Criminal Complaint v. Giuseppe Mazzotta for Rape & Sex Trafficking, and Racist Hate Crimes

                   CRIMINAL COMPLAINT                



This Criminal Complaint was written with the help of the Rape Crisis Center of Connecticut.

I certify that every statement contained in this Affidavit is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Victim’s name: Margherita Maleti


Mazzotta was born on 1/1/1942 in Curinga, in the mob-ridden region of Calabria.

There is a firightening age difference of 34 ½ years between the sex offender and his victim. 

Defendant’s name: Giuseppe Mazzotta;

DOB: January 1, 1942

Looks like The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I am of African Moroccan origin, with African DNA, and I acquired my U.S. citizenship in 2014.

I am an American citizen, U.S. passport No. 522176332. 

I am a registered Independent and over the last 10 years, I have paid over $140,000 in property taxes alone, which went to finance the police & fire brigades in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, CT.    

I am one of the very few Joycean scholars and translators of color in the world – perhaps the only one – a woman of African descent with African DNA.

Because I’m an international scholar and was doing research on James Joyce and his complex metaphorical novels, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, I became the target of rape and sex trafficking, racism and racist hate crimes from so-called ‘scholars’ – in fact, nothing but white-trash criminals – in American ‘academia.’

They had a system in place: first rape the foreign women, then get rid of them. 

They stole my passport, blackmailed and groomed me for years. And the abuses didn’t stop due to the intervention of the police, or some students’ dean, or administrator at Yale – not at all.

The repeated sexual violence came to an end only because the wife of one of the rapists found my passport in her safe, and she used that as the reason to obtain a very favorable divorce for herself, i.e. getting three quarters of all the financial assets of Mr. Saussy, who was found guilty of abusive treatment against his wife and handicapped daughter, as well as marital infidelities with a middle-aged, married woman called Olga Solovieva — married to an adjunct teacher of French called Kevin McCann. 

All these facts are described in public documents available at the New Haven Superior Court: Saussy v. Saussy, CT Sup. 8912 of 5/29/2009, Docket # FA-07-4027957S.

From 2002, I have been a victim of racially-motivated rape and sex trafficking; passport theft; email fraud; stalking and online stalking; $26,000 financial retaliation; hate crimes and discrimination against protected categories; defamation of character; intimidation and death threats against me and my family.

The stalking and online stalking, hate crimes and discrimination against protected categories, defamation of character and the death threats against me and my family are still ongoing.

The situation became so dangerous for me that in 2021, a judge ordered a legal change of name for my protection. And to avoid more sexual abuses, racist hate crimes and discrimination, I chose a non-binary and gender-neutral new name that I always use in my professional capacity whenever I work as a university lecturer or part-time realtor and diversity model.

Artistic pix taken by my husband in October-November 2023.

My husband is an international scholar, a tenured university professor of the Classics and a published author, whose scholarly publications are so popular that they’re on sale on Amazon. In truth, most ‘academicians’ can’t even sell 40 copies to university libraries, let alone selling on Amazon! 


Being of Western African origin with African DNA, Mazzotta maliciously slandered and attacked me, calling me a “Nigger,” a “Voodoo Nigger” and claiming that “people like [me] should be eliminated.”

These are Mazzotta’s actual statements. Not only is he a violent sexual predator, but also a vile racist, a bigoted hypocrite and a dangerous sociopath who should never be allowed in close contact with younger people, especially people of color, women and LGBTQIA+.

Mazzotta repeatedly threatened me and my husband, claiming that if I said anything about his sexual abuses, he would “kill” my career and my husband’s career by slandering us with his ‘friends’ and ‘contacts.’

The first instance of rape happened in December 2005, between the end of classes and Christmas Day, in the Hall of Graduate Students on York St at Yale, cf. pictures below, and specifically in my dorm room on the third floor – to which Mazzotta should never have had access in the first place.

Mazzotta wanted to meet with me at a restaurant on Chapel St to “talk about scholarship,” as he said. He got a bottle of red wine for about $40, and for years he would remind me how generous he was, and how much he had to spend for me!

The conversation made me extremely uncomfortable, also because he didn’t talk about scholarship at all. Instead, he played the ‘victim’ and slandered all his family members. That’s a grooming technique, i.e. to portray himself like a poor victim, put the blame on someone else, and flatter the actual target victim saying that she’s “much better than that,” quoting verbatim.  

Hence, Mazzotta attacked his elderly wife, Carol, who suffers from schizophrenia and his daughter Paula, who has depression, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Mazzotta accused his family members of being “stupid parasites,” “unable to make a living” without him, thanks to the fact that they were on Yale’s health insurance for decades.

Mazzotta deeply resented having to work and pay for them, and was looking for new ways to extend Yale’s benefits to cover all their physical and mental illnesses.

That was Mazzotta’s modus operandi and one of his grooming techniques, i.e. to make himself look like a poor victim, blame other people, and flatter the target.  

The amount of hatred against his own family made me suspicious, and I asked myself what he would do against unrelated people, e.g. foreign students and scholars.

The cheap red wine made me feel sick, so Mazzotta used that as an excuse to walk me back to my room. It was semester’s end and very few students were left in the Hall of Graduate Studies before Christmas, so he felt quite confident walking around in a student dorm – where he was not supposed to be – with a good-looking and attractive student 34 ½ years younger than him.

After getting into my room on the third floor, he shut the door and started to undress himself without saying anything, taking everything for granted, except the fact that other people can see he’s physically repulsive – in fact, one of the most hideous people I have ever seen in my life.

Mazzotta is very short and fat – he’s dirty, stinky and shabby, and dresses like a bum. He has greasy hair and a large, brown mole near his mouth.

It made me cringe to see him naked: his white underwear all covered with shit stains, his inflated belly and ridiculously small genitals, like those of a small-sized dog.

In December 2005, Mazzotta was almost 64, having been born on 1/1/1942; while I was 29, with an age difference of almost 35 years, which is absolutely perverted and pathological.

As he put his ugly face close to mine, I saw he had fake teeth, i.e. dentures, which were stinky and brown, and I found that repulsive.

I told him to stop, but he put his hands around my neck and kept me in a chokehold.

Mazzotta wanted to ‘have sex’ on my bed, but because he’s impotent, he pushed me on the bed, keeping one hand around my neck and the other in my genitals, until he had a dry rush by rubbing his limp genitals against my young body. 

Mazzotta is impotent but completely adjusted, i.e. he takes it for granted and gets extremely mad and violent if someone remarks that it’s in fact an illness, which may be common to many but certainly not normal.


Following a similar pattern, the second instance of rape happened at the beginning of the spring semester 2006 in Mazzotta’s office in the Italian dep’t, which was so ridiculously corrupt as to be nicknamed, The Goodfellas

Mazzotta arranged to meet with me in the evening, after the secretary had gone home for the day.

After I came in, he locked the door and followed the same script, pushing me on his greyish couch and putting me in a chokehold. Again, being impotent, he rubbed his limp, dead genitals against my young body to have a dry rush. I remember an inclement neon light coming from the ceiling, making his stained underwear and inflated belly look even more disgusting than the first time.


The third instance of rape happened at my home on Alden Ave in New Haven, CT.

Mazzotta showed up unexpectedly when my husband was at work, in the 2012 fall semester, with the excuse of discussing my dissertation on Shakespeare, about which he knew absolutely nothing, since he’s never taken a class on Shakespeare in his entire life.  

After walking in the door, he looked around to make sure that no one else was at home. And again, he followed his perverted playbook, with the same pattern of violent behavior: he pushed me on the sofa that was in my living room, put me in a chokehold with one hand and abused my genitals with the other – then he rubbed his dead genitals against my young body until he had a dry rush.

The entire experience was surreal, traumatic and disgusting. I still have nightmares about this terrible experience and feel revulsion, considering the perversion and criminality that was hidden for so many years beneath a thin veneer of respectability in such racist and violent sex offender.

The sex offenders in this Criminal Complaint had a system in place: first, rape the foreign women; then, get rid of them. So, after getting some perverse sexual gratification – as described above – Mazzotta starts defaming his victims with racist hate crimes, defamation of character, malicious slander and personal attacks against virtually every aspect of their life, including their distinguished academic record and even their younger age and attractive physical appearance.

With shameless and ridiculous lies, Mazzotta tries to get rid of his victims by having their student VISA revoked, to get them out of the U.S. altogether. But it didn’t work this time.

The sexual abuses may have come to end in the fall 2012, but the stalking and online stalking, defamation of character, discrimination against protected categories – as well as the intimidation and death threats against me and my family – are still ongoing. 

The damages to my personal life and professional career are incalculable. Mazzotta wanted to destroy my future career in any field, not just academia – together with all my future earnings, my pension and health benefits. 

And in addition to that, he also he wanted to destroy all the original academic work I’ve being doing since I was a child and teenager, studying in some of the best schools and universities in the world, see My Academic Resumé.

My Academic Resumé with Prof. George Lakoff’s recommendation letter to Yale and other universities for his very popular class on Metaphor at U.C. Berkeley:

My selfie in the Hall of Graduate Students @ Yale, December 2005


I’ve always been good-looking and athletic, and I also work as a part-time model with an international modeling agency focusing on artistic tattoos.

This original pic was taken for Halloween 2023 without any filter. 

My legs and bikini area are the most photographed for my modeling job, see my post on African Pride & Modeling




The racist sex offenders, “Stanford buddies,” denounced in my Criminal Complaint had the same grooming techniques and modus operandi. An important element of this playbook was defamation of character in order to eliminate their victims and the witnesses of their racist, violent crimes. Hence, after being raped, many Asian women were just “sent back” like unwanted packets to their country of origin, e.g. China, with just a false pretext and no questions asked.

As a non-binary person of African Moroccan origin and a cultural European, my case was very different, since people do cherish their civil rights in Europe. I have an outstanding record of academic successes in some of the best lyceums and universities in the world. The sex offenders named above have tried to conceal and obfuscate this objective fact, or even turn it upside down by projecting their own failures on me, e.g. public records show that Saussy’s daughter, Juliana (b. 9/27/1991) has learning disabilities and was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia, cf. New Haven Superior Court, Docket # FA-07-4027957S.

In other words, these white-trash criminals tried to defame my character in order to conceal their violent and repulsive crimes, avoid punishment and keep doing more damage. Hence, in the interests of telling the truth and in order to warn other innocent students and their families, this Section 3 summarizes my academic record.

Keep in mind that if this happened to me as a top student and scholar, this can happen to anyone.

I am a proud survivor of racism and violent crime. I am a non-binary person of African Moroccan origin, a European citizen as well as a naturalized American. My groundbreaking book on Hamlet and the Pact with the Devil is copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress, and that copyright forever belongs to me and my family.

I attended prestigious schools and was the valedictorian when I graduated from one of the most ancient lyceums in Europe, established in the 16th Century as a Court Academy. In a class of over 1500, I was the only one to present a thesis on Dante’s political thought on the separation of powers between State and Church – an essential concept that many countries have never been able to learn in theory and actualize in practice, cf. Section 12.

That was the culmination of many years of Dante studies in one of the most élite lyceums in the Western world, with an intense humanities curriculum. Indeed, I had more lectures on Dante, the Divine Comedy and Sonnets than so-called Dante “scholars” such as Giuseppe Mazzotta (b. 1942), who’s in fact only a plagiarist and scammer.


Giuseppe Mazzotta from the town of Curinga, in the mob-ridden region of Calabria.

Mazzotta is a plagiarist who, for all his life, has been stealing from actual scholars of Dante in Italy, which is the only place where Dante is actually taught and studied, and the field of “Dante Studies” actually means anything. Dante is not studied in the U.S. or Canada (!), of all possible places, where Mazzotta immigrated together with his dad (a bricklayer) and mom (a homemaker) back in the 1950s when he was 12-13, and where he attended with much effort an English-speaking high-school and college that did not include Dante in their curriculum.

And this is perfectly understandable, not just because Dante is not their national poet; but also, and more importantly, because nobody in these countries gives a damn about a white, old man from the Middle Ages writing in an obscure, bygone Italian dialect about matters of Catholic theology such as “sin” and “eternal punishment.”

In the same way, Dante is not studied at Cornell, where Mazzotta spent the 1960s destroying himself with alcohol addiction, addiction to both legal and illegal drugs, as well as a dirty, sexually promiscuous lifestyle under the guise of “grad school,” cf. pictures here and in Section 6.

Mazzotta has abused his unmerited post at Yale for illicit gain and in order to molest and rape African Americans, women of color and LGBTQI+ people. These crimes could only happen with the help and support of Richard and Jane Levin, who aided and abetted for this repeat sex offender, ignorant plagiarist, academic scammer and financial fraudster.


Giuseppe Mazzotta – he finds it difficult to remember all his lies.

As I said, my lyceum was founded in 1587 as a Court Academy, and it’s one of the most ancient and most élite lyceums in the world. The academic schedule was 6 hours/day, 6 days/week, for the mandatory 5 years:

Italian Literature 4 hours/week, including 2 hours/week only for Dante’s Sonnets and Divine Comedy;

English Lang. and Literature 4 hours/week; French Lang. and Literature 4 hours/week;

German Lang. and Literature 4 hours/week; Latin Lang. and Literature 2 hours/week;

History 3 hours/week; Philosophy 3 hours/week; History of Art 2 hours/week.

And that was just the core. Plus 12 more hours of mathematics, geometry, physics, geography, chemistry and biology, which also included nutrition science. For all my life, and especially during the 2020 pandemic, I profited immensely from this strong scientific foundation to nutrition. For instance, my BMI (Body Mass Index) has been constantly low, between 19.1 and 19.5; I look picture-perfect, and my perfect blood work confirms that health within translates into beauty without. Moreover, my schedule also included personal training with rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, cf. Section 11 on defamation of character.

This intense curriculum was devised with a vision of the “Renaissance wo/man” as the well-rounded individual who knows many different subjects and is able to perform many different intellectual tasks. Candidates had to realize this vision in practice, and I just happened to be consistently the best in all my classes.

With this very solid and rare cultural foundation, I was able to put in the right context all the racist violence against citizens of other countries, all the ignorant bigotry and the self-righteous arrogance I’ve seen at Yale, cf. Sections 9-12, which allowed me to be a proud survivor of rape and sex trafficking.


This is the official degree issued by the Italian Ministry of Education after completing my 5-year lyceum, the “Liceo Ludovico Antonio Muratori,” est. in the 16th Century as a Court Academy, and one of the most ancient and most élite in the Western world. From this prestigious and competitive institute, I graduated w/the highest score, 60/60 (It. ‘sessanta/sessantesimi’).

After the rape and sex-trafficking, Giuseppe Mazzotta tried to deny my academic credentials in order to defame me, put the lie on me, and avoid taking responsibility for his crimes.

For instance, he falsely claimed I went to a high-school for retarded individuals like Carol Chiodo, who attended a Catholic institution for people with learning disabilities and physical and mental illnesses called “Liceo Cadorna,” cf. Catholic website:

Mazzotta illegally admitted Ms. Chiodo (b. 1/17/1966) to a 6-year, fully-funded program at Yale, solely because she was married to one of his “friends” from Calabria, Piero Chiodo, a business exec who certainly didn’t need any extra money from Yale to beef up his bank account.


Ms. Chiodo (b. 1966) attended a Catholic high-school for people w/ physical and mental handicaps.

Giuseppe Mazzotta broke the law, and committed a multi-million dollar academic and financial fraud, despite the fact that: 1) Ms. Chiodo did not even have a bachelor’s degree; 2) she was 41 years of age, and had been out of school for over 20 years (!), with no academic recommendations and no previous record in academia; 3) she only attended a religious high-school for challenged individuals with learning disabilities and physical and mental illnesses, cf. Section 12. For such scandalous corruption, the dep’t of Italian at Yale is nicknamed “The Goodfellas.”

Mazzotta also lied about the dates of my academic degrees and about my own age, misrepresenting me as old, while at the same time hiring his 41-year-old friend Carol Chiodo without any qualification.

But facts are proven by the evidence, not by defamation, malicious slander and lies. As shown in Exhibit 8, which is a high-definition picture in JPG, the “school year” (It. ‘anno scolastico’) was 1994-1995, since Italians are regularly 19 when they finish K-13.

It’s important to note that pre-college education starts one year later, at age 6, and lasts one year longer in Italy compared to the U.S., so it is more properly indicated as K-13 instead of K-12. For this reason, Italian candidates will be 2 years older than people from the U.K. or the U.S.; but with this academic background, they will also possess more culture and sophistication.

Other dates on the certificate indicate bureaucratic facts, for instance:

1990 was the year of the Ministerial Decree (It. ‘D.M., decreto ministeriale’) specifying the organization of this type of lyceum; 1984 was when the principal, Dr. Teresa Muscolo, got her own license as principal;

and 1996 was the year in which I petitioned to have this official certificate issued to me, as I was applying for a scholarship based on my 60/60 academic performance.

Mazzotta lied about all these facts, turning reality upside down and misrepresenting me as one of his old and mentally challenged friends, e.g. Carol Chiodo, in the Italian dep’t. And for this, he took advantage of the widespread ignorance and lack of information there is in the U.S., with all due exceptions, about different countries and cultures.

While I was studying en route for this prestigious academic degree at my ancient lyceum, I also independently earned the Diplôme d’Études de Langue Française (DELF) from the French Ministry of Education; as well as the Proficiency in English, with top Grade A, from the University of Cambridge.


Diplôme d’Études de Langue Française (DELF) from the French Ministry of Education, issued in 1995.


As an independent scholar, I earned the Proficiency in English, Grade A,

from the University of Cambridge, U.K., when I was just 17, in December 1993.

I didn’t have any “acquaintances” or “political friendships” at Cambridge – my achievement was the result of natural talent combined with continued academic work, capacity for setting and reaching goals and, even from a young age, being able to see the complete picture and to delay gratification until I actualize it.

My alma mater is the original Alma Mater Studiorum, ‘The Great Mother of Studies,’ the University of Bologna, established in 1088, when the U.S. was just a puddle of mud, cf. cultural appropriation in Section 12.

My original dissertation for the Masters of Art at the University of Bologna is an unprecedented literary translation and critical analysis of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake III.4, which was copied by a plagiarist in order to obtain an unmerited promotion and steal money, see Section 6, where I discuss how Giuseppe Mazzotta is involved in this academic and financial scam.


Laurea Magistrale, M.A., with the highest score, 110/110 Cum Laude, and many academic prizes. 

I graduated at the top of my class w/the highest score, 110/110 Cum Laude, and many prestigious academic prizes, in Translation Studies and Interpretation. I defended my dissertation in December 2004, and the official degree was issued in February 2005. It is very expensive, since it’s one of the most ornate and elaborate parchments in the academic world.

The core curriculum at the Alma Mater was in Linguistics, i.e. the hard science at the basis of language study and foreign language acquisition. I’m a polyglot, i.e. multilingual individual, in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. Moreover, I have professional mastery of ancient Latin, and I can easily translate between any of these languages in either direction.

Many scammers and plagiarists from the Italian dep’t at Yale – e.g. Carol Chiodo, Anna Iacovella, Mattia Acetoso, Michael Farina, Andrea Moudarres, etc. – assume they can “translate” and “teach” foreign language acquisition without this strong foundation in Translation Studies and Linguistics.

Over the years, these scammers have stolen millions of dollars from unsuspecting students and their families.

And this happened not only in the States, but also in Italy, with the “study abroad” scam in Siena, where fake “instructors” such as Carol Chiodo got paid $20,000/semester for more than 6 years.

That’s a financial fraud, whose helpless victims are the students, especially minority and diversity students, and their paying families. When talking about the implementation of social justice in academia, there should be some understanding and outrage about that egregious scam.


Anna Iacovella has been in charge of the Italian language program at Yale for over a decade,

despite the fact that she attended a Catholic high-school for the handicapped and mentally challenged.

Anna Iacovella attended a Catholic school called Sant’ Orsola Benincasa, Naples:

But Catholic schools have no status whatsoever in Italy: they are extremely corrupt and reserved for individuals w/ physical and mental illnesses, mental retardation, special needs, lower IQ, etc.

Not exactly the most qualifying background for the Ivy League.

Nevertheless, Giuseppe Mazzotta picked Ms. Iacovella for a full-time lectureship to teach Italian, renewable for years, and without any requirement for scholarship.

For many scholars, that would be a dream job, but NO search was ever conducted to fill that well-paid and comfortable post. It seemed as if Mazzotta knew exactly the right person for it, who just so happened to have the least qualifications. What was the nature of the quid-pro-quo between Mazzotta and Iacovella, exactly?

Was it just the usual bribery, or were some sexual favors also involved?


Luigi Schenoni’s recommendation letter.

In addition to earning the highest score for my M.A. at the University of Bologna (110/110 Cum Laude), I was also awarded a rare academic prize called “Dignity of the Print” (It., ‘Dignità di Stampa’) to indicate that my original academic work is worthy to be printed. My work focuses on Finnegans Wake, Joyce’s linguistically puzzling and metaphorical novel, and it includes an original literary translation of Ch. III.4, which is my exclusive copyright.

The official academic degree conferred by the University of Bologna attests that I am a Doctor of Translation Studies, cf. Exhibit 15. In general, European universities do not require any external recommendation letter for the conferral of an academic degree – only for exceptional prizes like the one described above.

I am relieved that neither John Bishop nor Jay Fliegelman could ruin my joy, for which I have invested countless hours of study over many years since I was a child and a teenager, as well as a considerable amount of money.

This is the translated letter by the late Dr. Luigi Schenoni, Einaudi’s translator for James Joyce:

“I have read with great interest Margherita Maleti’s dissertation on Finnegans Wake, III.4. This is an intelligent, creative and in-depth work, which deserves to be published. Indeed, this translation is an original contribution to the comprehension and transposition of a work that is still little known and underappreciated. Since I have been working for years at the translation of this book – and am deeply aware of its difficulties – I have great admiration and appreciation for Margherita Maleti’s exceptional capacity to translate an entire chapter into Italian and to comment on it critically, with in-depth analyses and recreations that are often the work of genius and always interesting. Hence, I express my completely favorable opinion to give this dissertation the Dignity of the Print.”

During my study at the University of Bologna, I won an international competition based on academic merit to study at U.C. Berkeley on a full fellowship in the Dep’t of Linguistics, when it was still top rated in the U.S.

For both semesters, fall 2002 and spring 2003, my high GPA qualified me to be on the Dean’s Honors List.


U.C. Berkeley, Official Transcripts, fall 2002 – spring 2003.

As shown here, my GPA was equal or above 3.93 in a full load of letter-graded courses for both the fall semester 2002 and the spring semester 2003, which placed me in the top 4% of students in the College of Letters and Science, see also Dean Kwong-loi Shun’s letter below.

In the fall semester 2002, my classes were: Linguistics, Metaphor w/George Lakoff (A); Advanced French (A); Intro to Computers (A-); Advanced German (A).

In the spring semester 2003, my classes were: English Seminar on James Joyce w/John Bishop (A); Sociolinguistics w/Robin Lakoff (A-); Advanced French (A); Advanced German (A).


Dean Kwong-loi Shun’s letter on March 5, 2003.

According to Dean Kwong-loi Shun, “This is a remarkable accomplishment. In order to perform so exceptionally, you must have put many long hours of hard work and study.

I trust that you are as gratified with the results as I am. It gives me great pleasure to place your name on the Letters and Science Dean’s Honors List as a recognition of your achievement. I hope that you continue to find Berkeley an intellectually stimulating environment.

It is the interaction at all levels of students like you with our faculty and staff that helps make Berkeley the exciting place we all feel it is. You will find that your excellent record of accomplishment can open new doors to you. I hope your will investigate the many scholarship and research opportunities listed on the Dean’s Honor List web page, etc.”

Now, I’m sure it was not Dean Kwong-loi Shu’s intention, but his words sound ominous for a victim of rape and sex trafficking. Dean Shu was probably not aware of the fact that I had performed at the highest academic levels despite the fact that I had been sexually molested by one of the so-called professors in the English dep’t, acting with the full complicity of his senior colleagues, e.g. Jeffrey Knapp, cf. Section 2.

When Dean Shu writes that it is “the interaction at all levels of students like [me] with our faculty and staff” that makes Berkeley so special, he wasn’t aware of the fact that white-trash sex offenders like John Bishop – and their accomplices, friends and supporters, like Jeffrey Knapp – would actually give a perverted spin to his words.

And when he mentions the power of my objective academic achievements to “open new doors” – as it should always be, in a just society – he didn’t know I was going to be targeted, as a non-binary person of African descent, precisely in one of the private universities on the East Coast that portray themselves as “liberal,” but are in fact full of racist sex offenders such as Saussy and Mazzotta.


University of California, Education Abroad Program presents this certificate to Margherita Maleti, in recognition of the successful completion of the academic year abroad at U.C. Berkeley, Spring 2003.


George Lakoff’s recommendation letter for the graduate program at Yale.

The U.C. Berkeley course I took with George Lakoff in the dep’t of Linguistics was on Metaphor, his main academic interest, and my final grade was A+, which was the highest grade.

This is Lakoff’s recommendation letter for Yale:

“It is a real pleasure to recommend Margherita Maleti for admission to your Ph.D. program. Ms. Maleti was a student in my course on Metaphor (Linguistics 106) in the fall of 2002. She was one of the two best students in the course, which is saying something since the students in that course were excellent overall. [She] is no ordinary student. She doesn’t merely learn the subject matter – she interrogates it, shines bright light in its eyes, and makes it confess every hint of inadequacy.

Her term paper on Dante was brilliant, insightful, masterful. But what I remember most was her questions in class. Never pedestrian. Always coming at a topic from a new angle, almost always catching me off my feet, forcing me to confront issues I hadn’t thought about before.

What I especially appreciate about [her] is her intellectual persistence. When she asks a question, she expects a full, serious, thoughtful answer every time, and doesn’t let up until she gets one. Not in an offensive way. Quite the opposite, with a seriousness of purpose, a genuine questioning that one can’t help but respect. I hope you admit Ms. Maleti to your program. She will make a lively intellectual addition to your department, and I think she is destined to become an outstanding scholar.”

First of all, it’s important to notice Lakoff’s reference to my Dante essay: “brilliant, insightful, masterful.”

Indeed, I scanned the entire Divine Comedy for metaphors – something that can only be accomplished with previous knowledge of that massive literary work, which had been part of my cultural background for years.

And that shall put an end to academic and financial scams like Mazzotta and ‘The Goodfellas.’

But what Lakoff fails to mention, here, is the fact that the other student he compares me with was a white male, who was born and raised in the United States and very familiar with U.S. colleges/universities. By comparison, and to be fair, that was the first time for me in a U.S. college/university as a non-binary person of African descent.

And that was not an English class, but a Linguistics class that took complete mastery of American English and American culture for granted. But as shown in Lakoff’s letter, my questions ‘almost caught him off his feet.’

And people who ask intelligent questions are often un-welcome, especially if they’re not white.

One of the main questions about Lakoff’s class had to do with his choice of a teaching assistant: a woman in her fifties who used to claim in public to be Lakoff’s “intimate friend.” How’s that professional or even legal, exactly? And does this have anything to do with the fact that his wife, Robin, later divorced him?

There were many other questions having to do w/ relaxed ethical standards. For instance, Lakoff’s background was in linguistics and he knew nothing about the medical sciences. In spite of that, he would make many undemonstrated claims about the neural sciences, with no academic qualifications to back that up.

Furthermore, Lakoff ignored U.S. laws on conflict of interests and lobbied to have his wife, Robin, hired in the very same dep’t of Linguistics at Berkeley, doing exactly the same things, so that salary and benefits were double but authorship was ambiguous at best. And the main victims, of course, were other women who didn’t have a “spouse” or “relative” as an insider. This cannot, and does not, happen in European universities.

That’s just another academic and financial fraud made in the U.S.

These are all intellectually probing questions that reveal a lot about American so-called “academia” and what is officially presented as a “country of laws,” even though the evidence doesn’t support that conclusion. And people who ask probing questions that go at the heart of the problem, and make people feel very uncomfortable about their hypocrisy, are too often un-welcome, especially if they’re Africans and non-binary.

Another research area for Lakoff was “empathy” – of all possible topics – which he presented as a moving force in politics as well. Here’s an interesting quote from one of his interviews online:

“Empathy is why we have the values of freedom, fairness, and equality – for everyone, not just for certain individuals. If we put ourselves in the shoes of others, we will want them to be free and treated fairly. Empathy with all leads to equality: nobody should be treated worse than anyone else.” “Progressive ideals are based on empathy” cf. Exhibit 21.

Yale and Berkeley present themselves as progressive, or rather, with a façade of progressivism. But the truth is that “empathy,” “fairness” and “justice” is certainly NOT how I was treated by the racist sex offenders denounced in this Criminal Complaint. That was in fact, violence, discrimination and blatant injustice.

And that’s NOT how I was treated by many individuals – including many women and fake feminists – who helped the sex offenders break the laws, aiding and abetting for them either hysterically and vociferously, as Jane Levin and Kathryn Lofton; or through the code of silence, as the many would-be academicians who just watched and let it happen, in typical mafia-style, always hoping to get some money and academic favors out of the situation. But these crimes are not going to go unpunished.

George Lakoff’s letter was the center of an expensive academic and financial fraud, discussed in detail in Section 11.


Empathy with whom, George?


M.A. in Comparative Literature, Yale

Speaking of “empathy,” “fairness,” and “justice,” it is very important to warn innocent students and their families about the academic and financial fraud of “comparative literature.” According to the “Stanford buddies” denounced in my Criminal Complaint, comparative literature would be the only “non-field” in academia “without a subject matter or methodology.” In fact, that would open the door to all sort of plagiarism, fraud and corruption.

If that were the case, there would be NO objective standard to read and assess anything in this non-field, e.g. the macro-history of world events or the personal history of each writer, which is going to influence their individual perspective on life. If that were the case, the only subjective element directing this non-field would be the racist ideology and pathological cult of personality of the white-trash “professors” and their mistresses, such as Olga Solovieva, Section 4.

As it is, comparative literature at Yale is an academic and financial scam, and the racist individuals running that circus are stupid and ignorant plagiarists and parasites, who aspire to be little tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and Mao. That’s the undoing of comparative literature altogether, and just another scam made in the U.S.


M.Phil. in Comparative Literature, Yale

From an Afro-centric perspective, my academic fields are:

Dante; Shakespeare; Joyce; Renaissance Art and Literature;

English Lang. & Literatures in English; Italian Lang. & Lit.; French Lang. & Lit.; German Lang. & Lit.;

Globalism and international citizenship; Historical method applied to comparative literatures;

World literatures in English translation; the European literary tradition in English translation;

U.S. culture, society and their media; Foreign language acquisition;

Certified translation; Literary translation; Professional editing; Academic research; Academic writing;

Creative writing; Online writing and editing; Irony and biting satire against academic corruption and against racial/sexual violence; Website developer, see my secure websites:

Hamlet and the Pact with the Devil

My academic life changed early on, when I understood that Hamlet’s “ghost” is not a “soul from Purgatory” but in fact a demon, and I assumed everyone knew as well. As I later found out during my lyceum, that wasn’t the case at all. But if someone did understand the truth in the past, they certainly did not write a critical analysis about it – perhaps because they didn’t want to experience the same violence and discrimination I had to experience in a bigoted, racist and white-trash environment like Yale.

Indeed, nobody has ever written this original critical analysis of Hamlet except myself, and I copyrighted it at the Library of Congress in 2013-4, more than four centuries after the play was written (1599-1601), and for the very first time in the history of literary criticism. In this way I also showed that Shakespeare and his predecessor on the English stage, Christopher Marlowe, focused on the same topic – i.e. how corrupt individuals chose evil over good in order to get illicit gains – for both of their masterpieces, Hamlet and Dr Faustus (1592) respectively.

I will forever own that valuable copyright – it belongs to me until I die, and I intend to use it for my family.

FYI, there are NO African scholars of Shakespeare. And on top of that, there are NO scholars of Shakespeare whose first language is not English. That’s a big academic and financial scam, especially considering that Shakespeare is marketed as “universal literature” in an attempt to get money and visibility from the printed press, the Internet, movies, television, radio and tons of merch.

The fact that there are no African scholars of Shakespeare does not come as a surprise, given the amount of racism and violent abuse that ethnically diverse scholars have to face. But I’m not going to let some white-trash criminals get away with their repulsive crimes. It’s terrible enough what they did already. And in addition to that, they’d like to destroy all the intellectual work I’ve been doing since I was a child and a teenager – all the sacrifices I made and all the things I deprived myself of when I was 14, 15, 16 – as I was building the foundations of my academic career. But that’s not going to happen, and this is the end of their academic and financial scam.

Let’s see why the apparition in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a demon – as Albert Einstein famously said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” The apparition is not Hamlet’s hallucination, since a number of people, including the soldiers, can see it on the ramparts of Elsinore’s castle. And it’s definitely not a soul from Purgatory, since souls in Purgatory cannot use their free will to sin anymore. They only exist within the confines of God’s Will, suffering to expiate their own unrepented sins, and offering their prayers to help other mortal souls along their earthly journey, which is a concept known as “intercessory prayer.” But contrary to this, and far from helping Hamlet in his quest for justice, the apparition commits a mortal sin by pushing the prince to take revenge and murder King Claudius. In this way, we see that the origin of the apparition is not divine, but demonic.

Everyone in the world who wants to learn English must deal with Shakespeare’s plays at one point, particularly with his masterpiece, Hamlet. In this light, people can understand how much money is involved in this academic and financial scam, and how much these white-trash criminals would like to see me dead.

But time is on my side: now there’s a big storm coming and I’m the only one with a big umbrella, to use a nice metaphor, as well as a safe and comfortable place where I can take shelter. Hence, my intention is to enjoy watching that crazy circus from a distance, laughing about it with my family.

This breakthrough in criticism did play a significant role in my being targeted for rape and sex trafficking, as these white-trash criminals and plagiarists also tried to steal my intellectual property, recycling and repackaging it for themselves, e.g. Saussy, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Jeffrey Knapp, etc. Rather unsuccessfully, since in the end, I’ve overcome every obstacle and was able to copyright my critical analysis at the U.S. Library of Congress. And now, their wishful thinking and plagiarist dreams have become much more difficult to realize in practice.


SEVIS p.1, issued by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2005.

In the fall semester 2005, I started my doctoral program in comparative literature at Yale, where I was awarded a full merit fellowship for the entire duration of the program, namely, 72 months (6 years), as specified in this SEVIS document issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, cf. high-definition pictures in JPG. This official certificate was covered up by Yale as part of the financial fraud that followed the rapes and sex-trafficking, in a retaliation effort to get rid of me as one of the victims of their violent and racist crimes, cf. Section 9.

SEVIS p.2, issued by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2005.


Myself at 29, at the time of the racially motivated rapes and sex trafficking denounced in the Criminal Complaint.

I am a global citizen and have travelled all over the world. I take good care of myself, have a closet full of beautiful and elegant clothes, and a picture-perfect BMI (Body Mass Index).

Unlike many white-trash pseudo-academicians in the U.S., I have no vices, which is also very good for my bank account. I don’t drink or smoke, and I’ve never used drugs in my entire life. I train hard in my home gym, always cook at home using only the finest ingredients, and have a calorie budget of 1800 Kcal/day.

I’m 165 cm (5’5”) tall for 52 kg (ca. 114.6 pounds) with a BMI of 19.1, where normal weight is between 18.5 and 24.9; underweight is below 18.5; overweight is between 25 and 29.9; and obesity is 30 or greater, according to the U.S. Dep’t of Health & Human Services. With the covid-19 pandemic, many people all of a sudden realized how important it is to avoid overweight and obesity as the most dangerous underlying conditions, and how many Americans actually are overweight or obese, including children, very sadly.

But my BMI has been consistently low through the years. For instance, in these 3 pictures (Exhibits 23-25), I was 53 kg (ca. 116.8 pounds) with a BMI of 19.5, on the lower end of the normal-weight window (from 18.5 to 24.9).

I must say this not to body-shame others but because, after being a victim of racially-motivated rape and sex trafficking, the white-trash sex offenders denounced in this Criminal Complaint tried to cover up their crimes claiming I was “too ugly, fat and handicapped to be raped.” Anyone uttering such sexist, racist and ableist nonsense in public would get instantly fired. And if a candidate for the U.S. presidency – or indeed any public office – were discovered saying this, he would be forced to give up the race.

That’s illegal and also factually false, considering that people with disabilities are statistically more likely to be molested and raped, since they are perceived as helpless. And they are all protected categories according to ADA and the Civil Rights Act, precisely to avoid sexual and other forms of exploitation. But in addition to these facts, this evidence also proves that’s a ridiculously false claim uttered by desperate individuals, desperately trying to cover their white-trash arse. And reality is very, very different from their malicious defamation.


My room on the 3rd floor in the Hall of Graduate Studies, 2005-2006. This nice pic was taken by my friend, Y.C., a girl from Beijing. After posting it on my FB, I became the victim of dangerous and violent online stalkers who wanted to eliminate me. Moreover, the best unknown Shakespeare scholar, an academic fraud called Leslie Brisman, stalked me online and accused me of being a “Nigger” and a “lesbian,” and therefore “dangerous for students.”  What would happen to his irrelevant career if he said that now?


Selfie with hand-held camera, 2005-6, Hall of Graduate Studies, 3rd fl.

Proud of being non-binary, politically independent and international.

African DNA, European education, Global Citizenship:

Exhibits 28-31, 35-39 are recent pictures taken in 2022-2023 in the living-room and gym of my gated property in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, CT. A description is provided in each caption.


Myself in 2022-2023 at 46.

I respect and honor my body as a gift from God. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never used drugs in my life, and have a calorie-budget of 1800 Kcal/day. I’m African and have African DNA, but having good genes does not exonerate one from training. I’ve always practiced sports: ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, since I was a child; and in recent years, I’ve added weight-lifting w/ Swedish ELEIKO and cycling w/ Peloton.

In the “land of the free,” I’ve had to fight racial discrimination and bigoted, sexist stereotypes according to which, if you’re good-looking and take care of yourself, you can’t possibly be intelligent and creative – and vice versa.

That nonsense comes to an end today.


This is my home gym with Swedish ELEIKO weighs, Sole treadmill, Peloton bike, the LGBTQI+ flag and the BLM flag.

I have a deep knowledge of every aspect of real estate:

financing, contracting, renovation, interior design, advertisement, etc.

This incredible space was created with blue cement, which makes the floor look like a magic lake.

Because there is little to no dust in the basement, we have superior air quality in the entire building as well as great aesthetics. My gated property is the only one in the East Rock neighborhood with this exceptional feature, and it is covered by a limited liability company.


Myself in 2022-2023, at 46.

As an athlete, I always get compliments for my beautiful legs.

But the racist sex offenders described in this Criminal Complaint claimed I was “handicapped” on a “wheelchair” and advised Yale not to honor its 6-year contract with me or they would have to pay for my “rehabilitation.”

Apart from being 1) completely illegal and against the Civil Rights Act & Americans with Disabilities Act, that’s also 2) ridiculously false, as shown in these beautiful pictures.

And on top of that, it is 3) a paradoxical projection, given that Saussy and Mazzotta are physically repulsive and have many physical and mental illnesses of their own, for which they have exploited Yale’s health insurance for decades, also extending it to their family members who are mentally and/or physically disabled, e.g. Juliana Saussy was treated for schizophrenia and autism by Dr. Charles Preston Wiles, cf. Section 4.

But there’s even a fourth layer of hypocrisy and malice here, given that 4) the sex offenders were driven by a lewd interest in my “Fleshlight genitals,” cf. Section 2.


Myself in 2022-2023 at 46, with a BMI of 19.1.

With diet and training, I have a lean and muscular body that’s also great investment, esp. in a country with limited health services such as the States. In this country, I’ve always had to face the racist violence and pathological envy of bigoted, white-trash individuals who wanted to rape, defame and physically eliminate me just because I was smart and independent as well as good-looking and athletic. Some of their pictures are included below.

Perhaps they should meditate on George Lakoff’s words: “Empathy is why we have the values of freedom, fairness, and equality – for everyone, not just for certain individuals. If we put ourselves in the shoes of others, we will want them to be free and treated fairly. Empathy with all leads to equality: nobody should be treated worse than anyone else.” “Progressive ideals are based on empathy.”


Miss Kathryn Lofton – a personal friend and supporter of convicted pedophile James Lara – maliciously slandered an African and non-binary victim of rape and sex trafficking, in order to protect the sex-offenders denounced in this Criminal Complaint. By protecting Yale’s tarnished image and flimsy façade of honesty, she was “failed up” with a higher pay and a ridiculous promotion to “Dean of Humanities,” which should outrage every self-respecting academician in the civilized world, cf. Section 12.

“Progressive ideals are based on empathy.” 

“Empathy with all leads to equality: nobody should be treated worse than anyone else,” cf. George Lakoff.


Miss Katie White-Trash Trumpener – the stupidest, most ignorant and most disgusting academic fraud in “comparative literature,” with an irrelevant and nonsensical dissertation on Jane Austen, cf. the ridiculous “Jane Austen Society” in the Antivirus 3.0.

Moreover, her so-called husband, the deceased Richard Maxwell, was a self-proclaimed “pornography historian,”

a white-trash criminal as well as a known sex offender, having molested dozens of students throughout his shameful, wasteful and worthless life.

Now Miss Trumpener has recycled herself as an “comics expert,” cf. Exhibit 34,

with no self-awareness at all, and no idea of how dumb she is.

In truth, white-trash Trumpener is a complete academic fraud and a Ghislaine-Maxwell character,

who has always aided and abetted the “Stanford buddies” described and denounced in this Criminal Complaint.

For years, she’s been maliciously slandering their victims of color in exchange for money and academic favors,

blindly believing there would be no accountability.

But that’s just a blind and irrational belief.

So much money and so many resources taken away from African Americans and other students and scholars of color!

“Raymond Lurie,” aka “Ray Lurie,” aka “Ray Lurid.” 

Ray Lurie represents an unsurpassed academic and financial fraud, which has been going on for over 40 years.

Indeed, he’s the embodiment of white-trash itself, and material for the Guinness World Record!

Lurie began “working on” his comp. lit. dissertation dabbling with Shakespeare in the 1980s.

But after 40+ years, he’s never been able to go past the first chapter,

while some of his “advisors” have died along the way.

Bad luck!

Despite the fact that Lurie is objectively unable to write and conduct academic research,

David Quint from the comp. lit. department has “sponsored” him for more than 40 different teaching jobs

in more than 20 different departments that have nothing to do with comparative literature.

In this way, Quint and Lurie have scammed thousands of students and scholars of color,

and they have stolen an incredible amount of money and resources away from African Americans.

Lurie was fired and kicked out of Yale in 2011-12.

But since then, he has recycled himself as a self-appointed “scholar of history”

as well as a “history professor” at Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT) –

very paradoxical titles, since he has ZERO academic degrees in history,

and he’s not a scholar in ANY field, not just comparative literature.

Ray Lurie’s only real “qualification” is the fact that he has stolen money from the highest number of students

over the last 40+ years, especially students of color and their families.

Indeed, nobody can beat him as the #1 “ignorant adjunct and scammer” –

he holds the Guinness World Record in that category, and no one else can even come close.


Miss Justine Bunis, B.A. – shown here in this bizarre and cringe-worthy picture – aided and abetted for the racist sex offenders by maliciously defaming their African and non-binary victim in exchange for money and favors in her last year of college, cf. Section 12. But it didn’t work.

Now, white-trash Miss Bunis is in her mid-thirties and, after losing her non-essential job due to covid-19, she found another average 9-to-5, with which she can’t qualify for a mortgage and can’t even make ends meet without the continuing support of her white-trash daddy – who keeps paying and paying for nothing. So much for so little.

Miss Bunis has a long, cringe-worthy history of bizarre…

“Progressive ideals are based on empathy.”

“Empathy with all leads to equality: nobody should be treated worse than anyone else,” cf. George Lakoff.  


Bradley Bailey’s “professional” pix on social media – for what profession, exactly? 


These elegant Ferragamo glasses cost ca. $1,000.

I have a closet full of elegant and fashionable clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and perfumes.

In order to eliminate me as a non-binary and ethnically-diverse victim of sexual violence and sex trafficking, the racist sex offenders falsely claimed I was not “elegant” enough to teach Yale students. Again, the evidence shows that’s ridiculously false, and also extremely paradoxical, since the standards of elegance are much higher in Europe than in the States. Here, many people on campus dress like bums, cf. pictures of Lofton, Trumpener and Mazzotta included above, and more evidence of this in Section 12.


Myself in 2022-23 at 46.

I have over 100 elegant dresses, like the black velvet pictured here; and ca. 30 elegant pants – one for each day of the month – with matching shirts, tops and jackets. Not counting casual sportswear, jeans, t-shirts and bikinis.

As for shoes, I have a collection of pumps and high heels that would earn the respect of Sarah Jessica Parker.


I love dressing up for work, which I consider a sign of respect toward others.

I have an international background and I have travelled all over the world. Looking at American “academia” from an international perspective, I find that the general shabbiness of would-be “academicians” is truly deplorable.

Some lazy and hypocritical individuals even try to claim, in a self-serving manner, that being ugly, dirty, smelly and shabby is really a sign of intelligence, e.g. Lofton, Trumpener, Mazzotta, Saussy, etc.

You’re ugly as hell – that’s a sign you must be smart!

You dress like a bum – that’s a sign you’re an intellectual!

You stink like manure, e.g. Mazzotta and Saussy– then you must be a genius!

That’s just ridiculous and repulsive.


My LGBTQI+ body art and symbolism, which I’ve been collecting for years all around the world.

Miss Kathryn Lofton – a white-trash Karen and personal friend of convicted pedophile James Lara – claimed that all my academic research on Shakespeare, Dante and Joyce can be stolen and “appropriated” by others because I’m a “Voodoo Nigger,” a “Black witch” as in the Salem Trials and – paradoxically, at the same time – a “Catholic bigot.” Hence, I don’t deserve to exist, I should be eliminated, and she should write my “Testament,” cf. Section 12. So many racist hate crimes and death threats will bring her down, in the hands of justice.

It’s impossible for me to be a “bigot,” Catholic or otherwise, when 20% of my African skin is artistically inked with LGBTQI+ symbolism. In truth, Miss Lofton is a violent racist, an academic fraud, a corrupt parasite and a dangerous bigot for slandering and sending death-threats against non-binary people of African descent, who are victims of rape and sex trafficking.

I am a global citizen and I have travelled all over the world. My body art represents the cultural tradition and symbolism of many different cultures: Paris, London, Tokyo, New York. Furthermore, for years I’ve been collecting LGBTQI+ tattoos and body art. For instance: the three roses, the purple rose, the crown of thorns and the Buddhist symbol, which I share with lead singer of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan – he has it on his chest, while I have it on my right ankle. As for the accusation of being a “Nigger,” I’m certainly guilty of that.


My LGBTQI+ body art and symbolism:

The Buddhist symbol, which I have in common with singer of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan.

I also have a large tribal with a crown of thorns on both my shoulders, which is another classic LGBTQI+ symbol, in addition to the three roses and the purple rose shown above, cf. Exhibit 39.

Real LGBTQI+ people like myself are discriminated against throughout their life – they don’t make a career because they’re LGBTQI+, but in spite of it. For instance, many artists in the LGBTQI+ community had to struggle to emerge like Joan Jett and The Cure’s lead singer Robert Smith; while others had to face various types of discrimination, like Culture Club’s lead singer, George Alan O’Dowd aka Boy George. They did not make a career because they were LGBTQI+, but in spite of it.


My father was an architect and would often take me to visit his fancy construction sites. This one was our second home in the Apennines mountains, which he designed and oversaw himself. That’s very different from Tupper Saussy, cf. Presentation and Sections 4, 11 and 12.

In this picture, I was two (‘the terrible twos’), which is why he looks both amused and overwhelmed.

I loved my dad and wanted to see him one last time before he passed away, but I was prevented from doing so because the sex offenders stole my European passport and used it to blackmail me, cf. Sections 1 and 5.

My father was very smart, sophisticated and good-looking – and people would often compare him to Federico Fellini’s favorite actor and alter-ego, Marcello Mastroianni, see picture below.


Actor Marcello Mastroianni during the golden age of Hollywood (1950-1960). Among other credits, Marcello was the alter-ego of Federico Fellini in his self-referential cult movie, 8 ½ (Eight and A Half).

 *** *** *** ANTIVIRUS 4.0 *** *** ***

Africans are perfectly FREE to use intellectual irony & satire to tell the truth about the crimes committed by stupid, white-trash racists. 

I’m from Western Africa, with African DNA and, as a victim of racially-motivated rape and sex trafficking, I know that using irony & satire against sex offenders: 1) helps other innocent victims, who can recognize the same criminal patterns and avoid those dangerous sex offfenders; 2) helps the affected victims, who can find closure in telling the truth; 3) helps society understand the dangers of sexual violence against people of color, women and LGBTQIA+ 

We must put an end to rape & sex trafficking, and it all starts by telling the truth. 

EROC, End Rape On Campus



Advanced graduate class on “Irony & Satire, Humanities 658”

The following is an example of intellectual irony & satire, on different levels, as explained below. 



This is a perfect example of irony and satire. One of the white-trash individuals who raped me was, in the end, found out and denounced by his wife, Yu-Lin Wang, who of course proceeded to divorce him and take everything. After that, his main priority was to cover his ass and do some “damage control.”

And in order to do so, Saussy stole my identity, maliciously slandered me and projected on me all his crimes, always taking advantage of the fact that I’m an African immigrant with African DNA.

To cover his ass and get away with murder, Saussy maliciously slandered and defamed me, claiming for instance that I was “too ugly to be raped.” That’s both ridiculously false and a pathetic projection, as can be gleaned by all the pix included here. Hence, this is the first level of irony and satire: rape is a pathological abuse of power, where deranged criminals want to destroy other human beings they see as “inferiors” — like women and children, people of color and LGBTQIA+ — and it has nothing to do with physical appearances.

As a second layer of irony and satire, I included many of my personal pix in “My Academic Resume,” which show that I’ve always been athletic and good-looking, and that reality is very different from Saussy’s malicious slander and defamation of character. 

And the third layer of irony and satire has to do with the fact that the crazy, ugly hag shown in the picture above is Saussy’s current partner, Miss Olga Solovieva, also known as Stupidieva: an ignorant, white-trash Karen from Russia, who’s only too happy to look the other way while Saussy abuses and molests other students and scholars of color. 

So, look who’s talking! These are dangerous white-trash racists, who want to abuse people of color! 

Comparative Literatures: 


Lord God!

According to Aristotle, the greatest form of genius is recognizing similarities between different entities… 

This is the end of Saussy’s malicious slander against LGBTQIA+ people of color from Western Africa.

And speaking of BLM v. Saussy, let’s have a look at his father’s KKK conspiracy theory in support of James Earl Ray, the convicted murderer of MLK, cf. Tupper Saussy’s Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987). Tupper Saussy (1936-2007) wrote Ray’s biography, and he was one of the most zealous affiliates of the Klan. 

Public records at the New Haven Superior Court show that, in order to make money with his father’s book sales, Saussy Junior set up a cover-up company called “Contrary Waltz, LLC.” And for all these years, he’s been making money with the Klan’s racist ideology, and is still profiting from the sales of his father’s crazy KKK conspiracies.

The point of hiding his name behind an anonymous company was to keep his unmerited job first in the comparative literature dep’t at Yale, and later at the University of Chicago. 

Eventually, Saussy was fired from Yale, but not because of his deplorable and scandalous connection to the KKK, which should have prevented him from getting ANY job ANY where in academia.  

In fact, Saussy had to relocate because it was discovered that he was having an extramarital affair with a Russian woman, whom he had previously hired as a “grad student’ in order to give her free fellowship money, and whose garbage dissertation on the “Body of Christ” Saussy had “supervised’ — or perhaps written and plagiarized? — in order to promote her and give her an academic job at the expenses of everyone else, with many illegal conflicts of interests, of course.  

Miss Olga Solovieva, aka Miss Stupidieva, is the less-than-good-looking individual (not the dog) portrayed above. 

Those two dangerous racists are still in close contact with students and scholars at Chicago, creating situations of abuse, violence and social injustice.     

And this is all public record at the New Haven Superior Court, Docket # FA-07-4027957S, see official documents in the Antivirus 3.0 below. 

After having been a victim of rape and sex trafficking at Yale, they offered me many perks to keep silent, but it was all contingent on a non-disparagement contract that I rejected, after discussing it with my husband. Of course, I have it digitalized, it’s Internet-ready, and it looks even worse in the age of BLM.  


These artistic pix were taken by my husband in October-November 2023. 

My husband is an international scholar, a tenured university professor of the Classics and a published author, whose scholarly publications are so popular that they’re on sale on Amazon. In truth, most ‘academicians’ can’t even sell 40 copies to university libraries, let alone Amazon…

I’m very proud of my racial diversity and LGBTQIA+ tattoos. 

This is an original pic without any filter, taken for Halloween 2023. 

I love my expensive LGBTQIA + tattoos, and I work part-time for an international modeling agency that specializes on tattoos & artistic ink, see my article on African Pride & Modeling

I’m originally from Western Africa, with African DNA, but having good genes doesn’t exonerate ppl from following a good diet & workout routine 🙂 

This is my home gym on expensive blue cement, creating what looks like a magical lake.

My equipment includes a Peloton bike, Sole Treadmill, Swedish ELEIKO weights, and of course the LGBTQIA+ and BLM flags. 

African DNA, European education, Global Citizenship, American real estate, Satire & Critique:

My Academic Resume w/ Prof. George Lakoff’s recommendation to Yale for his Metaphor Class at U.C. Berkeley:

My Academic Resume w/ George Lakoff’s Recommendation to Yale for his Metaphor Class at U.C. Berkeley

To do some damage control and cover his white-trash ass, Saussy stole my identity and projected on me not only his own crimes, but also the crimes of his racist father, Tupper Saussy: an affiliate of the KKK, convicted felon and prison inmate, and personal friend and biographer of the same James Earl Ray who murdered Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No less than the murderer of MLK! 

The imbalance of power between an African, non-binary student on an immigrant VISA and a local scammer posing as a professor – in fact, nothing but a racist and homophobic sex-offender who’s 16 years older than his victims – is simply unimaginable. 

The “Stanford buddies” used to steal the passports of foreign students – including my E.U. passport – and they would use them to blackmail and force students to take OBGYN visits at a Planned Parenthood location, in order to check if they were free of STDs and if their genitals were shaped like a “Fleshlight,” a “masturbatory device” invented in the 1990s:  

And to conceal their violent crimes and get away with murder, the sex offenders engaged in even more crimes, such as:

Racism and racist hate crimes; discrimination against protected categories like race, gender, national origin and disability, cf. Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act; defamation of character with malicious slander and libel; email fraud; academic and financial fraud; forgery; financial retaliation; blackmail with an illegal attempt at making me sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in exchange for approving my original dissertation, which in the end I copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress. 

Many of these violent crimes could have been completely avoided if Richard Levin and Jane Levin at Yale had been transparent about Saussy’s affiliation with the KKK and his illegal conflict of interests with a Russian “grad student” called Olga Solovieva: a middle-aged individual who was in fact one of his mistresses, and whose “career” he promoted above that of anyone else, also financing it with dozens of fake recommendation letters in order to steal unmerited fellowships from many different universities. What a scam!  

But there was absolutely NO transparency and NO disclosure from Richard and Jane Levin — only a pathetic attempt to conceal their own racist crimes over the years. In fact, even now, Richard and Jane Levin have offered NO reparation for these racist crimes, and they are still pathetically trying to conceal Saussy’s illegal conflict of interests and his factual and objective affiliation with the Klan.

A hockey player, with Richard and Jane Levin: 

Are you really married with this thing here?”

Indeed, let’s talk about something objective, Miss Levin: Saussy’s father, Tupper Saussy (07/03/1936 – 03/16/2007), was a convicted felon and prison inmate, a conspiracy theorist diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and the personal friend and biographer of the same James Earl Ray who murdered Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Indeed, Tupper Saussy wrote Ray’s biography, Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987), and was one of the most zealous affiliates of the Klan. 

Public records at the New Haven Superior Court show that, in order to make money with his father’s book sales, Saussy set up a cover-up limited liability company called “Contrary Waltz, LLC.” And to this day, he’s still making money with the Klan’s racist ideology, and still profiting from the sales of Tupper Saussy’s crazy KKK conspiracies. 

Saussy’s connection with the KKK is a deplorable and disgusting objective fact. Saussy’s still making money with his father’s KKK theories, so if there’s anyone who should pay Reparations to African Americans, that’s precisely white trash like Saussy – racist, ignorant, stupid and bigoted.  

The “Jane Austen Society” of Miss Levin — a big academic and financial fraud.  

Miss Levin is a multi-million dollar scam, both academically and financially — she’s nothing but an ignorant, white-trash Karen with a nonsensical and autobiographical dissertation on “Marriages in Jane Austen,” which was complete garbage, and nothing but a projection of her wasted life.  

But that gave her a pretext to steal millions of dollars in students’ tuition fees and taxpayers’ money, meddling in academic fields about which she knows absolutely nothing — not only in much more complex forms of literature like Shakespeare and James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, but even in global politics and the world economy! What the fuck does Miss Levin know about ANYTHING AT ALL with a worthless and irrelevant dissertation on Jane Austen? 


But Miss Levin certainly knows about RACISM: the numbers prove, as another objective fact, that she has never produced one single African scholar in her entire, worthless “career” at Yale, courtesy of her white-trash husband. 

“Sometimes making a critical comment in class… can entail thinking twice”???

You can’t even write, you worthless piece of shit.

The correct verb is TO REQUIRE, and that’s a double mistake, both at the level of meaning and of logic – or lack thereof, in your pathetic case.


Who’s this piece of shit?

Akbar Shit Ahmed

Before slandering non-binary people of color, first make sure you even know how to use a toilet, you dirty son of a bitch.


You’re racist, sexist, and have very troubling anti-social tendencies, Ahmed — you definitely need some antipsychotic drugs like Tupper Saussy: the convicted felon, KKK member, conspiracy theorist and biographer of James Ear Ray, cf. Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987), marketed by his son’s cover-up company, “Contrary Waltz, LLC.”    

So much money was wasted on that stupid piece of shit, which could have been allocated for African Americans!

But that’s what happens when people are NOT selected based on merit and/or race, but solely based on corruption and connections with someone inside Yale. Like this ignorant piece of shit, Ahmed, whose aunt (yes, his old aunt!) was acquainted with the late Sara Suleri Goodyear in the English dep’t. As a result, he was illegally admitted at the expenses of other African Americans who had all the credentials, and the merit, to deserve that opportunity.

Talk about racism and social injustice!

But slander didn’t pay very well…

How’s life back in Pakistan – can you find a decent toilet?

Do you know how to use toilet paper?

And how are your parents doing? Do they have toilet paper? Are they proud of your dirty ass?

The “Jane Austen Society” is one of the main academic and financial fraud of Jane Levin.

40 years ago, Miss Levin got into academia through the backdoor with a worthless and unpublishable dissertation about “Marriages in Jane Austen.” 

And thanks to her white-trash husband who gave her a job at Yale, she’s been stealing millions of dollars since, vomiting nonsense about any other topic, from Homer to world economy, taking resources and money away from African Americans and other people of color.

Talk about systemic racism and social injustice!



There’s a big problem with PUBLIC DEFECATION in Pakistan, cf. video documentary below.

Moreover, Pakistan is a failed state sponsor of terrorism, and there is NO SEPARATION OF POWERS between politics and violent religious ideologies, according to which 8 y/o children can be raped and given up for a polygamous “marriage” with an old pervert, exploited for slave labor, denied education and civil rights, and kept in perpetual ignorance and poverty — all in the name of “god,” yeah right.

Talk about bigotry! Who’s a bigot, you ignorant piece of crap! 

And FYI, meaning here “For Your Ignorance,” the separation of powers was theorized and implemented centuries ago in many other countries around the world. 

Not surprisingly, Pakistan is now a rogue state plagued by systemic poverty, ignorance, bigotry, racism and sexism, and battling against basic problems that were solved many centuries ago, in many other parts of the globe.   

The Pantheon, Rome

The Roman Empire lasted for one thousand years and laid the foundations for the legal code, especially for DUE PROCESS, as it is practiced in every democratic country where people are innocent until proven guilty. They also created Roman roads that are still transitable like Via Emilia, majestic architecture, aqueducts and plumbing, public baths, and public sanitation as the precondition for a flourishing metropolis like Rome. 

And the Romans were not white caucasians, which is another reason to admire their unparalleled achievements — especially when all other white-trash empires have already crumbled down, with their white-trash, fake puritan ideologies that were used to put a veneer of “Christian self-righteousness” on the extermination and enslavement of millions of people of color.  


Augustus of Prima Porta – Monumental statue of Caesar Augustus, Rome.

Ahmed is so fucking ignorant that I have to write captions for these famous pix, otherwise he’ll never even understand what they mean.  

Where was Pakistan 2500 years ago?

More or less where it is now.

PAKISTAN: Toilet woes

What a great culture – they don’t even have toilets!

Quoting from the documentary: 

“Poor law and order situation…”

“There is no water and no electricity.” 

“But the local government denies incompetence…”

“For now, the toilet project remains on paper.”

“Many have to respond to the call of nature by heading to the bushes.”

“They have to relieve themselves in the open behind a bush.”

Ribbonry, of course — an essential academic field. 

Now that Ahmed is “universally and objectively” unemployed, 

Miss Levin should give him a job as a secretary at the “Jane Austen Society” — a bunch of ignorant, stupid Karens:

They put on a ridiculous costume… 

They get drunk at the bar…  

And they pretend to be “intellectuals,” yeah right! :))) 



And who the fuck is John Rogers? 

Good question!

Nobody knows. 


Ignorant, white-trash puritans in the U.S. are always waiting for the end of the world — that’s the scam they came up with to steal money from the ignorant masses.   

Enough with this Tupper-Saussy-like conspiracy theory about the end of the world!

They should invent a different scam — a different fake ideology — if they want to keep stealing money :)))


You can’t do the classics because you’re ignorant; 

you can’t do the bible because “god” is just a narrative; 

you can’t do deconstruction because it has imploded,

revealing that it was just the white-trash cult of personality of the so-called critic;

you can’t do critical race theory precisely because you’re stupid white trash… 

So, what the fuck are you doing? 

He doesn’t even know. 

Please, BLM students, don’t get him fired or he won’t be able to pay off his mortgage! :))) 

Are these scammers still preaching their white-trash, fake puritan ideologies that were used to justify the extermination and enslavement of “Voodoo Niggers” like myself? 

Or are they hiding under a rock like snails, for fear of BLM?

Trying to repackage the old, racist shit in a new wrap to keep stealing money — but it won’t work. 

Please, do me a favor: get lost and disappear forever. 

I don’t even want to see your white-trash, ugly faces ever again, thanks! 

John Rogers is a white-trash, racist parasite who has never produced one single African scholar in his entire, irrelevant “career.”

He knows perfectly well that Miss Jane Levin — with her “Jane Austen Society” — is a multi-million dollar financial fraud,

and yet he’s been sucking her cunt for decades, trying to pay off his mortgage.

Good luck with that! 

This is the end of his racist and homophobic slander against a non-binary “Nigger” like myself. 

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen.

All the facts about Saussy are documented in public records available at the New Haven Superior Court, Docket # FA-07-4027957S.

After the scandal caused by Yu-Lin Wang’s divorce, Richard and Jane Levin tried to do some “damage control” by firing and getting rid of Saussy and Olga Solovieva. And after being fired, they relocated to the University of Chicago, where he’s still her “supervisor” in the same dep’t of comparative literature with numerous conflicts of interests, of course, both academically and financially.  

Another customer of Miss Solovieva’s. 

Miss Olga Solovieva from Russia is both a scammer and a self-proclaimed “expert in theology,” with a dissertation on the “Body of Christ” that was supervised, approved and passed by her 63-year-old boyfriend, Saussy. The two white-trash plagiarists are still working together at the University of Chicago, with an illegal conflict of interests that deprives so many women academicians of color of their opportunity, money and work.

And what’s even worse, the two are still in close contact with diverse students and scholars, creating situations of great danger and abuse, especially for diverse students and scholars: LGBTQIA+ and Africans like myself, women and other people of color. It is therefore essential to warn other innocent students and their families – especially Africans, the ethnically and culturally diverse, foreign students and scholars on a VISA, women and the LGBTQIA+ community – against this type of racially-motivated, violent crimes in U.S. colleges and universities. 


A rare picture of Ms. Yu-Lin Wang (b. 1959) back in the 1990s. 

Saussy and Solovieva got fired, but this partial act of justice did not come from Yale’s corrupt administrators, Richard and Jane Levin, who actually tried to minimize or even deny Saussy’s racist crimes for fear of losing money and academic standing.

No, this partial act of justice actually came from the self-interest of Saussy’s smart ex-wife, Ms. Yu-Lin Wang, as soon as she realized that he was cheating on her, and sexually abusing students and scholars of color like myself.

Saussy also had an affair — and an illegal conflict of interests — with a mature Russian “grad student” called Olga Solovieva (b. 1971), a white-trash Karen who was his “dissertation advisee.” In order to get his stupid girlfriend promoted, and make money with her additional salary after his financially devastating divorce, he wanted to “supervise”  — or perhaps plagiarize — her ridiculous dissertation on “The Body of Christ.” 

Now, what a paradoxical topic for a couple of stupid cheats!

And what the heck does Saussy know about Christian theology? 


Here’s Olga Solovieva admitting the truth:  

Why advertising your rotten teeth??? 

Too much Russian vodka, perhaps, Miss Olga Boozava? 

Well, according to your retarded friend, Ahmed: 

“Sometimes posting pix of your rotten teeth can entail thinking twice.” 

Thanks to Ms. Yu-LIn Wang, both Saussy and Solovieva were fired and kicked out of Yale.  

Then, it took Saussy 13 more years to rework that crazy and nonsensical rant about the “Body of Christ.” 

13 years stealing money and work opportunities away from Africans and other students and scholars of color. Now, Saussy is still “supervising” Miss Stupidieva in the same dep’t of comparative literature at the University of Chicago, with an illegal conflict of interests. 

What a massive academic fraud & financial scam! 

All international students and scholars should be very careful, since bigoted and white-trash racists like Saussy are often hidden in pseudo-liberal universities, promoting their own stupid mistresses to the detriment of much better candidates — and of course the main victims are always Africans and other people of color. 

But that’s not all — Saussy also slandered my relatives and family members calling them “Niggers” and claiming I should lose my job at Yale because “[my] relatives are all Niggers.”

That’s not just ILLEGAL and DEPLORABLE, 

but also extremely paradoxical considering that Saussy’s deceased father, Tupper Saussy, was a convicted felon and jail inmate, a KKK member, and an intimate friend and biographer of the same J.E. Ray who murdered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! 

And on top of that — as if that racist family background were not enough — Saussy’s brothers, Phil and Larry, are kitchen workers! 

Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right), see picture below.  


Look who’s slandering and accusing others! 

These hypocrites should STOP projecting their own failures and mistakes on other people. 

This is THEIR fucked-up, racist and ignorant background — NOT anyone else’s.

Never throw stones if you live in a glass house, because the victims will always tell the truth. 



Saussy v. Saussy

Connecticut Superior Court Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven

May 29, 2009

2009 Ct. Sup. 8912 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2009)

Memorandum of Decision

Public court documents available at the New Haven Superior Court. 


“The court finds that the husband’s claim that the breakdown of the marriage was due to his wife’s lack of support is not supported by the credible evidence.

This court finds the husband to be at greater fault for the breakdown of the marriage, as evidenced by HIS MENTAL STATE

and by [his] extramarital relationship with another woman.”

(Memorandum of Decision, Further Findings and Orders, p.20)


FYI, it’s quite rare for a judge to mention someone’s “mental state” as one of the main reasons to assign victory to the other party — that means it must have been really bad. 


“The husband [Saussy] claims the breakdown of the marriage was caused by the wife’s lack of support in his professional life. He also claims that the wife [Wang] refused to join him at professional events, that she accused him of being selfish and self-indulgent, and that she put herself between him and the children.”

“He further claims that her lack of support for his career moves resulted in his suffering from SUICIDAL THOUGHTS and DEPRESSION, cf. Note 6.” 

“Note 6. Husband testified that in 2001 he had one year leave from Stanford (to write a book) and that he was so conflicted over whether or not to accept the position at Yale that he spent most of the year lying on the floor of [his] office being OBSESSED WITH THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE.”

(Testimony 12/15/08, p.119) 

“Mr. Farmer, a longtime friend of the husband, testified that husband had confided in him [sic] that he was unhappy with the marriage for a long period of time.”

“In 2001, the husband was TREATED BY A PSYCHIATRIST and was prescribed medications for DEPRESSION.”

“The wife claims, for the most part, that the parties had a happy marriage and shared a common interest in Chinese literature and family life, and that she always put her husband’s needs first.”

“She testified that she had witnessed EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY on the part of her husband throughout the marriage,

but she tried to support him in his work and was proud of how successful he had become as a scholar in ancient Chinese literature, cf. Note 7.”

“Note 7. The wife described her husband as VERY INSECURE and ‘SOCIALLY KIND OF WEIRD'” 

“She stated that while husband enjoys social events, HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE and that his ‘MOOD [IS] ALWAYS UP AND DOWN VERY MUCH.” 

(Testimony 1/6/09)

 “The wife also described certain TROUBLING CONDUCT by the husband during the course of the marriage,


Her claims regarding husband’s personality were CORROBORATED by husband’s aunt, Eugenia Commack, cf. Note 8.”

“Note 8. Ms. Commack described the husband as having been a very bright but VERY TROUBLED CHILD who was UNABLE TO SOCIALLY INTERACT.”

“Her testimony described the wife as a supportive and loving spouse.” 

“The wife claims she became aware of the magnitude of the problems in their marriage in the summer of 2007, after the daughter accessed her husband’s computer and discovered emails between her husband and another woman, cf. Note 9.”

“Note 9. The court accepts as credible the testimony of the wife, that in the summer of 2007, the daughter accessed the husband’s computer for her personal use and found the husband’s personal communications with [Olga Solovieva], evidencing the extramarital relationship, and that the daughter then shared this information with her mother.”

(Testimony 1/5/09, p.136)

“The testimony of the parties reveal a marriage wherein the husband controlled virtually every aspect of familial life. The husband brought his wife to the U.S. knowing that she was not fluent in the English language and he determined the family was to speak only Chinese in the home. He further determined that there would be no television in the home. The wife was often uncomfortable in academic and/or social settings because she did not become fluent in English and it is apparent that the husband BLAMES THE WIFE FOR HER DISCOMFORT…”

(Memorandum of Decision, pp.5-6) 


PAY ATTENTION TO THE PATTERN OF BLAMING THE VICTIM: first he creates a terrible problem — like depriving people of their freedom of expression, freedom of association and right to work in the United States — and then he blames his victim for that! That’s exactly what he tried to do against me, as an African and non-binary victim of rape.  

And banging his head against the wall?


Since Saussy “doesn’t know how to behave,” he should never have been allowed to be in contact with much younger students and scholars of color — they are at risk of being abused!  

“His mood is always up and down very much” — that’s the definition of manic depression. 

Therefore, don’t slander other innocent people by projecting on them your own problems!

Where’s Miss Bunis now?

Miss Bunis, B.A. – shown here in this bizarre and cringe-worthy picture – aided and abetted for racist sex offenders at Yale by maliciously defaming their African and non-binary victim.

But it didn’t work.

Now, this white-trash Karen is her mid-thirties and can’t even make ends meet without her daddy, who keeps paying and paying for nothing.

So much for so little! 

“Progressive ideals are based on empathy.”

“Empathy with all leads to equality: nobody should be treated worse than anyone else,” cf. George Lakoff.  



To: Jon Butler, Dean, Yale Graduate School […]


you are hereby commanded to appear for a legally noticed deposition at the law offices of Engleman, Noyes & Rubin, LLP… on December 11, 2007 at 9:00 am… 

AND YOU ARE FURTHER COMMANDED to bring and have with you at said time and place the following records: 

1. The complete personnel file for [Saussy]; 

2. The complete graduate student transcript and file for [Olga Solovieva];

3. All complaints and/or investigations of [Saussy’s] relationship’s with a student, including, but not limited to, [Olga Solovieva].”

(Subpoena Duces Tecum, issued 10/23/2007). 


The evidence proves that “administrators” at Yale knew everything about this massive financial scam, have never been transparent about it — as it is required by law — and instead tried to cover it up.

And in so doing, they didn’t care about Africans, LGBTQIA+ and other diverse students and scholars who were victims of Saussy and Solovieva. 



“The defendant [Ms. Yu-Lin Wang] moves that the court compel the plaintiff’s compliance with request for production of

all ACADEMIC and other RECOMMENDATIONS written or emailed at any time for [Olga Solovieva]

or any other person with whom [Saussy] had an extra-marital affair, dating or sexual relationship other than [his] wife,

from the date of marriage to the present time, dated October 23, 2007.” 

(Motion to Compel, issued 04/16/2008)


That illegal conflict of interests went unpunished, thus becoming a multi-million dollar academic and financial fraud. 


“…the plaintiff, Chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale University,

has admitted under oath to having an adulterous affair with [Olga Solovieva],

a graduate student in the department of comparative literature,

who [sic] he advised on her doctoral dissertation.”

(Motion to Compel Compliance with Subpoena Duces Tecum, Pendente Lite, issued 04/04/2008) 


That’s an illegal conflict of interests that creates a toxic work environment — especially for LGBTQIA+ students and scholars, Africans and other people of color — and there was absolutely NO transparency and NO disclosure about it from Richard and Jane Levin, as it is required by law. But what do they care about the law, right?  





“The defendant has testified in deposition on 12/11/07 that he had an adulterous affair with said woman during the marriage,

and that he intentionally deleted emails to and from said woman in August 2007,

immediately prior to commencing this divorce action,

and that since that time he has failed to save emails.

He testified that these activities occurred on his office laptop computer and his personal laptop computer.” 

“The hard drives from the computers will be examined by professionals at Enterprise Computers Co.,

specifically to retrieve and print out only emails to and from [Olga Solovieva].” 



These public court documents show an illegal exchange of emails between the “chairman” of “comparative literature” — no less! :))) — and his mature Russian mistress, who just so happens to be his “dissertation advisee” as well.

That illegal conflict of interests went unpunished, thus becoming a multi-million dollar academic and financial fraud, whose victims are above all LGBTQIA+, Africans and other students and scholars of color.

Where’s Ed Barnaby now? 

That racist, white-trash thief was fired immediately after he slandered an African and non-binary victim of rape at Yale, 

and had to relocate in Virginia in a hurry, living from paycheck to paycheck. 

Crime doesn’t pay, especially if you’re fucking stupid and retarded like these two morons. 

All white-trash thieves go to jail — send us a pic when you get there, you drunktards! 



Email Saussy to Olga 3/7/02 

Email Olga to Saussy 3/7/02

Defendant Wife’s Revised Exhibit List, issued 12/12/2008


These are recovered emails dating back to 2002, 

which was exactly 2 years before Saussy started at Yale, in 2004. 

And how about all the “unrecovered” emails in prior years? 

Did Saussy perhaps help Olga Solovieva get accepted at Yale on a 6-year fellowship 

by writing one of those fake “academic recommendations” quoted above? 

Did he help her obtain other fellowships and academic jobs at other universities? 

Did he help her “rewrite” her nonsensical dissertation on the “Body of Christ” — how objective is that, exactly? — and get a publishing contract for that garbage? 

Has he ever plagiarized other essays and papers for her, since they are in the same “comparative literature” department?

These are all very good questions.