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Having studied computer science at U.C. Berkeley in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), where I was on the Dean’s Honors List with a 3.94 GPA , I created three websites of academic satire, copyrighting my name:

My academic research on Shakespeare and the pact with the devil in Hamlet is copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress. Hence, stupid scammers and envious bitches like Giuseppe Mazzotta – who has never even taken a Shakespeare class in his entire life – shouldn’t even dare think about plagiarizing.

The whole world is watching, and that’s never going to work. 


Some people seem to be very envious of my professional and personal accomplishments, in spite of the fact that I was a legal immigrant to the United States and I was raped, according to the legal definition of rape, while I was a graduate student at Yale. Despite such terrible setbacks, I have demonstrably more intellectual acumen, more focus, moral strength and motivation than many unremarkable individuals who, on the other hand, have achieved very little in life. And now they must take responsibility for their failures and existential disasters without blaming anyone else.

I came to the U.S. in the fall semester of 2005 after winning an international and very competitive bid for a 6-year fellowship in comparative literature at Yale University; my five other colleagues that year came from South Korea, Romania, Russia and other parts of the United States. I became an American citizen in 2014 and from a professional standpoint, I manage a real estate Limited Liability Company in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, CT. In the States, I’m a registered Independent, a loyal taxpayer and have never committed any crime or felony of any type in my entire life, either in the U.S. or in Italy.

My focus has always been academic and professional work. Indeed, I have attended some of the best schools and universities in the world, e.g. my classical lyceum, Ludovico Antonio Muratori (Modena, Italy), where I graduated with the highest score (60/60), was established as a Court Academy in 1591; my university, the original Alma Mater Studiorum, was established in 1088 as the first university in the Western world; and after winning a competitive international bid, I was admitted on a full fellowship to the University of California at Berkeley, where I studied English linguistics (in the department of Linguistics), English literature (in the English department) and computer science (in the department of Computer Engineering), and where I was on the Dean’s Honors List with a 3.94 GPA (4-point scale).  

Italian is my native language and I also speak fluent English, French and German, with working knowledge of Spanish and ancient Latin, having graduated at the top of my class, 110/110 Summa Cum Laude and Dignità di Stampa (i.e. my dissertation was recommended for publication) from the University of Bologna, est. 1088, with a Masters’ degree in Translation Studies in 2004.

Unlike many other frustrated and envious people in the departments of comparative literature and Italian at Yale, I have been happily married for 12 years – and not just to anybody, but to a very handsome gentleman, a tenured professor and an international scholar in the field of classics and ancient history.   

On the other hand, a simple internet search with different search engines reveals that other individuals have graduated from very mediocre and substandard schools – in spite of their daddy’s mafioso “connections” – and now they claim to be “freelance” this or that, without any pension plan or heath coverage. No wonder they are so envious!

But they must take responsibility for all their failures and existential disasters without blaming others, who thank God have nothing to do with their unremarkable, petty lives. 

Stupid scammers and envious bitches like Giuseppe Mazzotta just make other people laugh! 

In my humble opinion, the Internet represents the future of academic publishing and academic instruction. What happened with the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has only shown the potential for a more just and egalitarian society using modern technology. 

A word of caution to hypocrites: over many decades, the U.S. has produced an immense amount of FILTH in the media, which has negatively affected and scandalized the whole world, so that even hostile countries may claim a higher moral ground. Now, you can’t pretend to be outraged by the very people who denounce the filth that YOU have been putting out there for all these years. That’s rich! Nice try! You’ve got A LOT of work to do to clean up your backyard before accusing anyone else. 


From January to November 2019, the views (human beings, not bots) for my sites of academic satire were almost 400,000 from more than 60 countries around the world! That’s quite impressive for a victims of sexual assault who is not advertising or selling anything, but only giving good advice on how to avoid filthy sexual predators and stupid scammers like Giuseppe Mazzotta:   

U.S.A. 148,295;

China 58,199;

Ukraine 52,293;

France 52,210;

Russian Federation 32,261;

Germany 17,488;

Canada 8,215;

U.K. 7,464;

South Korea 3,420;

Netherlands 3,034;

Czech Republic 1,320;

Italy 1,267;

Taiwan 1,020; 

Brazil 970; 

India 876; 

Romania 867; 

Vietnam 807; 

Sweden 754; 

Israel 641; 

Indonesia 618; 

Poland 530;

Greece 402; 

Spain 342; 

Hong Kong 270;

Belgium 235;

Singapore 228; 

Japan 221;

Malaysia 197; South Africa 173; Ireland 159; Turkey 156; Colombia 141; Pakistan 129; Egypt 103; Austria 87; Switzerland 77; Iraq 81; Mexico 55; Hungary 61; Peru 58; Thailand 45; Philippines 41; Bulgaria 37; Portugal 39; Argentina 36; Bangladesh 32; Slovakia 32; Chile 28; Denmark 30; Kazakhstan 28; Australia 29; Saudi Arabia 23; Lao People’s Democratic Republic 21; Finland 18; Seychelles 21; Serbia 15; Ghana 15; Moldova 14;  Albania 15; Norway 16; Iran (Islamic Republic of) 13; Belarus 15; Uzbekistan 9; Venezuela 8; Georgia 8; Latvia 8; Luxembourg 8; Cambodia 10; Jordan 7; Libya 7; Sudan 6; Azerbaijan 5; Angola 5; Slovenia 5; Qatar 4; Niger 4; Sri Lanka 4; Iceland 5; Honduras 6; Ecuador 6; Macao 3; Kenya 3; Afghanistan 3; Madagascar 3; Oman 2; Antigua and Barbuda 2; Cameroon 2; Bosnia and Herzegovina 2; Maldives 2; Lebanon 2; Costa Rica 2; Palestine, State of 2; Nepal 2; Myanmar 1; Croatia 1; Mauritius 1; Macedonia 1; Mongolia 1; Bahamas 1; Kyrgyzstan 1; Bolivia 1; Uganda 1; Virgin Islands (U.S.) 1; Liberia 1; Dominican Republic 1; Tunisia 2; Morocco 1; Paraguay 1; Djibouti 1; Cyprus 3.   

Jeez, why so many people in Ukraine? 

Perhaps due to politics & the Trump-effect? 

Good-looking people! 

Love you too, guys! 🙂

That’s how the Calabrese mafia looks like. 

 And for haters: don’t plagiarize, don’t lie all the fucking time like a self-righteous and delusional egomaniac, and most of all: don’t try to have sex with female students, especially when they are 35 years younger than your fat, old ass! Criminals and hypocrites can try to cheat and lie, but their unbelievable lies and stupid little plots are never successful in the end. 


As a victim of sexual assault, my goal is to give truthful information to other innocent students/scholars and their families – especially women, internationals and people of color like myself – so that they may be able to make a more informed and responsible choice on how to invest their precious time and money. I can testify that this information is true; but unfortunately, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

For many years now, Giuseppe Mazzotta has been hiring his “dear friends” with zero academic qualifications for lucrative positions in the Italian department, without any real national or international search. With so many instances of corruption and bribery, the Italian department has become known as “Goodfellas.”

For instance, Michael Farina is an ignoramus with a bachelor’s degree from the irrelevant and inconsequential “University of Connecticut.” And he’s there only because his parents have paid cash to some “insider” at Yale (who might that bribe-loving person be?) to keep their stupid son occupied doing something during the day.

Another deplorable instance of bribery and corruption: Anna Iacovella comes from a “private university” run by Catholic nuns in Southern Italy! But for your information, all the best universities in Italy are public and run by the state; while any such private, religious institution is only designed for unfortunate individuals with mental retardation, crippling mental illness and learning disabilities. 

Then again, Carol Chiodo also comes from a religious institution for the mentally challenged, namely a high-school run by Catholic nuns called Saint Orsola Benincasa. Ms. Chiodo was admitted without a bachelor’s degree thanks to Mazzotta’s “friendship” with her husband, P. Chiodo. Moreover, Carol Chiodo’s embarrassingly badly written and unpublishable dissertation was in fact plagiarized by Giuseppe Mazzotta himself in exchange for cash from the Chiodos. Mazzotta used that cash to pay a “$200,000 hospital bill” for one of his mature family members, who was involved – without having an individual health-plan – in a street accident while “driving a bicycle under the influence.” These quotations represents Giuseppe Mazzotta’s own words.   

Moreover, Giuseppe Mazzotta has admitted to the doctoral program – and conferred doctorate titles to – much older individuals without academic qualifications. For instance, a 65 y/o such individual was admitted around the academic year 2001-2002, and later he obtained the doctoral title, simply by paying cash to some “insider” (again, who might that be?) and by paying the expenses for the marriage/honeymoon of the department secretary, Ms. DeLauro. What corruption! What unbelievable self-righteousness! And what shameless hypocrisy! But Yale’s a village, and everybody knows about these deplorable individuals.

Everybody knows about the general corruption and bribery that reigns in the discredited Italian department. But somehow Giuseppe Mazzotta is convinced (self-delusion, stupidity or both?) that Yale will always cover up for him in order not to lose government funding, tuition fees and donations.  

All these unqualified, filthy and corrupt individuals are a complete scandal for Italian scholarship and academia – virtually any graduate from a state university in Italy is more qualified than them – and they propagate a horrible image of Italians-as-mobsters around the world.

In my humble opinion, it is impossible to overstate the damage done to Italy’s image in general, and to Italian scholarship and academia in particular, by Giuseppe Mazzotta and his accomplices. 

If you care about yourself and your family, do your best to stay away from the corrupt Italian department at Yale – that’s totally in the hands of the mafia.  

As previously remarked, sexual assaults and financial scams are two sides of the same coin at Yale.

While I was studying and working as a graduate student at Yale, I was raped several times by a repeat sex offender – we know this by his own admission, since he often brags about all the people he has sexually abused and molested over his ‘career.’

The attacker has threatened and blackmailed both me and my husband numerous times. Moreover, the attacker has systematically defamed me with Yale faculty, staff and administrators in order to get rid of an important witness and then plagiarize my original idea and academic research regarding the pact with the devil in Hamlet

With that new and original scholarly insight, the sex offender hoped to make at least “$300,000” in order to maintain and subsidize his “struggling” family members, who had “financial problems” and represented a “financial burden” to him. These quotations represent his actual words and statements. 

The attacker often threatened me claiming that if I tried to reveal anything about his sexual abuses, he would “kill” my personal life and my academic career by slandering me with his many “friends” and “connections,” telling them what an “evil sinner” and “bad person” I was.

Being an Italian American with African DNA, the sex offender attacked and defamed me with the N-word, calling me a “N-gger” a “White N-gger” an “evil sinner” and a “N-gger bitch,” in different combinations. These quotations represent his actual statements.

Not only is he a violent sexual predator, but also a vile racist, a bigoted hypocrite and a narcissistic sociopath with functional schizophrenia, egomaniacal personality, self-delusion and detachment from reality, who should never be allowed access to students, especially female students, and younger people in general. 

Indeed, Giuseppe Mazzotta has never hired any Black professor in the Italian department; while the first Black graduate student (K. Lyons) was admitted as recently as 2006!

But precisely because Mazzotta considered her “inferior” as a Black Woman, Lyons was marginalized and excluded from academia, and she’s been trying to make ends meet by teaching in a Maryland middle-school for Black people like herself. But did she need a doctorate for that? And did she need to waste so many years of contributions? So much for so little! 

The facts prove that Mazzotta is pathologically racist and sexist, and until very recently, he has managed the Italian department accordingly. What a complete disgrace for Italian culture and academia!  


The attacker has a pattern of violent sexual abuse and he uses grooming behavior – e.g. physical coercion, threats, extortion and blackmail, shame and guilt, etc. – against targeted female students, especially international students who are in a vulnerable situation without friends or acquaintances in the new country.

First, the attacker threatens the students – e.g. “You have to pay this tax to me, or I will kill your career” – and brags about all the people he has already sexually abused up until that point. The attacker feels totally confident that Yale will protect him in order to avoid losing face and government money. 

The attacker tells targeted students that “having sex” with him is like “being initiated into Skull & Bones” so they should be “proud” of having being “tapped,” and “ashamed” if they don’t “comply” with his demands. By his own admission, he is a repeat sex offender and these quotations represent his own words and statements.

After that, the attacker plays the victim, complaining about his family in order to elicit sympathy, e.g. “See the people I have to live with? You’re much better than them,” and other such nonsense. After listening to his blabber and verbal diarrhea, one can easily understand that the attacker has no esteem whatsoever for his family members, whom he considers “intellectually inferior” and a “financial burden” to him.

For instance, the attacker uses derogatory comments against his elderly wife: he claims she suffers from “paranoid schizophrenia” and is always “heavily medicated,” which takes away her “personality,” so she’s like a “zombie” and can’t be “a real wife” to him.

According to the attacker, the only reason why he didn’t divorce his wife is that by doing so he “would have lost all the money.” Being so detached from reality, it never occurs to him that no self-respecting young woman would ever tolerate his dysfunctional and horrible physicality; his narcissistic, egomaniacal and delusional personality; and above all, his perverted and violent sexuality. 

Furthermore, the attacker claims that his son and one of his daughters in particular are “losers” who were too “stupid” and “intellectually inferior” to be admitted to the Ivy League, despite all his “friendships” in the field, so now they represent a “constant worry” and “financial burned” to him. Possibly because of the “financial burden” she represents, the attacker constantly complains about her, for instance, he can’t get over the fact that she wasn’t admitted to the Ivy League, so he constantly ridicules her “stupidity” and claims she suffers from “bipolar depression and ADHD.” These quotations represent his actual words and statements. 

The attacker resents the fact that for years she was unable to find/keep a “decent job” with benefits; he claims she has an “unimpressive” and “underwhelming” physical appearance, so she “can’t get married,” pay her own bills and “get off of [his] back.” In a ridiculous way, the attacker complains about her “abortions,” which is truly absurd given that virtually 100% of Yale faculty, staff and students enthusiastically support abortion, and he himself is a repeat sex offender. 

But above all, the attacker gets mad thinking about the ca. $200,000 he had to pay for her hospital expenses a few years ago, when she was involved in a car accident while riding her bicycle “under the influence.”

These quotations represent the attacker’s own statements about his family members, which in my opinion reveal a sociopathic, narcissistic, unempathetic, violent and mean personality.  

The same slanderous offenses and personal attacks are later used by the attacker to get rid of the victims of his sexual abuses by means of projection, i.e. he projects his own and his family’s problems on the victims, in order to detract from their academic merit, diminish their professional profile and make them look bad with Yale faculty members and administrators. In this way, he hopes their visa will not be renewed, their scholarship will be discontinued and they will be sent back to their countries of origin.

The attacker went above and beyond the call of duty in my case, turning my academic record upside down, calling me a “N-gger,” a “White N-gger” a “N-gger bitch,” an “evil sinner,” a “radicalized religious fanatic,” an “international terrorist,” a “suicide bomber” and a “threat to students” in an attempt to get me fired from Yale and have my citizenship application turned down. Fortunately for me and my family, the DOJ officers were unphased by such blatant and bigoted bullshit, and after conducting the usual background check and screening, I earned my U.S. citizenship in 2014.

Yale’s a village, as we have said before, and when other Yale faculty/administrators became suspicious, the attacker tried to deny having raped me and exculpated himself alleging I was “handicapped” and “old” and I looked “horrible,” so it would have been impossible for him to even think about raping me. Nice try!   

Hence, the relevant pictures attached here are not meant to humiliate a ‘poor, old man’ but to show factual reality and to debunk the attacker’s malicious slander even about my body and age. That’s what an age-difference of almost 35 years looked like.   

Margherita Maleti – Hall of Graduate Students, third floor – Yale University, December 2005.

I was born on June 3, 1976 in the town of Carpi, province of Modena, 

in the industrialized Northern region of Emilia Romagna. 


Comparatively speaking,

Mazzotta was born on 01/01/1942 in Curinga, province of Catanzaro,

in the Southern region of Calabria, which is dominated by the mafia. 

There is an age difference of 34 ½ years between the attacker and the victim.   

Self-delusional sociopath, be ashamed of yourself! 

My goal in denouncing these terrible sexual abuses is to help other victims who in the past may have been abused by the same sex offender; and to warn other students/scholars and their families against institutionalized rape culture and sexual violence at Yale. 

After sexually abusing his victims, the attacker starts slandering his victims with calumnies, insults and personal attacks in order to get rid of them as witnesses and send them back to their country of origin. The attacker maliciously slandered me, i.e. knowing it wasn’t true, and made up stories about every possible aspect of my life, including: my city of origin in Northern Italy, my Italian relatives, my superior academic record, my younger age and even my good looks, which was one of the factors that prompted him to sexually assault me in the first place.

Just by listening to his slanderous and malicious blabber, and without knowing me or my academic accomplishments, one would have concluded I was perhaps the most satanic AND stupid individual on the East Coast!

To be clear: my historical lyceum, Ludovico Antonio Muratori (Modena, Italy), where I graduated with the highest score (60/60), was established as a Court Academy in 1591; while my Alma Mater Studiorum, the University of Bologna, where I graduated at the top of my class (110/110 cum laude) and where my dissertation was recommended for the print, was founded in 1088 as the first university in the Western world. So, I couldn’t care less about the attacker’s approval or disapproval. 

That said, it is a fact that his sexual abuses, defamation and attempted plagiarism have severely damaged my academic career, and indeed my career in any field, and caused immense suffering and financial losses to myself, my husband and my family. Having studied in some of the best universities in the world, all the time and money invested in my elite literary education has been lost, at least for now – amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s completely absurd and unjustifiable even for a corrupt, violent, filthy and hypocritical place like Yale, where rape and sexual violence are glorified and institutionalized.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were scores of sexual abuse cases each semester at Yale.

The corrupt administration denies responsibility for these crimes and tries to cover them up for fear of losing important donations, tuition fees and government funding – and they do so by supporting the sex offenders on the one hand, and blaming the victims/witnesses on the other.

In order to blame the victims/witnesses, Yale also uses institutionalized online defamation, which is a brand-new tool in the sex offender’s toolkit.

The goals of institutionalized online defamation are the following:

1) the social isolation, stigmatization and demonization of the victims/witnesses;

2) the unemployment and financial destruction of the victims/witnesses, so they will be unable to pay for legal assistance and healthcare services in the United States; 

3) the exposure of the victims/witnesses to violence from online stalkers and criminals;

4) but the ultimate and most important goal of institutionalized online defamation is the physical elimination of the victims/witnesses either by murder or suicide, so as to get rid of anyone who may incriminate the sex offenders.

From the perspective of repeat sex offenders and their enablers at Yale, death by suicide is much ‘preferable’ because it allows the victims/witnesses to be blamed and slandered forever, in perpetuity; while death by murder tends to create martyrs, who may elicit sympathy and admiration, and even persuade people that the crimes for which they have lost their lives need to be accounted for and punished.

This is a partial list of sex offenders that have been enabled by Yale in the past, or are still now getting money, protection and support from the university: Antonio Lasaga; Jaime Lara; Thomas Pogge; Michael Simons; Joseph Schlessinger; Rex Mahnensmith; Raymond Clark; Eugene Redmond; Harold Bloom; Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria; Sam See, etc. 

These are only some of the best-known sex offenders at Yale in recent years. The individual who attacked me several times feels confident that Yale will protect him in order to avoid losing face and money, i.e. tuition fees, donations and government money.

Now, with the diffusion of online education due to COVID-19, one would reasonably hope that sexual abuse cases may go down. In this way, the pandemic has turned out to be a paradoxical blessing for undergraduate and graduate students that are much less exposed to all the sex offenders at Yale.

No more money from tax-payers should be wasted for such a corrupt, dirty and dangerous place. Innocent students and their families should be informed about, and warned against, institutionalized rape culture and sexual violence at Yale.


How about firing all the filthy and corrupt “Goodfellas”

and restoring some credibility to the Italian department at Yale?  




Saussy v. Saussy

Connecticut Superior Court Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven

May 29, 2009

2009 Ct. Sup. 8912 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2009)

Memorandum of Decision

Public court documents now also available online in the public domain, e.g.


“The court finds that the husband’s claim that the breakdown of the marriage was due to his wife’s lack of support is not supported by the credible evidence. This court finds the husband to be at greater fault for the breakdown of the marriage, as evidenced by his mental state and by husband’s extramarital relationship with another woman.” ((Memorandum of Decision, Further Findings and Orders, p.20)


“The husband claims the breakdown of the marriage was caused by the wife’s lack of support in his professional life. He also claims that the wife refused to join him at professional events, that she accused him of being selfish and self-indulgent, and that she put herself between him and the children. He further claims that her lack of support for his career moves resulted in his suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression (6).” 

“Note 6. Husband testified that in 2001 he had one year leave from Stanford (to write a book) and that he was so conflicted over whether or not to accept the position at Yale that he spent ‘most of the year lying on the floor of [his] office being obsessed with thoughts of suicide.’ (T 12/15/08, P.119)” 

“Mr. Farmer, a longtime friend of the husband, testified that husband had confided in him [sic] that he was unhappy with the marriage for a long period of time. In 2001, the husband was treated by a psychiatrist and was prescribed medications for depression.”

“The wife claims, for the most part, that the parties had a happy marriage and shared a common interest in Chinese literature and family life and that she always put her husband’s needs first. She testified that she had witnessed emotional instability on the part of her husband throughout the marriage, but she tried to support him in his work and was proud of how successful he had become as a scholar in ancient Chinese literature. (7)”

    “Note 7. The wife described her husband as very insecure and ‘socially kind of weird.’ She stated that while husband enjoys social events, he doesn’t know how to behave and that his ‘mood [is] always up and down very much.’ (T 1/6/09). The wife also described certain troubling conduct by the husband during the course of the marriage, such as banging his head against a wall, and other bizarre behaviors.”   

Her claims regarding husband’s personality were corroborated by husband’s aunt, Eugenia Commack. (8)”

“Note 8. Ms. Commack described the husband as having been a ‘very bright but very troubled child’ who was unable to socially interact. Her testimony described the wife as a supportive and loving spouse.” 

“The wife claims she became aware of the magnitude of the problems in their marriage in the summer of 2007, after the daughter accessed her husband’s computer and discovered emails between her husband and another woman. (9)”

“Note 9. The court accepts as credible the testimony of the wife, that in the summer of 2007, the daughter accessed the husband’s computer for her personal use and found the husband’s personal communications with [Ms. Solovieva], evidencing the extramarital relationship, and that the daughter then shared this information with her mother. (T 1/5/09, p. 136)”

“The testimony of the parties reveal a marriage wherein the husband controlled virtually every aspect of familial life. the husband brought his wife to the United States knowing that she was not fluent in the English language and he determined the family was to speak only Chinese in the home. He further determined that there would be no television in the home. The wife was often uncomfortable in academic and/or social settings because she did not become fluent in English and it is apparent that the husband blames the wife for her discomfort…” (Memorandum of Decision, pp.5-6)