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My work website www.margheritamaleti.com is “Academic Satyricon – Swine Deconstruction” dedicated to the deconstruction of the lovely, ridiculous scholarly criminals I know so much about, e.g. David Quint, Lawrence Manley, Katie Trumpener, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Pericles Lewis, Pam Schirmeister, Geoffrey Hartman, Edward Barnaby, Stefan Esposito, Barry McCrea, Ray Lurie, Andrew Ehrgood, Jane Levin, Tim Robinson, Martin Devecka, Moira Fradinger, just to mention a few at Yale University.

No one can beat Pasolini’s satire in Salo’, only Fellini comes close to it in the Satyricon, his filmic interpretation of the political satire of Latin writer Petronius (27-66 AD).

On his part, Fellini’s Satyricon gave me an inspiration for all the absurd, nonsensical characters who populate my websites, some of them listed above.

How many people in the world have a website – let alone two? Being a relatively new media, there are no set rules or standards for the blogsphere – the only rule is: WHAT WORKS. Usually what works is a combination of images, videos and posts focused on one single topic, with a lot of wit and satire, as people like to laugh.

It takes some time to hit the right formula with the right length for each entry, etc. My websites really got started last October/November (2014) and I give myself a full year to bring them to the point where I want them to be.

The blogsphere is in English, so it’s complexity upon complexity for those who are unfamiliar with the academic world – this crappy, corrupt, messy bubble.

I hope with my witness and critical insight to be able help other students (and their paying families) make the correct choice, if they are thinking to invest their precious time and money in this field: the humanities are dead, choose the professions.

Here’s the great Fellini, always anticipating trends/fashions by at least two generations —>>>

Fellini’s Satyricon



A Symbol for Pasolini’s Salo’ or the 120 Days of Sodom


 In Pasolini’s  Salo’ the four main perverts in charge of the villa are representatives of politics/the military, the financial/industrial world, the church and academia.

Pier Paolo Pasolini was an outspoken homosexual, even though he had a glamorous relationship with Greek diva/opera singer Maria Callas, and no one more than him has ever criticized the unexplored connection between homosexuality and political power as in this film d’autore.

Of course now, given the very different political climate, Pasolini is conveniently forgotten. But that is not possible: he was one of the greatest filmmakers in cinema history, a poet, a journalist and an art critic. His art and his genius will forever remain with us, part of the republic of letters.


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