Il geometra M., ripetente senza classe

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I am American, protected by American Laws, about which you know NOTHING and can do NOTHING. No one can do anything against the First Amendment, not even the President of the United States. 

How can you commit yourselves to A LIFE OF CRIME and assume you’ll get away with it? You cannot and you are not going to. But of you think otherwise, you’re very much deluded, so let me disabuse you of your false notion.  

When you are CORRUPT, your corruption will be exposed. When you SLANDER and THREATEN other people, you will be exposed. When your crimes ENDANGER other people’s life and property, all your crimes will be exposed. 

Now, my intent is to INFORM honest people and to WARN them against various types of corruption in Italy and in the United States. My intent is and has always been to WARN people against your corruption, so they won’t waste their precious time and money with white trash like you.  


While this was going on, one of my so-called Italian “relatives” — a 55-year-old, ignorant piece of crap with a high-school degree as SURVEYOR — all of a sudden started writing about Shakespeare! 


This satire is about that fucking BUM  and his BITCH ex-wife, Raffaella Zacchi:

Old piece of JUNK

After cheating on that loser for years and years, our honest Miss Zacchi ran away with a PLUMBER!

In other words, she dumped a loser and found another who could better appreciate her intellectual qualities 😉

What a fucking idiot.  

The bigger loser has a pathetic high-school degree as a SURVEYOR, 

which he only managed to get at a private high-school in Modena at age 21, 

with a 2-years’ delay, because he was too fucking stupid even for that… 

For your information, all schools and university in Italy – and in the U.K. as well as in most European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. – are PUBLIC and managed by the STATE.

State management makes European schools and universities more independent, more transparent, and less prone to academic and financial frauds like the ones you find in the United States, e.g. Antonio Lasaga; Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva; Giuseppe Mazzotta and Carol Chiodo; John Darnell and Colleen Manassa; Sam See; Thomas Pogge; Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria; Jaime Lara; Rex Mahnensmith; Rajendra Pachauri; Michael Simons, etc. 

Only the worst students have to pay for a piece of paper from a private high-school in Italy, and there are virtually NO private universities other than Bocconi for economics and Luiss for the social sciences, while all their other makeshift programs SUCK. 

But our SURVEYOR never even went to college IN ITALY, let alone in the U.S. or in the U.K.! 

He never even managed to read and write in contemporary English, not to mention understanding the complexity of Shakespearean English! 

But perhaps now, using an online translator, he’ll be able to get this:

FUCK OFF and GET LOST, you piece of shit. Everyone can see you’re a pathetic, wanna-be THIEF, SCAMMER and FRAUDSTER. You’re a SHAME for Italy. With NO ACADEMIC STANDING, you have NO CREDIBILITY. In fact, you are a LAUGHINGSTOCK for all native and bilingual English speakers. What a fucking disgrace for our country! 

‘A rimbambito, non sai un cazzo! 

What a retarded, ridiculous, pathetic piece of crap. 

Even only thinking that he could pull off an academic and financial fraud against me is a sign of his mania and mental illness.  

The Italian surveyor speaks a clumsy form of local dialect and barely knows Italian, let alone Shakespearean English.

He will NOT be able to plagiarize my copyrighted research on Shakespeare, I guarantee it. 

And because this isthe TRUE STORY of his wasteful life,

he will NOT be able to slander me, my family or anyone else, because he will be exposed for what he really is.


Suck my ass, you ignorant piece of shit.  

“This is the end of all your elaborate plans, the end.”

“Hey fucker, there’s a better way out. Snorting that coke, shooting that dope – man, you’re copping out”

The Italian surveyor is fucking ENVIOUS because he’s too fucking stupid to get a Laurea degree.

He should stop slandering smarter people and focus on his 99 problems instead. For instance, his bitch ex-wife, Raffaella Zacchi, lived with him just enough time to WASTE all the cash they both stole from his mother’s bank account, and then she dumped him to run away with a fucking plumber. 

And away she ran, stealing twenty more years of alimony for a daughter who’s about thirty now, whose paternity is uncertain and who’s so retarded it took her double the normal time to graduate from high-school. Always as a surveyor, by the way 😉 But she’s too damn stupid even to do just that, so now she works in a mall or grocery store – and all that money went down the drain.

Now, that’s a good investment, isn’t it?

Congratulations for a socially and economically successful marriage! 😉 

Looks a lot like Raffaella Zacchi – or is that perhaps a metaphor for her fucking wasted life?  

“A wife jealous of another wife is heartache and mourning/ everyone feels the lash of her tongue.

A wicked wife is a chafing yoke/ taking hold of her is like grasping a scorpion.” Sir 26:6-7

THIEVES like Raffaella Zacchi belong IN JAIL. 

Even junkies have a perverse type of sex appeal, I guess.  

Is Miss Zacchi still with the plumber now, or is she dating a janitor?

Let’s remind both the Italian surveyor and his ex-wife that anyone can grab people’s face from the public domain,

so it’s your responsibility not to advertise what you really are: a drunk old cunt.  

Do not slander smarter women – you can’t even keep your marriage together, you stupid hoe.  

Bad, bad stuff used to happen in their bedroom 😉  

What a pathetic crazy cunt.

Tranny Minaj, Stupid Hoe


The Italian surveyor got the biggest fist-fuck ever with Miss Zacchi – and he did it all by himself. Congratulations!

That’s really “Lucas Entertainment” 😉 

And let me give you some background on Lucas’ enabler, so to speak.   


Haun Saussy, son of conspiracy-theorist Tupper Saussy.

Ignorant white trash from backward, racist, redneck Tennessee.

Keep drinking vodka, Olga, in that way you’ll solve all your academic and financial problems 😉   

Here’s Olga Solovieva, Haun Saussy’s ex-graduate student in comparative literature and now also his bitch wife, was previously married to an Irish guy who let her into the country because perhaps he found an “elective affinity” with her passion for vodka. How’s she doing now with the Russian probe? 

 Saussy also wrote, uhm, that is to say, supervised her unpublished and un-publishable dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” a topic about which Saussy knows NOTHING, and which has NOTHING to do with the non-field of comparative literature.   

Is it legal to supervise the dissertation of your “girlfriend”? No, it’s not.

There is first of all an apparent PERSONAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

But there is also a more covert FINANCIAL CONFLICT of INTERESTS in that Saussy lobbied to get Solovieva an academic job in order to pay alimony for his ex-wife, You-Lin Wang. 

Not only should they both be fired now, but they should also be dismissed from the academic community and held accountable for all the money they’ve been stealing at Yale and Chicago since her fake “graduation” in 2006. 

Give back all the money you stole, you fucking pigs!  

And they should be SUED in a class action by all the legitimate candidates, both at Yale and Chicago, who were rejected in favor of Stupidieva. 

What a complete waste of RESOURCES, SCHOLARSHIP and TALENT!  

What a scandal, and what a protracted academic and financial academic FRAUD!  


Don’t slander other people when you’re just a crappy, trashy whore.   

Down in Tennessee, Saussy’s brothers are cooks in a Mexican restaurant: 

Here’s Larry, or Laurent 🙂 

And this is Phil, or Pierre-Philippe🙂  

And Haun Saussy’s crazy schizophrenic father, Tupper Saussy, was a writer of conspiracy theories such as Rulers of Evil, a condemned tax evader, a runway who lived 10+ years on the streets like a bum, and ultimately a jail inmate back in Tennessee. 

But what an excellent DNA and family legacy!

Now the question is: how THE FUCK did Saussy manage to be EVEN CONSIDERED for an Ivy League university?

And how THE FUCK does he dare judge ANYONE ELSE?

A piece of crap like Saussy is the last person on earth who ought to judge others, least of all based on their Facebook (!) and/or their supposed origin, race or family. Surely enough, now, Saussy supports all illegal immigrants who drive a car WITHOUT INSURANCE and have never paid TAXES in the U.S. like his own father, Tupper Saussy. 

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house, you piece of shit.   

And if you call a thief VOLEUR, he doesn’t cease to be a THIEF.

That’s just pathetic. 

Tupper Saussy’s Deep South, white-trash lineage.  

SWINE DECONSTRUCTION: if you put lipstick on pigs, they don’t cease to be pigs.  

These thieves and criminals are going to end up in jail, 

and no one will get their ugly old ass out of there for a long, long time.  



La cultura americana e’ unica al mondo e molto diversa da quella europea.

Chi viene dalla provincia oppure da una regione culturalmente arretrata e governata dalla mafia, come Giuseppe Mazzotta dalla Calabria, non riuscira’ mai a capirla e a inserirsi in essa, figuriamoci poi farne una critica accademica.  

La stragrande maggioraza dei cittadini europei non riuscirebbero mai a sopravvivere negli Stati Uniti, dove NON ESISTONO i servizi sociali gratuiti, ma bisogna pagare per tutto. Scordatevi la sanita’, gli asili statali, la scuola e l’universita pubblica. Qui anche solo mandare 1 figlio/a alle elementari puo’ costare 50 mila dollari/anno x 12 anni, mentre per l’universita’ si parla di 70-80 mila dollari/anno x 4 anni. Facolta’ come medicina, odontoiatria e psichiatria richiedono invece un dottorato, quindi almeno altri 4 anni a pagamento.        

Per chi ignora questo mondo parallelo, consiglio un po’ di umilta’ e realismo. 

 Per quanto mi riguarda, io sono cittadina americana con doppia cittadinanza; sono laureata e alumna di Yale; ho sposato un professore universitario di ruolo, e insieme siamo proprietari di una bella villa con giardino. 

Mai caluniare e criticare chi non si conosce. Si vede subito che e’ tutta ignoranza e invidia, e l’effetto e’ allo stesso tempo schifoso e patetico. 


Io critico solo cio’ che conosco bene,

e il mio intento e’ di informare la gente onesta e metterla in guardia contro le varie forme di corruzione in Italia e negli Stati Uniti.    

Vediamo un po’ chi e’ questo aspirante ladro, il geometra M. Diamo un po’ un’occhiata al suo retroterra 😉  

Vediamo un po’ il suo curriculum

  1. Non e’ mai riuscito a prendere uno straccio di laurea in 30+ anni che ci prova.
  2. Non ha mai studiato lingua e letteratura inglese all’universita’ – ne’ in Italia ne’ tantomeno all’estero.
  3. Non e’ in grado di articolare alcuna frase in alcuna lingua straniera che sia diversa degli esempi delle guide turistiche.
  4. Non e’ assolutamente in grado di leggere documenti redatti in inglese contemporaneo complesso, es. The Wall Street Journal.
  5. A fortiori, non e’ assolutamente in grado di comprendere l’inglese Shakespeariano.
  6. Non ha mai studiato letteratura in generale, in alcuna ligua moderna, incluso l’italiano.
  7. Non conosce l’italiano standard ma soltanto il dialetto modenese.
  8. Non e’ mai andato al liceo, ma si e’ diplomato presso un istituto tecnico privato con anni di ritardo, perche’ e’ troppo scemo persino per quello. 
  9. Ha 54 anni suonati e l’ultimo libro che ha letto risale a piu’ di 30 anni fa, la notte prima della matura.
  10. Da allora, il suo unico stimolo cul-turale e’ stato leggere Gente mentre cagava sul cesso.

Il geometra ha un curriculum simile ad Animal House.  

Ma ecco che adesso, improvvisamente, a 54 anni suonati e senza alcun precedente in campo accademico, si mette a scrivere su Shakespeare!?



Per darsi un tono e sembrare plausibile, il geometra cerca di forgiare un’autobiografia fittizia secondo cui avrebbe preso una laurea per corrispondenza e, sempre menstre faceva il geometra e divorziava da sua moglie troia, avrebbe lavorato part-time per scrivere la biografia un claciatore sudamericano… 😉  


Tutte STRONZATE ATOMICHE: il geometra M. non ha mai neanche preso uno straccio di laurea, e se ha mai scritto qualcosa in vita sua, si tratta della lista della spesa per quella gran battona della sua ex-moglie, la Raffaella Zacchi.      

Questa NON e’ una patetica auto-biografia fittizia per cercar di fare bella figura, NE’ si tratta di una biografia altrui piena di calunnie. No, questa e’ la VITA VERA di un miserabile bastardo. 

Attenzione: state in guardia contro gentaglia del genere, perche’ cio’ che vogliono e’ solo RUBARVI PIU’ SOLDI POSSIBILE.  

Non ti si caga nessuno, coglione! 

Il sogno del geometra M. e’ di andare in pensione rubando i soldi e il lavoro altrui. 

Questo ritardato illetterato vorrebbe RUBARE IL MIO LAVORO e i VOSTRI SOLDI rifilandovi la teoria complottara secondo cui lui avrebbe avuto un’idea geniale sui demoni in Shakespeare, mentre io l’avrei copiata da lui. 

Ma davvero? E quando sarebbe l’ultima volta che il geometra illetterato ha ceracto invano di studiare e imparare l’inglese?

Quando avrebbe mai studiato lettere e preso uno straccio di laurea? 

E quand’e’ stata esattamente l’ultima volta che ha avuto un’idea qualsiasi? .

All’istituto tecnico?

O al centro abbronzatura, tra un lettino e l’altro? 

Tra un’infornata e l’altra, al piastrellificio? 

Oppure mentre si faceva INCULARE dai muratori in cantiere, cercando di mettere insieme i soldi per la sua ex-moglie puttana?  

Le uniche idee che il geometra ha mai avuto sono su come 1) vendersi il culo al fine di 2) trovare i soldi per pizza, alcol e fumo. 


Il suo lato migliore. 

Perche’ non resta nel suo campo e cerca di evitare altre batoste finanziarie, dopo la Zacchi? 

Se ha un diplomino da geometra, dovrebbe lavorare come dipendente in una ditta, cosi’ forse si scampa l’ennesima bancarotta. 

Dovrebbe lasciar perdere i furti e le frodi, e occupare il tempo in modo migliore.  

Per migliorare la comprensione di tali concetti difficilissimi, facciamo un esempio dal suo limitato bagaglio culturale.

Il geometrino illetterato proverebbe mai a fregare dei muratori dicendo di saper costruire un muro? 

Ovviamente no, perche’ non e’ qualificato e crollerebbe tutto.

E s’azzarderebbe mai a rubar loro lo stipendio? 

Ovviamente no, perche’ gli farebbero la festa: 

Leading from behind. 

Il geometra non ha iniziato la sua vita “professionale” come geometra, ma piuttosto come gestore di un…


Ovviamente senza uno straccio di licenza da estetista.

Immaginatevi la Raffaella Zacchi abbronzata che legge Shakespeare…

Lettini, creme e lozioni, costumi da bagno, asciugamani, ecc. 

Tutto fallito in pochi mesi.

Molto letterario. 

Secondo tentativo e seconda bancarotta: 

il geometra prova ad avviare un laboratorio di “ceramiche artistiche” (termine eufemistico per “piastrelle”), 

ovviamente senza uno straccio di laurea in Belle Arti.

Anch’esso fallito in pochi mesi.  

E anch’esso molto letterario.

Infine il geometra ha cercato di aprire un “ufficio tecnico,” ma purtroppo e’ passato il boom degli anni Settanta e adesso per stare a galla ci vuole almeno una laurea in architettura. Attualmente anch’esso e’ CHIUSO e ANDATO FALLITO. 

Tutte imprese andate a picco con i soldi della madre

A 54 anni, il geometra bancarottiero dovrebbe mollare le “attivita’ in proprio” per cui non e’ proprio portato.

Dovrebbe invece trovarsi un lavorino come dipendente, nascondendosi in un ufficietto dove magari non si accorgono che esiste.   

Che si trovi un lavorino DIPENDENTE, cosi’ almeno ha una REMOTA, MOLTO REMOTA possibilita’ di non andare in bancarotta per l’ennesima volta… 

Ma in realta’ ‘sto tizio non vuol proprio lavorare.

Non riesce ad alzarsi alla mattina perche’ e’ troppo DROGATO e UBRIACO dalla sera prima.

E appena inizia, il suo primo pensiero e’ sempre “quando staccare per divorare il pranzo e ubriacarsi con l’happy hour.”

Il piu’ ardente desiderio del geometra M. sarebbe di andare in pensione rubando i soldi e il lavoro altrui. 


You wish, piece of crap. 

Come si vede, il geometra M. ha avuto una vita “professionale” veramente disastrosa e caotica.

Ve lo immaginate a leggere SHAKESPEARE o JOYCE mentre pulisce i lettini del centro abbronzatura, 

mentre si fa “infornare” le piastrelle su per il culo, 

o mentre si fa bastonare come un asino dai muratori incazzati, che giustamente gli fanno la festa? 

Si aggiunga a tutto cio’ un ROVINOSA vita “sentimentale” con un tot di puttane, prima fra tutte la Zacchi.

La Zacchi e’ per il geometra M. cio’ che Yu-Lin Wang e’ per Saussy. 


Ben sapendo che la Zacchi e’ una stupida troia, suo padre si era sempre rifiutato di finanziarle alcunche’, men che meno gli “studi.”

Ma invece di capire questo semplice fatto,  nel 1985-86, il geometra M. ha rubato 75 milioni di vecchie lire dal conto corrente della madre. 

Ecco il risultato finale di quel furto: 


Ora la Zacchi si puo’ pagare l‘affitto facendo i pompini all’ospedale di Modena.

Non e’ diventata UNA DONNA DELLE PULIZIE, come sarebbe stato nell’ordine naturale delle cose — ma ostetrica, ovvero assistente ai parti e agli aborti. 

Non all’ospedale, a mettere in pericolo la vita altrui, ma IN GALERA COI LADRI dovrebbe essere.  



Cosa rimane agli eredi legittimi? In altre parole: chi ha pagato il prezzo per il culo rotto di quella sporca puttana?  

Nel 1998 il geometra M. e’ ricomparso brevemente sulla scena sperando di poter RUBARE I SOLDI dell’assicurazione altrui. 

Ancora??? Recidivo! 


il geometra M. non e’ mai riuscito a capire come mai la gente si rifiuti di REGALARGLI altri 70 milioni! 

Completamente pazzo e malato mentale!   

Quindi adesso quali interessi personali e finanziarii ci sono dietro a tutte le sue calunnie e stronzate? 

Sempre gli stessi: 

INVIDIA per tutto cio’ che non possiede;

AVIDITA’ di soldi per pagarsi le bancarotte;

VERGOGNA per il proprio declino fisico e mentale; 





DISPERAZIONE e VERGOGNA per la sua vita da miserabile ladro bastardo, ritardato ignorante, bancarottiero e cornuto.  

La Zacchi e’ rimasta con il geometra M. giusto il tempo necessario per SPRECARE tutti i soldi RUBATI. E appena sono finiti, gli ha messo le corna e l’ha mollato, scappando via con un IDRAULICO della minchia! 😉  

E intanto l’idraulico se la ride: nonostante LEI lo abbia tradito, LUI ha dovuto pagare anni e anni di alimenti per l’ex-moglie e la figlia, attualmente trentenne, e sempre puttana e ritardata come sua madre. 

An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Do you now what it means?  

Una mela marcia. 

E d’altra parte, per prendere un semplice diplomino da geometra, anche la figlia ritardata si e’ fatta bocciare almeno 3 o 4 volte. 

E quale sarebbe il rislutato finale di tutto questo SPRECO?

Il nulla cosmico: quando lavora, la signorina faceva e continua a fare la commessa in Coop.

Quando non lavora, invece, e’ disoccupata e si fa scopare in discoteca con le altre troie che fanno quella vita. 

Lola, The Kinks


 In aggiunta a tutti questi disastri,

il geometra bancarottiero ha anche dovuto pagare le RATE di un’auto che sua figlia cretina e ritardata ha completamente DISTRUTTO in uno SCONTRO FRONTALE mentre rientrava dalla discoteca con PASSEGGERO A BORDO!

Era forse ubriaca e drogata, o semplicemente incapace e inetta?  

PERICOLO PUBBLICO: tenetela a casa a cambiare i pannoloni di suo nonno!  

E portatela a Lourdes a farsi benedire! 

Il nostro geometra illetterato e bancarottiero non potra’ MAI sbarazzarsi di sua figlia, 

un FALLIMENTO PERENNE che lo accompagnera’ fino all’ultimo viaggio al cimitero.

Ma ovviamente, la sua falsa “autobiografia” non include ASSOLUTAMENTE NULLA di tutto questo.

Chissa’ come mai. 


Il padre di Saussy, Tupper Saussy, e’ morto come un cane dopo aver vissuto 2 anni in galera e piu’ di 10 anni per la strada, come un barbone, mentre cercava di sfuggire alla polizia e all’FBI mandati ad arrestarlo.

Fu condannato a una pena detentiva di 2 anni – 2 anni che alla fine dovette scontare in galera – per frode ed evasione fiscale.  

I due fratelli di Saussy, invece, continuano la loro attivita’ di cuochi, o chefsin un ristorante Messicano nel profondo sud degli Stati Uniti. 

Eccoli qua, foto originali: 

Larry e’ il primo da sinistra, e Phil il primo da destra. 

Larry, or Laurent 🙂 

E Phil, or Pierre-Philippe🙂  

Ma congratulazioni! 

La dicotomia tra le idee e i nomi, tra noumeno e fenomeno: 

Anche se provi a chiamarli cochons, i maiali son sempre maiali. 

Con una tale famiglia, io direi che Saussy e’ l’ultima persona al mondo a poter criticare chiccessia.  

Pulisciti quella fogna di bocca, ipocrita!


Chiunque sia o siano i ghostwriters che riscrivono in italiano le immani stronzate, le calunnie e i pensieri confusi e malati del geometra M., 

chiunque siano devono inventarsi ogni volta una storia nuova, senza fare alcuna menzione dei fatti,

ovvero di tutte le sue VERGOGNE e di tutti i DISASTRI e FALLIMENTI della sua VERA biografia. 

Gran spreco di tempo e risorse che sarebbe meglio occupare diversamente.      

Tutte balle. 

Adesso non c’e’ ghostwriter che possa rifargli la facciata.

Complimenti per il tatuaggio, caro geometra! 

Ed ecco un’altra bella inculata: l’attuale compagna del geometra viene dalla Romania e fa la puttana – oh, pardon, l’ “estetista.”  

Dopo che anche l’ultima avventura commerciale e’ andata fallita, adesso il geometra M. cerca di pagarsi le bollette facendo il magnaccia e vendendo il vecchio culo di sua moglie. 

Mercato dell’antiquariato? 


Come no, fate cagare. 

Qualcuno dovrebbe dire al geometra che i denti marci non aiutano a trovare una donna decente.

Con un milione di problemi di salute e zero soldi, non stupisce che il geometra M. non riesca a beccarsi altro che delle puttane. 

Si fa di droghe, beve, fuma, ha i denti marci e l’alito pestilenziale, e’ in cura per depressione e ha gia’ avuto il primo infarto. 

E la battona della Romania pensava di far la bella vita in Italia con ‘sto catorcio? 

Eh, cara mia, il tempo passa, e con un figlio illegittimo – il proverbiale figlio di puttana – non ti si caga piu’ nessuno.

A quale dei suoi vecchi clienti ha chiesto un prestito per aprire un centro estetico senza alcuna licenza da estetista?

Oh merda, un altro centro estetico!? 

Niente titoli, ma tanta esperienza di vita, diciamo cosi’… 

Dopo le lampade abbronzanti, e’ in arrivo l’ennesima bancarotta. 

Quindi, in totale, quante volte sara’ andato fallito il geometra? 

E magari, tra una ceretta e l’altra o tra una manicure e l’altra, il geometra e la battona rumena iniziano pure a leggere un’antologia della letterature inglese –  magari persino in inglese! 😉 

“La mia ex moglie mi ha mollato per un idraulico, sono drogato e alcolizzato, ho avuto un infarto, non riesco a smettere di fumare, sono grasso come un maiale, mi puzza l’alito, ho la faccia che sembra il culo di un cane — ma sono perfettamente normale, fidatevi!” 

Ecco quindi il cervello del geometra:

 Condito in salsa piccante come si usa nel Deep South.  

Big Bette potra’ introdurvi alla cultura aulica del Tennessee. 






Why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old, broken ass, Saussy?  

Look at this shit:  

“The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates THE NEED FOR UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT TO THINK THE UNTHINKABLE, and CHALLENGE THE UNCHALLENGEABLE. 

To curtail freedom of expression strikes twice at INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views necessarily also deprives others of the right to listen to those views.”

 Programs and Policies of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2011, p. 530


Sure, eat my shit! 

Let me tell you a secret, asshole:  

The reason why my satire works all over the world is because it is true and based on the truth. 

 The best laughter springs from the truth. 

It does not oppress the innocent, but makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals. 


You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. 

You can’t forge it, as you did with your wife’s crappy dissertation. 

And you can’t slander it, as you’re trying to do with me, my husband and even my family — as well as anybody who speaks up and denounces your academic and financial frauds. You’re not going far with this, since at least a couple of million people know that Olga Solovieva is a stupid, ignorant, ugly hoe from friendly Russia with depression, crappy white hair and a drinking problem.

Saussy should face reality and go to hell:

These are his brothers working at a Mexican restaurant:

Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right). 

Making America Great Again


A family of intellectuals and upper-class people! 🙂  

Saussy’s father, Tupper Saussy, was an insane KKK conspiracy theorist, who was tried and convicted for tax evasion but escaped the feds, living like a bum on the streets for more than 10 (ten) years!

Finally he was apprehended, and had to spend 2 years IN JAIL before dying like a dog.  

Look who’s talking about other people’s parents and families!!!


Tupper KKK Saussy tried to justify and exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King!!! 

Something completely desperate, crazy, stupid and EVIL. 

I really wonder. If anyone in my family had had ANY connection with the KKK or any other racist organization, I would never have been hired as a professional student at an Ivy League university. 

So, HOW THE FUCK did Saussy get in? 

Rest in hell, insane KKK conspiracy theorist;

water-color painter of paper bags;

convicted tax evader;

fugitive bum for 10+ years;



Saussy is just worthless white trash from redneck Tennessee. 

He has made it his business to harass, slander and abuse graduate students, so he can create a diversion and cover-up his extra-marital affair with a Russian hose who was also his dissertation advisee! 

That isn’t just cheating — that’s a record-breaking academic and financial fraud! 

Saussy was supposed to direct Stupidieva’s “academic research” and dissertation, but he actually wrote that bullshit, and pestered each and everyone in the business to come up with a tenure track for her, in a bogus field such as “film studies and comparative literature,” at a time when not even Albert Einstein would be able find one! 

No conflict of interest there, absolutely. 

He just needed the money pay alimony to his ex-wife. 

The “Body of Christ” is a very paradoxical subject for a couple of drunken cheats like Saussy and Solovieva.

And it took him no less than TWELVE YEARS to publish a small part of it! 

Why was it even passed, then, by 3 personal friends of Saussy’s?  

Woah, there’s a entire bottle of cheap wine in that glass! 

Olga Solovieva, Victor Fan and Haun Saussy taking the pic.

One, two, three… that’s a B movie — a horror movie!!!   


I wonder how they fuck him. 

Maybe in a manwich, with Solovieva on top using a strap-on? 

Or the two guys sucking each other’s filth in a 69…

and Solovieva fucking her drunken husband in the shit?

Or maybe…  


When the shit hits the fan! 🙂

Victor Fan is a trashy old drunkard who pretends to be a woman. 

And in his delusion, he’s absolutely convinced to be healthy, sane and attractive… 


But if the entire human race suffered from his same mental illness & pathological delusion, 

we would all go extinct in less than 70 years.  


Fan is an adjunct who gets hired and fired every year.

As soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, he’ll be one of the first to get fired.  

And what will he do, since he doesn’t have a fucking dime? 


And after all that INSANITY an CORRUPTION, 

HOW ON EARTH can that hypocrite be tolerated when he accuses anyone else? 


Haun Saussy’s castration complex has a name, and it’s called Yu-Lin Wang 🙂  

Links to my article, Court Documents for Solovieva, Saussy and Wang:

Nicki Minaj, Lookin’ Ass Niggas 

“Look at y’all, can’t get a job, so you plottin’ how to rob ass niggas.”


Fucking Saussy cannot identify any “methodology” or “subject matter” for comparative literature. But this doesn’t say anything about the discipline itself, only the way he misrepresents it based on the sort of ignorant plagiarist he is. Saussy has been projecting his sick, empty, ignorant mind onto an entire discipline for too many years.  


Should comparative literature really be like “the virtue of Zen emptiness,” as he foolishly claims? 

Of course not, that’s an academic & financial fraud. 

Without any established methodology, how can anyone censor anyone else’s academic research and writing? 

There are ZERO African Americans and ZERO Italian Americans in comp.lit  

It’s KKK-friendly, like Tupper Saussy.  

The dogs involved in this scam are academic plagiarist and fraudsters who cause an incalculable damage to the education system, not only in this country but also in Europe. 

On the one hand, they make up stories and forge “undeniable” evidence to eliminate anybody who speaks up to denounce their crimes, in particular sex harassment and abuse of students and teaching staff, work exploitation, extortion and blackmailing.  

And on the other, they support all their worthless and ignorant “friends,” like the deceased Sam See, with whom they have a pact of non-belligerence and mutual protection, i.e. they don’t rat on each other’s ignorance, financial frauds and sex abuses. 

So, if someone needs a cover-up for something illegal he’s doing…

For instance, with his dissertation advisee in 2005 or 2006…  

In this way, they try to keep the scam going as long as possible. 

And in corrupt places like Yale, this only adds insult to injury when you consider that 99% of the teaching personnel don’t even have a Yale degree, but come from lesser universities in the United States like Cornell, Notre Dame or Chicago. 

So, do they become more competent when they’re hired? Of course not — same crap as before. 

And at the same time, the best scholars in English Lit are always employed somewhere else, e.g. the U.K. or Berkeley.   


 So much for all the ignorant, envious rednecks who use PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and NETWORKING to slander and character-assassinate other people and their entire families, exactly like the MOB. What goes around, comes around. Every human being must face death, and they will not escape justice. 

If that hypocrite truly believes in the Divine Justice and Retribution he feels entitled to practice toward other human beings — without being a bishop himself, in fact, quite the opposite of that — then he should never forget that human life is full of unforeseen circumstances and acts of God. 

Especially since he has a perfect example of INSANITY in his father, Tupper Saussy, who blatantly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was convinced that the government was PERSECUTING him through taxation, which eventually led to his trial, condemnation and incarceration. 

Paranoia, schizophrenia and jail? A deranged and deeply disturbed individual who befriended and tried to exculpate the MURDERER of Martin Luther King, Leader of the Civil Rights Movement?? But that’s an excellent DNA!!!    

And speaking of Divine Justice, many physical and mental illness may befall you, especially since they’re already in your DNA, before you reach your final destination 6 feet under: 


Caleb Powell Haun was Saussy’s maternal grandfather, who died at 59 (1904-1963). 

They usually have a short life. 

Until very recently, self-professed “sex historians” like Richard Maxwell — Katie Trumpener’s partner, who died of BRAIN CANCER in 2010, aged 61 — had to place special orders at their academic libraries, like Yale’s Sterling Memorial, in order to have access to all types of porn. 

ALL types of porn are available at Sterling Memorial, both legal and illegal, meaning child porn. I can’t believe that the federal government isn’t interested in what’s been going on. And in my opinion, many people involved with all that CRAP should go to jail and remain there for a long, long time.  

For sick and deranged individuals like Richard Maxwell, Haun Saussy, Katie Trumpener, Sam See, Moira BDSM Fradinger, etc., researching “sex history” has always been a way to cover up their mental illnesses, depressions, strokes, brain cancers, alcoholism, drug addictions, HIV and sexual perversions — while at the same time still making money off of them. 

Sam See was a meth junkie bitch who committed suicide in jail. 

That’s how FEDERAL FUNDING as well as YOUR HIGH TUITION FEES have been wasted for years to foster the “progress” of the “humanities,” yeah right. But now that you can find everything online, both private and public money can be saved for other “cultural initiatives”…