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Rejoyce in Peace: A Study of Finnegans Wake III.4

*** Quote, don’t plagiarize *** My scholarship is copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress. This (long) article has the same format of its first publication at the University of Bologna.  New Antivirus Antihacker at the end.  Measure for Measure

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  • 12th Feb, 2017

New Antivirus Antihacker 2019

************ ANTIVIRUS ANTIHACKER  ********************    Why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old, broken ass, Saussy?   Look at this shit:   “The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates THE NEED FOR UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT TO THINK

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  • 3rd Nov, 2016

The horror, the horror… Part II

January 28, 2019 Miss Yu-Lin Wang in her prime…  … many, many years ago. This year, 2017, she’s 58… …and she doesn’t look exactly like Halle Berry, let’s say :)) Let’s zoom in… Notice the hairline receding to the middle of her empty

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  • 29th Oct, 2016

The Islamist feminists

January 31, 2019 MOTHERFUCKING BITCHES Without a referendum they bypass the border into Italy, France and Germany,  abuse our democracy and our social services — free healthcare, free schools, free speech, free elections in a free democracy — that took thousands of years to establish, AND

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  • 27th Oct, 2016

The Fraud of Uncertified Translation

January 31, 2019 CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS, CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS There’s a big academic (and financial) fraud connected to the world of translation, consecutive interpretation, language teaching and comparative literature, i.e. world literature in English translation. Let’s be clear: you are NOT a certified translator if

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  • 3rd Oct, 2016

All your BULLSHIT is coming back to you

January 31, 2019 I’M AN INDUSTRIAL-SIZED FAN YOU’RE A BIG ASSHOLE FULL OF SHIT Nice rectal prolapse, Saussy! Great effort you’ve been putting into it…   And when your BULLSHIT hits this fan, you’ll have to keep calm and EAT IT ALL

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  • 30th Sep, 2016

The worst Italian dept in the country

  Un terrone calabrese, corrotto e ignorante come la merda, che non ha mai neanche imparato a parlare inglese!  Passioni segrete, per cosi’ dire.   Nonostante tutta la corruzione, a 79 anni e’ un pezzente che non riesce neanche ad

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  • 30th Sep, 2016

Fuck the fake priests

January 31, 2019 According to Carmelo Abbate’s Sex and the Vatican (2008), illicit sex is ubiquitous in the church.  The vast majority of “priests” are engaged in, or were engaged at some point in the past, in illicit sexual relations with either women

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  • 14th Apr, 2016

Find a Grave for Haun Saussy

January 31, 2019 Find genealogical trees and stones at This is the tomb stone of Tupper Saussy, conspiracy theorist author of Tennessee Waltz and Rulers of Evil.  Water-color painter of carton bags;  Crazy, deranged conspiracy theorist;  Friend and apologist of Martin

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  • 5th Nov, 2015