom. But you can’t steal money with the Christian brand when you’re a hypocrite who doesn’t follow Christian laws and precepts. 

You’re a FUCKING THIEF and many people will be denouncing your crimes: 


Hey Olga, how’s the Boozava? 

There’s a long history of financial fraud connected to “religion” in the U.S., and some of it is absolutely outrageous, e.g. ignorant Olga Solovieva plagiarizing a comparative literature dissertation on the “Body of Christ” while having an extra-marital affair with Haun Saussy, who was married to Yu-Lin Wang and getting paid to “supervise” her dissertation and “academic” activity.

No conflict of interests there? 

You’ve got to be fucking kidding!

Top 10 religious scandals in the United States 

God’s Mercy is real and forgiveness is always possible, but there must be REPENTANCE and the willingness to change one’s behavior. That’s totally incompatible with (paradoxical) pride based on sexual identity, e.g. laxative gay pride. 

I personally COULDN’T CARE LESS about what people do in their private sphere, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the public dimension and with professional promotion, which should always be based on merit. 

But right now, it’s exactly the opposite, e.g. Sam See, an HIV-positive hooker and meth junkie with manic depression and a “small stroke,” kills himself in jail with a meth overdose on the night he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, i.e. “I will kill you, I will destroy you.” https://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/19/nyregion/questions-linger-after-death-of-yale-teacher-in-police-custody.html     

If Sam See hadn’t killed himself, he would have made tenure at Yale thanks to the honest and always reliable recommendations of his “dear friends,” i.e. Haun Saussy, Katie Trumpener, David Quint, Leslie Brisman, Langdon Hammer, Roberta Frank, etc. 

I don’t give a damn fuck about other people’s sexual habits, to be quite honest. 

But you can’t have it both ways.


You can’t make money with the Christian label, without also following its strict moral code. 

That’s a FRAUD and it’s not going to go unpunished. 


That’s the shit hole, Biology 101

I told you… 🙂 

Explore and open up new possibilities… 

The church is rotten to the core and failing everybody, conservatives and liberals. 

Conservatives are appalled by the sexual and financial scandals, and even more so by the hypocritical cover-ups. Liberals, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about idiots like Dolan, with his pork chops and his whiskey. That’s understandable.

But they also believe that supporting materialism, sexual promiscuity, unrestricted abortion and the fabrication of “new” genders is a sign of moral superiority. And that’s the new, man-made religion in which they blindly believe, and which they violently try to impose on everyone else. 

The new creed promotes skepticism and cultural relativism in every other field EXCEPT itself. 

It’s full of paradoxical and contradictory dogmas that are always and absolutely right, so nobody’s supposed to even doubt it, question it, expose its absurd contradictions, and make fun of it. 

But deconstructive and reconstructive SATIRE is actually very enjoyable and oddly satisfying,

so I’d recommend it to anyone.

Open borders! 

And welcome in, everybody! 🙂 

That’s what I call LAXATIVE PRIDE, Bio 101.

The church would definitely love to get their money too, if these people could only “repent” and “convert.” But “repentance” and “conversion” are really the last thoughts on their mind. 

And it’s a real shame for the church to fail so miserably in understanding this basic fact.  

By and large, liberals don’t give a fuck about Catholicism, unless they want to make money off of it. 

Fake old nun — nobody wants your “services,” go fuck yourself! 

Such parasites are everywhere in divinity schools, pseudo-Catholic colleges and universities and in the church itself, of course. If you want to uncover their fraud, look at the MONEY: where it comes from, and where it’s going. 

The money comes from democrat donors, i.e. university labs and clinics like Yale at St Kitts and Nevis, with a stake in the business of abortion and the “recycling” of body parts for “research,” transplants and experimentation. The benefactors of humanity! 

And of course, never forget the media bitches, B.A., shitting out shameless advertisement crap for their political allies or, vice versa, libel and slander against their political rivals. 

Where are they now? 

Where’s Miss Maureen O’Connor, B.A., from impoverished Ireland? 

Unfortunately, the Gawker went bankrupt and was shut down ages ago.

So, Miss O’Connor is now back where she belongs: sucking cock on the streets. 

But stupid whores have a very brief shelf-life with vice 🙂 

Get an exorcist for your Irish curse, Maureen, and get well soon! 

Money and advertisement from the left go to finance the debt of fake Catholics who agree to promote their paradoxical, new religion and absolutist political agenda made of gender confusion, invention of new genders, free sex for all, unlimited abortion, open borders and unchecked immigration — which they hope will bring more leftist votes to put them back in power, where they can steal YOUR money more easily. 

 And everything is done in the name of God’s Mercy! 🙂   

Is Miss Kathryn Lofton still stealing money at the Yale Divinity School, with her old lesbian cunt?   

These are self-righteous sinners who preach God’s mercy for themselves…

…and damnation for everyone else. 


Laughing Compilation 





Why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old, broken ass, Saussy?  

Look at this shit:  

“The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates THE NEED FOR UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT TO THINK THE UNTHINKABLE, and CHALLENGE THE UNCHALLENGEABLE. 

To curtail freedom of expression strikes twice at INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views necessarily also deprives others of the right to listen to those views.”

 Programs and Policies of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2011, p. 530


Sure, eat my shit! 

Let me tell you a secret, asshole:  

The reason why my satire works all over the world is because it is true and based on the truth. 

 The best laughter springs from the truth. 

It does not oppress the innocent, but makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals. 


You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. 

You can’t forge it, as you did with your wife’s crappy dissertation. 

And you can’t slander it, as you’re trying to do with me, my husband and even my family — as well as anybody who speaks up and denounces your academic and financial frauds. You’re not going far with this, since at least a couple of million people know that Olga Solovieva is a stupid, ignorant, ugly hoe from friendly Russia with depression, crappy white hair and a drinking problem.

Saussy should face reality and go to hell:

These are his brothers working at a Mexican restaurant:

Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right). 

Making America Great Again


A family of intellectuals and upper-class people! 🙂  

Saussy’s father, Tupper Saussy, was an insane KKK conspiracy theorist, who was tried and convicted for tax evasion but escaped the feds, living like a bum on the streets for more than 10 (ten) years!

Finally he was apprehended, and had to spend 2 years IN JAIL before dying like a dog.  

Look who’s talking about other people’s parents and families!!!


Tupper KKK Saussy tried to justify and exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King!!! 

Something completely desperate, crazy, stupid and EVIL. 

I really wonder. If anyone in my family had had ANY connection with the KKK or any other racist organization, I would never have been hired as a professional student at an Ivy League university. 

So, HOW THE FUCK did Saussy get in? 

Rest in hell, insane KKK conspiracy theorist;

water-color painter of paper bags;

convicted tax evader;

fugitive bum for 10+ years;



Saussy is just worthless white trash from redneck Tennessee. 

He has made it his business to harass, slander and abuse graduate students, so he can create a diversion and cover-up his extra-marital affair with a Russian hose who was also his dissertation advisee! 

That isn’t just cheating — that’s a record-breaking academic and financial fraud! 

Saussy was supposed to direct Stupidieva’s “academic research” and dissertation, but he actually wrote that bullshit, and pestered each and everyone in the business to come up with a tenure track for her, in a bogus field such as “film studies and comparative literature,” at a time when not even Albert Einstein would be able find one! 

No conflict of interest there, absolutely. 

He just needed the money pay alimony to his ex-wife. 

The “Body of Christ” is a very paradoxical subject for a couple of drunken cheats like Saussy and Solovieva.

And it took him no less than TWELVE YEARS to publish a small part of it! 

Why was it even passed, then, by 3 personal friends of Saussy’s?  

Woah, there’s a entire bottle of cheap wine in that glass! 

Olga Solovieva, Victor Fan and Haun Saussy taking the pic.

One, two, three… that’s a B movie — a horror movie!!!   


I wonder how they fuck him. 

Maybe in a manwich, with Solovieva on top using a strap-on? 

Or the two guys sucking each other’s filth in a 69…

and Solovieva fucking her drunken husband in the shit?  




Or maybe…  


When the shit hits the fan! 🙂

Victor Fan is a trashy old drunkard who pretends to be a woman. 

And in his delusion, he’s absolutely convinced to be healthy, sane and attractive… 


But if the entire human race suffered from his same mental illness & pathological delusion, 

we would all go extinct in less than 70 years.  


Fan is an adjunct who gets hired and fired every year.

As soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, he’ll be one of the first to get fired.  

And what will he do, since he doesn’t have a fucking dime? 


And after all that INSANITY an CORRUPTION, 

HOW ON EARTH can that hypocrite be tolerated when he accuses anyone else? 


Haun Saussy’s castration complex has a name, and it’s called Yu-Lin Wang 🙂  

Links to my article, Court Documents for Solovieva, Saussy and Wang:




Nicki Minaj, Lookin’ Ass Niggas 

“Look at y’all, can’t get a job, so you plottin’ how to rob ass niggas.”


Fucking Saussy cannot identify any “methodology” or “subject matter” for comparative literature. But this doesn’t say anything about the discipline itself, only the way he misrepresents it based on the sort of ignorant plagiarist he is. Saussy has been projecting his sick, empty, ignorant mind onto an entire discipline for too many years.  


Should comparative literature really be like “the virtue of Zen emptiness,” as he foolishly claims? 

Of course not, that’s an academic & financial fraud. 

Without any established methodology, how can anyone censor anyone else’s academic research and writing? 

There are ZERO African Americans and ZERO Italian Americans in comp.lit  

It’s KKK-friendly, like Tupper Saussy.  

The dogs involved in this scam are academic plagiarist and fraudsters who cause an incalculable damage to the education system, not only in this country but also in Europe. 

On the one hand, they make up stories and forge “undeniable” evidence to eliminate anybody who speaks up to denounce their crimes, in particular sex harassment and abuse of students and teaching staff, work exploitation, extortion and blackmailing.  

And on the other, they support all their worthless and ignorant “friends,” like the deceased Sam See, with whom they have a pact of non-belligerence and mutual protection, i.e. they don’t rat on each other’s ignorance, financial frauds and sex abuses. 

So, if someone needs a cover-up for something illegal he’s doing…

For instance, with his dissertation advisee in 2005 or 2006…  

In this way, they try to keep the scam going as long as possible. 

And in corrupt places like Yale, this only adds insult to injury when you consider that 99% of the teaching personnel don’t even have a Yale degree, but come from lesser universities in the United States like Cornell, Notre Dame or Chicago. 

So, do they become more competent when they’re hired? Of course not — same crap as before. 

And at the same time, the best scholars in English Lit are always employed somewhere else, e.g. the U.K. or Berkeley.   


 So much for all the ignorant, envious rednecks who use PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and NETWORKING to slander and character-assassinate other people and their entire families, exactly like the MOB. What goes around, comes around. Every human being must face death, and they will not escape justice. 

If that hypocrite truly believes in the Divine Justice and Retribution he feels entitled to practice toward other human beings — without being a bishop himself, in fact, quite the opposite of that — then he should never forget that human life is full of unforeseen circumstances and acts of God. 

Especially since he has a perfect example of INSANITY in his father, Tupper Saussy, who blatantly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was convinced that the government was PERSECUTING him through taxation, which eventually led to his trial, condemnation and incarceration. 

Paranoia, schizophrenia and jail? A deranged and deeply disturbed individual who befriended and tried to exculpate the MURDERER of Martin Luther King, Leader of the Civil Rights Movement?? But that’s an excellent DNA!!!    

And speaking of Divine Justice, many physical and mental illness may befall you, especially since they’re already in your DNA, before you reach your final destination 6 feet under: 


Caleb Powell Haun was Saussy’s maternal grandfather, who died at 59 (1904-1963). 

They usually have a short life. 

Until very recently, self-professed “sex historians” like Richard Maxwell — Katie Trumpener’s partner, who died of BRAIN CANCER in 2010, aged 61 — had to place special orders at their academic libraries, like Yale’s Sterling Memorial, in order to have access to all types of porn. 

ALL types of porn are available at Sterling Memorial, both legal and illegal, meaning child porn. I can’t believe that the federal government isn’t interested in what’s been going on. And in my opinion, many people involved with all that CRAP should go to jail and remain there for a long, long time.  

For sick and deranged individuals like Richard Maxwell, Haun Saussy, Katie Trumpener, Sam See, Moira BDSM Fradinger, etc., researching “sex history” has always been a way to cover up their mental illnesses, depressions, strokes, brain cancers, alcoholism, drug addictions, HIV and sexual perversions — while at the same time still making money off of them. 

Sam See was a meth junkie bitch who committed suicide in jail. 

That’s how FEDERAL FUNDING as well as YOUR HIGH TUITION FEES have been wasted for years to foster the “progress” of the “humanities,” yeah right. But now that you can find everything online, both private and public money can be saved for other “cultural initiatives”…